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Virtual Moving Estimates – changing the industry for the better or not?

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Given how rushed the entire world has become, more and more consumers flock to finding time-efficient solutions for their needs. As a result, companies need to constantly invest in responsive web design and SEO to not only please search engine bots but also customers. And when unprecedented occurrences such as COVID-19 occur, the need for innovative solutions only becomes more necessary. Therefore, moving companies need to think of the future and create more remote and user-friendly opportunities for people to hire them. One of the ways to accomplish this comes with the introduction of the instant moving quote calculator. Another option that we are going to discuss today is the use of virtual moving estimates.

An image of what virtual moving estimates look like
Virtual moving estimates represent a modern and remote approach to getting estimates for relocation services.

The purpose of introducing Virtual/Video Moving Estimates

The planning & preparation stage is the most crucial one in the relocation process. People that moved in the past know this. All professional moving and storage companies understand this. And Movers Development knows this as well. That is why it is in the interest of all parties to have a solution that is not only easy-to-use but also precise and time-efficient. And there are several reasons why this makes all the difference in the moving industry today:

  1. When searching for the perfect moving companies, people want to spend as little time as possible to get all the information they need. And getting an overall price for the services they need falls under that type of information. Professional moving businesses that wish to generate moving leads need to be able to respond to quote requests quickly to maintain a high conversion rate.
  2. During busier times, companies want to spend as little time as possible on administrative work such as doing in-home moving estimates or negotiating with potential customers that could or could not convert. Hence, by implementing various modern moving company software solutions, they can save time and resources on all leads, no matter if they end up converting or not. Virtual moving estimates can offer that option just as much as offering relocation quotes through online calculators.

In-Home Estimates vs. Virtual Moving Estimates

To fully comprehend the impact that innovative moving company software solutions can offer, we first need to define the differences between traditional and modern methods:

  • In-Home Moving Estimates are your traditional ways of getting an estimate for your moving process on the spot. A moving business representative comes over to your home, goes through all the rooms and items, access points, etc. They mark it all down, go back to the company, and calculate the overall costs of the move.
  • Virtual Moving Estimates usually involve the use of a customized app that connects potential customers with relocation consultants via video call. Rather than having a moving company representative come over to your home and doing a detailed survey, you can simply have an online walkthrough and give the movers all they need to assess the size and cost of your upcoming move.

Both options have the same goal, which is gathering the data necessary to estimate the cost of a moving process. And both are commitment-free and available to everyone. However, the difference is in the details. Virtual Moving Estimates are more practical given that they are easier to schedule and save time while not having to make time and prepare your home to host someone from the company.

The process is very simple

With so many people owning mobile devices and being online, the entire process is very simple. It comes down to several steps:

  • You schedule the estimate with a moving company and receive a link to download an app.
  • Download the app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • On the day of the estimate, users receive a link to join a video call.
  • Once connected with the moving company representative via video, you will do a walkthrough to give them a general idea of access, inventory, additional obstacles such as narrow doorways, staircases, etc.
  • Virtual Moving Estimates offer you the option to ask any additional questions you have for moving companies.
  • Once done, the consultant either offers an estimate on the spot or emails you one at a later time – once they summarize everything.

And the best part is that since it is all done remotely, you can schedule the estimate at your own convenience, in accordance with working hours, of course. You don’t need to have physical contact with the moving business representative. Instead, you get a very convenient and fast method of getting a general idea of a company and their prices.

Benefits of offering virtual moving estimates

  • Convenience. Movers offer customers the convenience of not having to host anyone to get an estimate. At the same time, employees can do their job from the comfort of their office.
  • Speed. A virtual walkthrough ends up saving time and expenses in terms of going through traffic to reach a household/office and spending an hour or two to inventory everything before going back and offering an estimate.
  • Quality. Virtual estimates offer the same quality of estimates as would an online moving quote calculator. The quality matches that of in-home estimates.
  • Simple to Use. From downloading apps to going online and receiving/providing quotes via email or message – it is all very user-friendly for both sides.
Image of businesswoman on phone
The benefits of using online moving estimates are obvious.

How are other moving companies responding to this trend

From our professional experience with moving companies across the globe, this trend is becoming a more common occurrence. With the evolution of modern consumerism and the unfortunate COVID-19 crisis, more and more businesses in the moving industry, as well as other niches, have started investing in remote and/or virtual solutions.

Digital marketing solutions teach us the importance of adapting to the needs of the market. Whether you are looking to make some short-burst impacts through PPC campaigns or SEO strategies for moving companies, you need to take all factors into consideration. You need to focus your efforts, be it content, optimization, software, or design – to the expectations of users. And virtual moving estimates offer just that.