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6 YouTube marketing tips for moving companies

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When you’re looking for a way to reinvent your approach to advertising your moving company, YouTube is definitely an alternative that you will want to explore. As the second most popular search engine globally, it’s become second nature for people to turn to YouTube when looking for fast answers to their inquiries. It might seem challenging and time-consuming, but so are all other digital marketing channels. In this article, Movers Development goes over six essential YouTube marketing tips for moving companies, to make it easier for you to utilize this marketing channel.

#1: Lean into making guides

Moving company marketing is a bit trickier than for most other businesses. After all, the moving company services are something that a person seldom needs. Thankfully, though, it’s still possible to publish interesting content if you lean into your specialty on YouTube. Namely, the first of our YouTube marketing tips for moving companies is to focus on creating guides.

YouTube phone app
YouTube is extra convenient because of how accessible it is.

Written guides about moving are already quite common. It is difficult to make a proper impression on an audience simply by relying on those. However, video guides on moving are far less common, and as such present a potential opportunity for you! If you can make interesting and informative guides, you can at least attract a decent audience to follow your content regularly. This, in turn, will massively improve your chances of lead generation. Especially if you get some long-term fans dedicated to your channel.

#2: Consider live streaming occasionally

Live streaming is another powerful tool in your arsenal. Note, though, that if you want to do a live stream while actually working, you will need the consent of your clients in order to do it. It would provide a perfect opportunity to show off your knowledge and develop a tighter bond with the community, so even then it would be well worth the effort.

The need for consent means that you might not be able to stream your moves live as often as possible. So you’d need to make the best use of the ones you do get and engage the audience. Of course, movers are hardly expert content creators and streamers, so you probably want to invest in PR services and put them in charge of directing the live stream. This would let your workers focus on their jobs even on stream.

#3: Work to build a strong brand

YouTube provides its users with the perfect platform to push their branding a step further. You can edit pretty much everything about your profile. The profile picture, the banner, the About Me section, video intros… every step of the way, you can emphasize your brand and make sure that your viewers remember it. This will do wonders to increase your brand recognition.

YouTube trending tab
By trending on YouTube, you’ll draw a lot of organic lead generation.

After all, it might be difficult to get your website into the spotlight. But it is still quite manageable to get a lot of people to at least see your video is recommended. And if you place your logo on the thumbnail too, then they will remember it and associate it with your brand in the future. If you do not take the advantage of this opportunity, then you are seriously missing out on free marketing! The part is the fact that it will always be easily accessible.

#4: Take full advantage of the comments

The next of our YouTube marketing tips for moving companies is to properly make use of the comments section. There are few platforms where moving companies are able to contact their customers as directly. This means you need to be on top of your game, answering questions, comments, and similar. If someone leaves a negative comment, don’t ignore them, either. Simply ask them to clarify what sort of problem they have and see if you can work towards resolving it.

At the same time, do not hesitate to promote certain features of your website. You can post a link to your moving estimate software, for example, if someone in the comments asks you for advice on the subject. Note, though, that links in the comments section are often hidden by default, so you should check to see if that option is disabled.

Try to post regularly

Although YouTube is one of the best ways to generate leads if used smartly, it does come with one downside. Namely, you need to continue actively posting new content if you really want to keep your audience’s attention. Meaning that you should make and stick to a decent posting schedule. It doesn’t have to be a rigorous schedule at all. Posting every day or every other day is hardly necessary.

YouTube gallery
Once you’ve built up your number of videos it will be a lot easier to attract viewers.

But you should still do your best to post at least once every two weeks. If not at least once every week. This way, you can drag your viewers into your routine and gradually work on expanding your popularity and number of followers. Which will, hopefully, nicely translate into growth in your customer base. At the very least, it will make your existing customers a lot more likely to choose your moving company again.

Work with affiliate marketers and other content creators

The final of our YouTube marketing tips for moving companies is to take full advantage of the ability to work with other content creators. You can generate plenty of commercial leads for moving companies if you work with an affiliate marketer, for example. They are typically successful content creators or online influencers who leverage that popularity for promoting goods and services to their viewers.

Just think about the now-infamous Raid Shadow Legends, who paid pretty much the entirety of YouTube’s popular content creators to promote their game. While you should hardly go so far if, for no reason other than the fact that such a thing would be ludicrously expensive, you should still find one or two partners you’d feel comfortable working with long term. This would let you form a comfortable working relationship to the benefit of everyone!

Final word

With these YouTube marketing tips for moving companies, you can make your channel a success. Of course, the project will take long term dedication and work. However, we are sure that you can make it work if you put in the effort. And as always, if you happen to come across wall that you can’t breach, the Movers Development team is always here to help you navigate the digital waters and discover new sources of moving leads. Feel free to consult us at any time!