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How to attract younger audiences to your moving business

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In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to keep up with trends, not to mention use them to further your marketing efforts. As a service provider, a moving company is a necessity for people looking to relocate safely. However, it can be challenging to appeal to younger audiences, especially those that are more willing to test their luck with a DIY moving approach. Movers Development understands the struggle of convincing others to choose your business over all others. In this article, we go down the rabbit hole and explore what it means to attract younger audiences to your moving business and how to go about doing it.

Invest in influencer marketing

Browsing social media for influencers
Younger audiences feel compelled to copy their favorite influencers.

It is well known that younger audiences love following the trends set by influencers. Naturally, this also includes using the same services and brands as they do. If you want to learn how to attract younger audiences to your moving business and get some top moving leads, you will have to learn how to leverage influencers. Now, most influencers will not cooperate with you like typical affiliate marketers. They prefer putting out interesting and engaging content that their fans would like.

Businesses like restaurants or eateries have a real advantage here, but even as a moving business, you are not without options. Depending on their preferred type of content, you can offer the influencer an opportunity to work with your crew for a day, to get a free move and film the process, or do an interview with some of your movers.

Explore trending social media platforms

Picking the wrong social media app can ruin your efforts entirely.

While lots of businesses are getting onto social media in order to make the best of their advertising drives, selecting the right apps to be active on is even more important than just being active. For example, attempting to use Facebook to appeal to younger audiences is a waste of time in 2023. TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram are far better options for posting your promotional material.

At the same time, you should prioritize working with influencers working on these platforms, as well. Most of these also open up ad opportunities. And while it may take a bit to properly figure out how to put ads on YouTube, for example, it is well worth it. The popularity of the apps makes the investment pay off quickly if you can actually get your ad up. Which will also go a long way toward helping you build up your brand recognition.

Work more on your branding

Speaking of brand recognition, you really want to make sure to work on that. Businesses often forget the importance of having a good brand, especially a logo. Your logo is what people will often associate with your business first. If you have an old, and somewhat plain logo, you definitely want to consider getting it reworked.

Now, you probably don’t want to abandon your old logo entirely. That would take considerable rebranding effort, after all. But, a redesign with your old logo as the base would help a lot with your attempts to appeal to a younger audience. They prefer colorful and ‘loud’ logos, after all, and if yours is old-fashioned and subdued you’d have considerable difficulties establishing a connection with them. Do not be afraid of change, since the longer you wait, the harder it would get to pull off even such minor rebranding.

Give younger PR managers a shot

Young professionals, one of the ways to overcome the challenge of how to attract younger audiences
Young professionals make your business more in tune with younger audiences.

If you want to learn how to attract younger audiences to your moving business, you can just go straight to the source! Young PR managers are a great idea for several reasons:

  • Even with less experience, they are typically highly motivated to do their jobs well. This means they will always try their best to make your marketing campaigns a success!
  • They understand their own generation much better than you ever could.
  • Finally, they have lots of fresh ideas which your mindset and worldview might prevent you from coming up with. And moving company advertising requires such fresh ideas in order to stay relevant!

Of course, the fear of hiring an untried and untested PR manager would likely still remain. And it is admittedly justified! Still, you can have them team up with more experienced colleges to curb recklessness, and you’d be set.

Focus more on your online presence

Younger generations pay much more attention to online marketing than they do to anything you could organize in reality. This means that while local drives are a great idea, they won’t generate much interest in your target audience in this case. On the flip side, online marketing typically requires lower investments, anyway.

Most of it comes down to generating interesting content yourself rather than paying for ads and affiliate marketers. Of course, both options are very much worth investing in! It is simply an example of how even small and new moving companies can find their breakthrough if they focus on content. Otherwise, remember to look into PPC management for moving companies to avoid wasting your investments or overinvesting.

Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly

Now, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that younger generations are primarily focused on mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, iPad, and, to a smaller extent, laptops, etc.). This means that your site and ads need to be compatible with all devices, but especially the ‘smaller’ ones. This is an issue a lot of older sites run into. When someone opens them on a phone or an iPad, it looks all out of place and scrambled. If you have an ‘old’ site, make sure to properly update it and check its compatibility. If you are just now working on setting one up, be absolutely sure it can be opened on every device of this type.

Consider running events

The final way how to attract younger audiences is by running online events. This can be pretty much anything that gets them to visit your site or social media pages. You can even consider streaming as your gateway to growing your influence among them! Seeing a move and tips on how to move from the first-person perspective of a mover live streamer could be a great selling point. Alternatively, you can always run more ‘classical’ events, such as getting discounts by signing up for your newsletters or offering discount coupons for those who enter a code obtainable through your social media.

Final comment

Now that you have a more solid idea of how to attract younger audiences to your moving business, you can start working on your own strategy. Just remember: you can always adjust your strategy as you go along. Nothing needs to be set in stone. The interests of younger audiences are not exactly set in stone, either. Never limit yourself to one strategy and approach to digital marketing. Think of it as a relocation to a destination with multiple routes. Each route has certain advantages. When you come across a traffic jam, change lanes and take a different route. And always remember that Movers Development is here to help you along the way.

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