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Guerrilla marketing tactics for moving companies

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When companies reach a point at which they are a recognized brand in their respective industry, it becomes much easier to promote themselves. This does not, however, stop large brands such as Coca-Cola or Nike from investing millions of dollars in marketing. After all, you can never have enough publicity. However, the true question here is how do you get to that point in the development of your moving company? This is all the more essential when you have to promote your business as a small and local company. And this is where guerrilla marketing tactics might work great.

Promotional image of Che Guevara - the inspiration for guerrilla marketing tactics.
Guerrilla marketing tactics can present your brand in a whole new light.

In principle, guerrilla marketing sounds cool in terms of marketing for customer-oriented industries. The name speaks for itself – instead of relying on good old-fashioned marketing ideas for movers, you pull a publicity stunt with the aim to attract attention. So, not only do you save money and time in the process, but you also increase your brand visibility in the eyes of the public.

Let’s start with the definition of Guerrilla Marketing?

Jay Conrad Levinson was the first to coin the term in his book: Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business. The term was inspired by covert military tactics in times of war, conducted by armed militia in countries such as Vietnam, Cuba, Bolivia, etc. The point is the element of surprise that you expose your opponents to. However, the difference here is that with guerrilla marketing tactics, the goal is to leave spectators and participants amazed and motivated to purchase what you have to offer.

What makes Guerrilla Marketing tactics so effective?

It’s the element of surprise we mentioned earlier. Most buyers today have gotten so used to the traditional concept of advertising and marketing that they are borderline ignoring it. This is why small businesses and startups usually have problems making a name for themselves. However, with guerrilla marketing, all this can change because they offer the chance to capture the immediate attention of leads.

Large number of pawns in different colors.
The impact of guerrilla marketing tactics lies in the ability to influence diverse groups of people.

Guerrilla campaigns do not fixate on process, rules, or structure. They do not follow conventional means of getting attention and leads. The only thing that matters is to mesmerize potential customers with your brand in an unexpected and fun way. All else comes afterward.

Common Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Surprise and innovation – this is the core of all guerrilla marketing tactics. However, that core entails countless ways to achieve your goal and leave an impression on clients. So, here are some of the most common techniques in terms of guerrilla marketing that you can explore:

  • Experiential marketing. It might seem difficult to understand but the name really speaks for itself. The focus here is to form a bond between your brand and the buyer through first-hand experience. You immerse people in the advantages of what you offer in an on-hand stunt.
  • Undercover marketing. Once again, you get everything you need from the categorization. This marketing strategy deals with building up your brand through regular interaction with your clients under a false pretext. So, the goal is that you make them come to a positive conclusion about your brand without actually advertising it.
  • Ambush/stealth marketing. This is basically a tactic where one brand can stealth the spotlight from another brand through a well-executed campaign. Nike on the Olympics would be the prime example for successful executions of ambush marketing. Whereas it never sponsored any of the Olympics, people continuously thought that it did because of the clever campaigns it arranged.
  • Ambient marketing. When it comes to guerrilla marketing tactics, this type is usually most entertaining for people. This is a situation where you use unusual items not associated with marketing to promote your brand in a completely new light. It is actually a really innovative and clever endeavor that requires a lot of thought and planning because you use a certain item and its surroundings to promote your own moving business.

How does one prepare a guerrilla marketing project?

Iron out all the details of your marketing strategy before you implement it.
Preparing a proper guerrilla marketing strategy requires proper research and detailed execution.
  1. To begin with, you have to know your audience, both physically and mentally. The overall success of such campaigns will always depend on your target audience and their natural reactions. You have to take time to compose the actual content and to plan how best to execute it. The important thing to remember here is that buyers have well-known and established habits that everyone targets, and hidden habits that you should focus on in this case. It’s is your job to identify hidden preferences that other companies don’t pay attention to, and appeal to them through guerrilla marketing tactics.
  2. Choose the best possible approach. Once you know and understand your buyers’ needs, you have to find the best tactic to introduce your brand. Will it be a viral video or a form of experiential marketing? Use the data you have and combine it with the goals you set and you will find which guerrilla marketing approach works best.
  3. Make sure to consider the ROI. One of the benefits of guerrilla marketing is that it should be cost-effective. Hence, you can’t just go and spend half your quarterly budget on a campaign that could potentially fail. Consider the risks and potential ROI before getting ahead of yourself.
  4. Traction leverage. The harsh part of guerrilla marketing tactics is that it’s not a trial & error kind of thing. You can’t replicate them multiple times. The more you use a single one, the lesser of an impact it can make. This is why you have to make sure everything goes according to plan because you won’t get a chance like it again. So, you have to plan how to follow up on your original act and keep potential clients interested.

Bear in mind that the age we live in today has no certainties, so you can’t really follow any of these rules blindly. Remember – the point here is to break free of corporate ways of doing things and getting attention from buyers because of it.

How can Guerrilla marketing tactics benefit your moving business?

As incredible as it might seem, guerrilla marketing tactics have become a powerful weapon in the arsenal of PR and advertising agencies across the world. After all, engaging consumers in innovative and exciting ways is (or should be) the focus of any marketing effort. And with this type of marketing, you can make your company look that much more fascinating and impressive.