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How often should you revisit your social media strategy

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It is not a secret that Google is changing almost every day. This means that you shouldn’t consider SEO as a permanent thing and never change your online strategy. Naturally, every change that happens with Google, can (and will) affect your webpage’s ranking on a web search. That’s why it is very important to revisit your social media strategy every now and then. But the real question is – with all these online changes, how often you should do it? We have all the answers.

laptop and working on how to revisit your social media strategy
Why it is important to revisit your social media strategy every now and then? We give you the answers!

Reasons to revisit your social media strategy

Here are the reasons why you should revisit your social media strategy more than every now and then:

Some social networks show the new users first

Many of the popular social network work in a way where they show new/updated user profiles first.  The point of this is that you ‘have to‘ continue using the network if you want to be ‘in trend’. That’s why it is necessary to revisit your social media strategy often so that your profile can be visible and easy to find.

New platforms are emerging

Yes, you’ve covered some of the most popular social networks. However, your job is not finished there. You should be aware of the fact that new social media platforms are emerging almost every day. That is the reason that if you run a successful business, you have to revisit your social media strategy all the time and keep up with the trends.

Old platforms are changing

The existing, popular platforms are constantly being updated and new features are added all the time. For example, the most popular social network – Instagram, recently added the feature of the 24h story. It became a huge hit and one of the most important means of communication and telling the news to your followers. So, if you don’t revisit your social media strategy, you can miss these important changes and fall behind the competitors.

social media
Social networks are very important, so you should frequently revisit your social media strategy and keep up with the trends

How often you should revisit your social media strategy?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – all the time. Having a successful page is not just uploading certain documents and finish with that. Social media networks are changing all the time, that’s why your page needs to be revisited frequently.

At first…

When you start your new social media strategy, you probably invest a lot of planning and organization into it. And that’s fine. It is challenging to start something fresh, so you need to do it right. You should do your best to create your social media profile according to the current trends and social media demands. And that’s why you will be very active in these first days/months of managing your social media presence.

After a couple of months

After a couple of months have passed, you probably got more relaxed and comfortable with your social media strategy. However, you shouldn’t give up on revising it from time to time. You shouldn’t change it completely, but stick to your style and try to make it even better.

After a year

After a year has passed, now is the time to look deeply into your social media strategy. The period of twelve months is enough to see what’s working for you and what’s not. After sticking to a certain social media marketing style for a year, you should be able to see the situation clearly. Be sure to understand what are the things that haven’t been successful and beneficial for your profile, so you can cut them off. If something was accepted well – improve it! Furthermore, a period of one year is a lot when it comes to SEO/social media changes. Be sure to keep up with the trends and revisit your social media strategy. Also, learn from your mistakes, and read about why businesses lose clients, so you don’t make similar errors again.

revisit your social media strategy
You should often revisit your social media strategy because the conditions are not the same after a certain period of time

Tips on how to revisit your social media strategy in 2019

If you are not sure how to revisit your social media strategy and make new steps in marketing, here are some tips on how to do it in 2019.

  • engage with the influencers – teaming up with the influencers can be an amazing push forward for your platform. However, be aware of the false individual who is looking for partnerships without providing the right accomplishments.
  • check your social media strategy – as we mentioned, after a certain amount of time, go through your content and see what was successful with your followers, and what’s not. You can use appropriate software that can help you manage your social media platform. If something is good – use it more often, and if it’s not – don’t post it anymore.
  • look at your competition – sometimes it is great to check what the competition is doing. This way you can get some inspiration, and see what’s going on in the business. Of course, be careful not to overdo it. It is great to have competition, without obsessing over it. 
  • try new things carefully – yes, new features and new technologies are happening all the time, and you should keep up with the trends. However, don’t play it too risky. See if a new feature can go well with your social media strategy right away. Sometimes, it is better to wait until new things are tested and developed until you decide to use them yourself. 
  • don’t focus on one social network only – when it comes to successful social media strategy in 2019, a multi-channel approach is something you should stick to. When you decide to revisit your social media strategy, see if you have all the popular platforms covered. Even though it is more challenging to do it, it will be worth your while. Your business will be easier to find, and it will engage with more people more easily.
  • if you are not certain how to do it – contact professionals like Movers Development. We provide top-quality services in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Website Design, and Software for Movers – everything you need for a successful online presentation of your business.