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SEO Mistakes Moving Companies Make

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Search engine optimization is something every moving company should implement. And there’s no argument about it. The technology is being improved every second, people are using the internet to find almost anything they need, so not putting an effort to be recognized by the search engines is a big mistake. But not everyone uses SEO properly. In fact, many movers think they can do it themselves, and this is where the problems appear. The owners expect the business to improve, but it stands still, and there are no new customers, although they implemented SEO in their business. Why? Well, because they’re not doing it properly. This article is about the most common SEO mistakes moving companies make. We shall talk about several things you should pay attention to, in order to improve your moving company’s position in the market. If you can’t do it yourself, Movers Development can help!

What does it mean to properly implement Search Engine Optimization?

Try to avoid the SEO mistakes moving companies make
Read about the SEO mistakes moving companies make, and try to avoid them

There’s no some ideal answer to this question. The most important thing is to get educated regarding this subject. Learn what is important to know about the moving company SEO strategies and tactics. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal that you probably don’t have time for this. That’s why there are companies to outsource SEO, save money, and improve your position on the web, and by that in your movers market too. If you’re among those companies that already implemented SEO, but nothing happens for months, here are some of the SEO mistakes moving companies make:

  • Wrong keywords – One of the biggest SEO mistakes moving companies make. Do you know what words you need to position for?
  • The content issues – Is your content high-quality and updated on a regular basis?
  • Skipping movers website design improvement – Have you checked your website design quality?
  • Not analyzing the results of different strategies – How can you know what works for you if you don’t analyze the results of each strategy?

Important keywords are missing on the mover’s website

“How could this have happened? What possible keyword could I have missed? I’m in the business for decades, I know everything people need when moving home!” This is what one of my friends answered when I said that the keywords he uses are wrong. Be careful with this. You want to position on the web for the keywords people type when searching for moving companies in your local area. So you want to appear on their screen when they’re typing those magical words. Well, you need to know then what those words are. And as much as you might think you know all the important expressions, you might be wrong.

Your moving company's SEO depends on the right keywords
The right keywords are essential for your moving company’s SEO

For example, let’s say you’re a moving company in NYC. You could think that people would probably type ‘cheap moving company in NYC’. But what if that’s what type only several people per month? What if the research shows that thousands of people type ‘how to find the best movers in NYC'(this is just an example)? And you don’t have any content optimized for this expression. You would lose customers to those optimized for the words the most people type. How important do you think quality keyword research is? It’s worth gold! Creating the search engine optimization strategy based on the right keywords brings results sooner or later. An SEO campaign based on wrong keywords is a typical mistake movers make. And, one more thing, don’t be in a hurry. It sometimes can take months. Especially in an area cluttered with moving agencies such as New York City.

How can the content affect your online marketing strategy?

Implement the keywords you got from the research into your website's content
Your website content is where you implement the keywords

After you learned what are the most important keywords for moving companies in your area, where do you implement them? In your content. Your pages and your moving blog posts are where you implement your SEO strategy. If you copy the content from some other website, or you create some uninformative and uninteresting content, you can be having troubles to position high in the web search results even if you have the right keywords to position for. If you’re not too talented for writing an interesting content, or you lack the know-how and the experience in writing search engine optimized moving blog articles, you should hire someone who can do that properly.

This is a very important step, and one of SEO mistakes moving companies make almost on a daily basis. Think about what you get if you do these things right, and if you want to invest in the optimization for search engines, then don’t do it separately. Try to implement the most important things since the very beginning. This is the most important thing for optimization for search engines. When adding SEO to your moving company’s marketing strategy, you shouldn’t be looking for too cheap solutions. Cheap mostly means low-quality. Low-quality doesn’t bring you anywhere.

Not improving website design is one of the SEO mistakes moving companies make

Pay attention to your website design, don't make a mistake most moving companies make
Don’t make a mistake the most moving companies make- pay attention to your website design

It’s 2017. If you didn’t hear the news from the moving world, many of internet users are searching the web on the mobile devices. More than 70% of them. And yet, many of the movers’ websites are not optimized for mobile devices. Now, if you want to keep up with the trends in the moving world, you must follow what the best moving companies do. And that is improving their websites and making them optimized for all the devices people use nowadays. Besides this, what moving companies do wrong regarding SEO is that the loading speed of their website is bad, or the visitors have difficulties to find what they need.

Your moving company’s website improvement should be implemented in a manner that an average visitor can find what he/she needs in seconds. If someone finds it difficult to find the price for the relocation or some information about your moving services, they shall leave almost immediately. This is why it is important to avoid this mistake when creating SEO strategy for movers

The lack of results analysis

The most of the moving businesses owners who implemented search engine optimization for movers are waiting for months to see if some strategy proved to be good. Others want the results immediately. But, unfortunately, there is a very small number of those being patient, but following the results to see whether or not the strategy is good. This kind of mistakes moving companies make with SEO strategies is why many of them give up on optimization for search engines. Constantly keeping an eye on every step you take is necessary for SEO as much as for your moving business. And the patience is crucial.

You can’t expect to immediately, after a few days, you get thousands of leads directly from your website. But after a while, if you implemented the right keywords into an SEO optimized interesting content, you’ll find that the optimization brought you up in search results, that the number of your website’s visits grows, and, most importantly, that your website is creating your money!

SEO mistakes moving companies make are what you should avoid

These were just several important SEO categories where moving companies tend to make mistakes. There are many other online marketing mistakes professional movers make. And if you make those mistakes, you could easily be wasting your money, with no results in terms of new customers.

Now that you learned what SEO mistakes moving companies make, and if you’re not sure whether or not you have made one of them, you can get in touch with us for a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT. We can check on your entire website from the SEO perspective, and offer our solutions for an improvement. Movers Development team is here to help your moving business position on the web. Let us do the hard work. Join the club of our satisfied clients!