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Ways to promote your business for free

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Not all companies have the budget of Apple or Coca-Cola and billions of dollars to spend on marketing. However, what small businesses have are the will to grow with the resources they have at their disposal. And this is where the right ideas and innovations in marketing come in handy. This is one of the toughest challenges in business today – to make something out of nothing. Now, we spoke last week about the appeal of guerrilla marketing campaigns for movers, but sometimes even these can be out of your price range. So, this week we focus on ways to promote your business for free. Is that even possible? Why, of course it is – just continue reading to learn how.

STARTUP painted on a large brick wall.
Paint the walls and start promoting your business at no cost whatsoever.

How can you promote your business for free with minimal effort?

Small business owners tend to underestimate the power of suggestions and influence without financial investment. We are here to tell you that it is possible to build your brand without massive marketing budgets. The reason for this is simple when you think about it. You can have all the money in the world, but it will do you little good if you don’t have the right marketing team for the job.

Marketing for moving companies (and other companies) requires an innovative approach. You have to offer people something that will not only draw their attention but also keep it long enough for them to try your services or products. So, it really comes down to getting your message through, with or without money. So, here are five simple methods that can help you promote your business for free:

#1: An active presence on social media is ideal for business promotion

The influence of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest spreads to every corner of the world. Just think – you can reach millions of potential customers and all it takes is a little effort to build your Facebook account with followers. And the best part here is that the options to achieve this goal are endless.

Twitter login page on a mobile phone.
Twitter and other social media platforms are great ways to promote your business for free.

And as you build your presence on social media platforms, you are not only promoting your brand but are also opening the door to free promotion of your business. Bear in mind, however, that even this has its limits. Just because you have a large number of followers does not mean that you should spam them with promotional content. Remember – if they are following you, they already know what you do and offer. So, instead of bombarding them with ads and scaring them away, be creative. Share some interesting posts with subtle ways that can promote your business for free and without complications.

#2 Business partnerships are very important in marketing

In theory, this is a simple and efficient method to exponentially grow your moving business and customer base. You find the right partner to team up with, get referrals, which leads to increased revenue and capital.

However, do not underestimate one important factor here – you have to find a business with a strong brand that will be willing to promote you for free. There are two ways for you to accomplish this and maximize referral opportunities:

  1. B2B satisfaction. There are often times when companies need commercial moving and storage services. And a lot here will depend on the way your crew does the job. A satisfactory outcome (perhaps a promotional deal) can go a long way towards impressing a business. And this is when you should ask for a contract with them or a partnership in terms of referrals.
  2. Mutually beneficial partnership. For example, a realtor is called to sell a home or find a new one for a family. That realtor might be inclined to recommend an experienced moving company such as yours to the family. The other way round, you could also recommend that same realtor to a customer you are relocating to help them sell their old property.

With this method, the two most important things to keep in mind are mutual satisfaction from the partnership and the longevity of the cooperation. It might cost you some extra discounts and deals, but it will still help promote your business for free.

#3 Regulars should be treated with the utmost care

Good bars never turn down regulars – why should you? After all, you can always count on them when moving time comes. Sure enough, people don’t tend to relocate each day, but it is a growing need. Plus, those repeating customers that value your services will always have friends or co-workers looking to relocate without trouble. And that’s when you also get free referrals.

Blue newsletter icon
Sometimes, a simple newsletter can go a long way towards attracting customers.

These are the customers that you want to keep in contact with. Consider an email list that will enable you to communicate with them through an informative newsletter rather than a promotional one. However, you can also convey special deals to them through this channel. This approach serves to keep your brand in the sub-conscious of the customers.

#4 Real-time promotion matters as well – don’t forget that

With so many startups and small businesses popping up today, people neglect real-time involvement in their business development. The mindset is founded on the idea that a unique idea and a well-developed website are enough for you to sit back and wait for an inflow of cash. We’ve all heard the stories of startups that started in garages, only to go multi-million dollar and international within a year. However, what you rarely hear are the actual struggles associated with this journey.

Man holding a Fish 'n' Chips sign on a street - one of the ways to promote your business for free.
There is nothing wrong with promoting your business in public.

This is why it is essential that you regard your moving business as a living organism that needs to grow. So, get into the everyday grunt work that nobody likes and start dialing phones, go out into the world and promote your business to people on the streets. After all, it costs you nothing but energy and the results can be very rewarding.

#5 Promote your business for free with viral innovation

Why not use the constant development of technology to your advantage? With so many ways to stream news, videos, stories, images, etc. you can easily present your brand to the world in a unique and memorable manner.

You could follow the popular example of the Dollar Shave Club – one simple promotional video that went viral and won them a wave of fans and subscribers. This is an example that it is not just about showcasing your services and products – you have to present them in a memorable fashion for people to notice.

And there you have it – plain and simple

So, here we are – five simple ideas to help you promote your business for free. What else can you think of or might have thought of and got your business where it is today? Share your story and contribute to the development of moving companies across the world.