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Tips to help you improve your workplace

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A positive and well-organized moving environment is a productive working environment. And as a growing business, it is expected for you to focus on software and marketing solutions for your moving company. However, this does not mean that you should forget about the factor that got you where you are – your employees. After all, your colleagues are the backbone of the company you build. As such, their happiness should also be an important focal point. This is why we are here to offer you several easy solutions on how best to improve your workplace.

How important is a work environment in the modern start-up world?

This is a good question. After all, values have drastically changed when it comes to everyday life, education, business etc. The world continues to progress, whether in terms of software innovations or ideas and ways of thinking. But one thing is certain – people today enjoy a lot more freedom when it comes to working.

With the ever-growing number of startup companies and small businesses, Millennials have found a completely new way of doing things. People realized that working in a cubicle with measured breaks and limited communication with colleagues is bad for morale. And hence, too many people suffer from depression, anxiety, and other physiological and mental illnesses. So, what is the solution?

5 ways to improve your workplace for yourself and your team

The popular research discovered that a good working environment has a direct influence on our attitude towards the job. And this, in turn, leads to self-motivation to be the best we can be, which leads to the maximization of productivity. So, ask yourself this – is your staff happy with the work environment you set up for them?

Group of people looking at ideas on how to improve your workplace.
Consult your team on ways to improve your workspace and overall performance.

If not, you might want to take some time to look into potential ways of changing this. Granted, small businesses and startups might not have the financial stability and luxury that corporations enjoy. But what you do have is a team of innovative people that you can consult and include in this endeavor. After all, improving your workplace is something everyone wants and is more than willing to contribute to. And here are some ideas on where to start:

1. Consider what the ideal break rooms should contain

Workers need to have an area they can go to de-stress and re-focus. Break facilities offer just such a place. Many employers forgo even having an area, which often forces staff to eat at their desks, a habit that can actually lead to a reduction in productivity. Instead, improve your workplace by offering an area that is separate and only dedicated to breaks. Make it inviting and calming and the staff will feel re-energized after their lunch or short breaks.

2. Climate-controlled conditions can be very beneficial to improve your workplace

One big complaint from many workers is the temperature of their office. By setting firm policies about where the temperature should be kept, employees will know how to adapt over time. Instead of trying to guess if they should bring a jacket or not, they’ll know exactly how the office will be. Research has shown that this should be between 70-73 degrees Fahrenheit (21-23 degrees Celsius). This temperature range provides the perfect ambient environment for most employees to not worry about being too cold or too hot.

3. Consider the layout of your office

Businesses today are going past the outdated notion of office floors with dozens of cubicles. Instead, you should always try to offer a relaxed and more open-minded office layout. Proper teamwork is important and to achieve it, you have to give your staff the chance to openly communicate. And research has shown that an open and relaxed workspace leads to better results and overall synergy in the office.

Blueprints of the office.
Consult your office layout and plan on new ways to improve your office.

4. There is nothing better than natural light to open your mind to new ideas

You can’t knock out a wall just to add a window, but what you can do is encourage and use the natural light that is available. For example, don’t cover up any windows with blinds, or cut out light with high dividers. Instead, let the light in! Even if the window is across the office, natural light helps people feel more at ease and enables them to focus more. Another trick you can try is to add a mirror or two throughout the office to reflect any natural light, creating the illusion of more space. This will help diffuse what light you have to work with, even if it’s not much in the first place.

5. Good washroom facilities are very important, especially for larger teams and offices

Making sure that your washroom facilities are clean is only the start. These areas are about basic employee needs, and any neglect sends a signal that your staff just isn’t that important. Make sure that soap dispensers are kept full, hand-drying facilities are in place, and each area is wiped down regularly to ensure cleanliness. In addition, having a dedicated staff member check the washroom facilities on an hourly or bi-hourly basis will ensure that it is kept at its best.

6. Consider a balcony or garden – the introduction of green spaces and plants

With so much infrastructure and corporate developments, people yearn for green and open spaces. And why wouldn’t we? After all, there is nothing that can replace the aspect of nature and that feeling you get when surrounded by green spaces. So, consider how you can offer your team this in order to not only improve your work but also make it more ideal.

To begin with, you can introduce several plants in the office space. Then, you might want to consider the introduction of a balcony or terrace, perhaps even a garden (depending on the position of your office).

In conclusion

Large office floor with cubicles.
There is nothing like the appeal of a well-organized office to motivate staff and improve productivity.

Implementing these six steps will help improve your workplace and make it better for your current employees. Not only this, but it will also send a strong message to potential employees who come in for interviews that you care about your staff.