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Customer experience improvement tools worth your time

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Customer experience (CX) is one of the crucial factors in establishing a long-term bond with consumers. How clients rate their experience with your brand will influence their decision to stay with your business for future endeavors. The good news is that, much like all other aspects of business today, there are technological solutions that can make it easier for your business. In this article, Movers Development offers its selection of the best customer experience improvement tools, highlighting the best features of each of them. Start optimizing the way customers interact with your brand by investing in innovative software for movers.

10 customer experience improvement tools to consider

To guarantee the best possible customer experience for everyone that approaches your moving business, you need the right tools! To ensure you’ve got everything you need, here is a list of CX software solutions worth your time:


Smaply might seem simple, but it is one of the invaluable customer experience improvement tools available to professionals. It doesn’t hurt at all that it’s the perfect software for small moving companies. This is because it doesn’t take long to train people in using it at all. The software itself provides the user with the ability to create, present, or share customer journey maps and personas. And even stakeholder maps. This will make it a lot easier to understand the expectations and needs of your customer base.


We hear you sign
Understanding customer needs lets you pander to them better.

UXPressing a customer experience platform that offers a rather unique approach to mapping your customer’s journey. Namely, you have forty-eight different ‘emotions’ that you can assign to your customers during the different stages of their interaction with your business. All the while gaining insight into their current and ideal customer paths, which will open up potential venues to improve your customer experience. This will, naturally, also help you make your site and even the entire sales funneling process a lot more appealing.


Using a chatbot
Advanced chatbots are extremely helpful!

Netomi is unique from other entries on this list because it specializes in one thing, and one thing alone: improving your chatbots. Now, an ‘ideal’ customer journey would not even require a customer to engage with your chatbot. However, this is a rather unrealistic expectation, since problems tend to pop up frequently in real life. And the best on-the-spot support you can offer your customers at that time is a chatbot.

They can quickly answer common questions, and even provide some more complex directions, before finally redirecting the customer to live customer support if it is necessary. And Netomi’s AI, with its autonomous resolution capabilities, will go a long way towards making this largely unnecessary!

Zendesk Sunshine

A smiling customer
Using the right tools, you can make your customers happier!

There is a lot of reasoning behind recommending Zendesk Sunshine as one of the customer experience improvement tools worth your time. It offers a messaging platform that can be integrated into old business systems. It can report and analyze customer insights. Or even integrate with Zendesk’s other customer service software and a lot of other third-party apps that you can browse through on Zendesk’s marketplace. In other words, Zendesk Sunshine is an amazing tool for keeping up with your existing customers and building profiles for potential future customers as well!


If you are looking for a customer experience tool that can help you manage and unify multiple platforms, gain insight into your customer experience, and is perfect for communicating with customers, then Sprinklr should be your pick. It can merge more than thirty digital channels into one platform of customer service! Not to mention that it can use its AI to sort messages into engageable and non-engageable categories, as well as identify critical cases. While also routing them to the right agent on your team! There are a few examples of software that can fill this particular niche quite as well.


LucidChart, among all the customer experience improvement tools on our list, is the best one for collaborative work. It provides a perfect platform for mapping your customer journey, and it does so in a workspace your entire team can access and make alterations to together. You will be able to enhance the way your customers navigate your site. And even emulate their purchases in order to better understand your conversion process so you can improve it.


Hotjar is incredibly useful as a website heatmap and behavioral analytics software. You can use it to really grasp the way your customers browse your site. This would not just let you learn about what types of content they are interested in, which is invaluable for a moving company site that has few long-term draws for customers, but it will also allow you to gauge interest in your services and, if you have such a website section, moving supplies. Using the data, you can quickly come up with ways to improve your customer experience. This is because it makes it easier to show empathy to a customer and place yourself in their shoes.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager, once your employees get used to it, can become one of the best customer experience improvement tools. The core of the software is content and digital asset management. It offers insight into your content creation using web analytics and SEO recommendations. Adobe experience manager can let you quickly alter content to be usable on all types of devices. It even has AI and machine-learning features that can help you better tailor the experience to each customer through the use of customer profiles. Meaning it even has some of the benefits of CRM software built in.


ChurnZero is software that will provide you with a plethora of options for tracking your success with customers. You will be able to track trends, measure customer growth, analyze product usage and even check account health. The data is also readily accessible and rather well visualized through dashboards. This allows the software to be used easily and intuitively. Meaning you are unlikely to have any issues incorporating it into your moving business.


Of the various customer experience improvement tools on our list, Gainsight is particularly good at product and customer success analysis. You will easily gain insight into your successes and failures through customer feedback surveys, customer journey maps, and a variety of other analytics features. You can even gauge the customer response to things such as your relocation cost calculator! In other words, you will be able to quickly determine what your customers are concerned with and what they are happy with, instead, and focus your efforts in the right direction.

Final comment

This concludes our list of customer experience improvement tools worth your time! We hope you’ve found some that have caught your eye, since several synergize together quite well. For more useful information about how to improve your moving business, make sure to keep reading our blog. We offer weekly articles tailored to the needs of moving company owners and employees.