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Ways in which outdated tech hurts business growth

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You always hear about the benefits of technology and the influence it has on the development of your business. However, have you ever considered the burden that technological innovations carry with them? If you like to keep up with new and modern moving company software and digital marketing trends, probably not. We are here to remind you of the other, darker side of the tech game. What are the ways in which outdated tech hurts business growth? And how can this become your concern? Keep on reading to learn more.

Five direct ways in which outdated tech can downsize your business

The fact is that technology has become a crucial aspect of any business today. It is the fuel that powers your online machinery. And it is the key to the expansion of your moving business on both a local and global scale. Having an up-to-date moving company website can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. So, here are five strong reasons not to allow your tech to become outdated:

You need to upgrade your software and tech in order to see progress and development.
Having outdated tech is like intentionally working with one hand tied behind your back.

#1: Outdated tech hurts business growth through the loss of revenue and clients

Everything revolves around the consumer – it always has. Your primary goal is to offer a product or service that will satisfy the needs of your potential customers. Then again, you can hardly hope to achieve this without the proper tech to back you up. A 2013 Microsoft survey revealed that over 90 percent of people would stop doing business with a company due to outdated tech.

The fact is that clients are raised to expect the perfect user experience. It’s one of the core values they grade when it comes to companies:

  • Is your website responsive to all devices?
  • How fast is the page loading speed of your website?
  • What are the added benefits of using your website?
  • How do you process payments for the services you offer?

These are all questions that you need to focus on answering. And the best way to solve them comes in the form of up-to-date technological installments. The alternative leads to a loss of revenue and business, which nobody wants.

#2: Outdated tech can easily lead to ethical issues

Skill and experience alone are no longer enough to maintain a strong reputation in the modern world. You now have to add “technological competence” to the entire equation. To convey trust to your clients, you need to demonstrate adequate capabilities to fulfill their needs. You have to show them that you have the necessary equipment to get the job done. That means that you have to work on the expansion of your own knowledge continuously. Self-improvement for progress.

Otherwise, you risk failing to protect the personal information and property of your clients. That can lead to ethical and legal conflicts. And all this can be avoided so long as you keep your tech in check.

#3: Your website and business are more open to cyber attacks

As tech becomes obsolete, so fades the protection and security you have in place. The older the technology you use is, the harder it becomes to protect yourself from hackers and cyber-attacks. Outdated tech hurts your business by preventing you from securing your WordPress website from intruders. And this becomes an open invitation for hackers and corporate espionage.

Windows 95, XP and others have been surpassed - get with the program.
Using surpassed software is just one of the many ways outdated tech hurts business growth

Although the numbers vary and the awareness of companies grows, the figures can still surprise you. According to studies from 2014, over 90 percent of applications that were tested had at least one vulnerability. And if that weren’t enough, a further study a year later showed that over 60 percent of companies were still using Windows XP or Windows 2003 – both no longer supported by Microsoft. Even though five years have passed since then, there are still companies that remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

#4: Outdated tech hurts business growth in terms of talent recruitment

Millennials are the workforce of the present and future. By 2025, they will make up more than 75 percent of the workforce. You need to consider this when searching for new talents and additions to your staff. And for millennials, technology is a must-have for productive and task execution. From a young age, this generation has gotten used to having access to the latest tech and using it in new and innovative ways.

Having outdated tech can only lead to a lack of talent in your team because the competition will scoop up all the best ones with a better tech background. That is why you need to ensure that you are up to speed when it comes to your technological capacity and resources.

#5: Outdated software and hardware can easily cause a drop in morale and productivity

Consider this for a second – are you more likely to finish something with a laptop that takes a full minute to open a spreadsheet or web page in comparison to a new desktop that does it within milliseconds? We can debate on the skills, knowledge, and experience of employees until we drop. However, the fact remains that you need to have the proper tools for the job. Otherwise, you might as well scratch off productivity and speed from your list of core values.

Imagine still using a copywriter for marketing efforts - how would that work for your company?
You can never achieve maximum results with outdated tech.

Additionally, old tech causes more need for maintenance, which leads to more expenses. It’s simple logic – invest in new tech that will last rather than continually patching up the old tech to work.

To conclude

Allowing your tech to become obsolete and outdated is something that can put both your company and the team at high risk. That is why it is so essential to monitor the online market and competition constantly. Watch for innovative trends in your respective industry and control the competition. Another great way to check on this is through professional website analyses or audits. They can offer you the insight you need in terms of potential weak spots and improvements. Consider all this if you wish to avoid the ways in which outdated tech hurts business growth and development.