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PBN mistakes to avoid at all costs

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No matter how much someone wants to deny it, the fact remains that PBNs have been the hottest trend in SEO in the last decade. And this really should come as no surprise. After all, they are an easy and simple way to generate valuable links for your website. High-risk yet high-gain. However, with so much popularity and risk, the potential for mistakes it bound to increase as well. And when you invest in them, PBN mistakes are something you really want to avoid. So, here we are, as the team to hire when it comes to SEO for moving companies, to tell you just what those mistakes are.

How mistakes with PBNs lead to de-indexation

Before we get to the actual PBN mistakes, let’s first tackle the consequences of making them. In the case of PBNs, this risk is defined as de-indexation of a website. How does this happen? The short answer – you try to cross Google and you get burnt.

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Learn how to avoid usual de-indexation.

The long answer – there are over a billion websites online, and that number continues to grow each and every second. The way search engines differentiate between the good and the bad ones are through their quality. Companies and websites need to follow the right kind of SEO strategy, in this case, “white hat SEO”. And those that do not follow this path of Google, tend to disappear quickly. So, you need a properly optimized website with WordPress and good content in order to generate value. And when it comes to PBNs, you need to invest more than 5 minutes of your time into making them.

Translation – if you build a crappy and spam-filled website, it will get shut down. Google does it all the time. So, to avoid this from happening, there are certain PBN mistakes that you need to avoid.

What are the top PBN mistakes to steer clear from?

Of course, in the eyes of Google, there are many wrong turns that you can take with your PBN development. However, these 5 are the ones it will instantly notice and penalize:

1. If you improperly vet your domains

Buying a domain requires certain precautions. You can’t just go a buy the first domain you come across and sounds interesting. Instead, you need to properly vet the domain you plan to purchase. Whether it came from a referral, broker, auction or scrapping, this changes nothing. You still need to take the necessary steps to ensure that it is safe to use. When it comes to PBN mistakes, this is one for all beginners to avoid, yet few do.

Different types of domains.
Picking the right domain plays an important role in avoiding PBN mistakes.

So, what are the basic question you need to ask before you decide on a domain?

  • Has the domain ever been a PBN before?
  • Does the domain have a backlink profile that raises red flags for spam?
  • Does this a high-quality domain fulfill the necessary metrics?
  • Has this domain ever been set up as a 301 or 302 redirect before?
  • When was the last time the domain was online?
  • Was the domain used as a spam website before?

As soon as you go through all these inquiries, you will know just how good a domain is for you. And once you decided on the ideal domain for you, you can close the deal and set it up.

2. Avoid PBNs with identical whois data

This is something that can cost you several PBNs if you are not careful enough. If all your domains are set with the same whois information and they are all very similar in terms of content and link profile, alarm. And you can forget about a long life-span for them.

3. If you make the error of hosting all your PBNs on the same physical device

When it comes to common PBN mistakes that people make, this is your most basic one. Sure, you can go with a popular SEO web hosting company and gamble. However, this is not a long-term solution. If you hope to establish a high-quality public blog network, you need to plan and organize the hosting. So, instead of transferring the hosting, later on, you might want to make the extra effort to set it up right now.

4. Low-quality content and underperforming website

The performance of your website is everything, and it will literally determine whether it’s success or failure. Now, this is completely logical – if you want to succeed, you need to bring something good to the table. And in this case, that something is a website rich with quality content. Sure, you can save money and cash out on a cent per word and hire a freelancer Indonesia to post every other day. However, bear in mind that this is how PBN mistakes occur.

Your PBN website needs to resemble a real website and earn its place in the index. And you can only achieve this with well optimized and rich content – a good linking structure, native English, multimedia content (video and images) etc. And the easiest way to accomplish this is to hire a professional SEO copywriter.

Make your website unique and appealing

You need to make your website stand out, even if it is a PBN. So, you have to give it a personality. And like naming your moving business, naming your PBN is just as important. This is the time to get creative and avoid typical PBN mistakes through imagination. All you really need to do is take the time to make the right beginning.

A successful blog - something you should aim to achieve.
You need to make your PBN stand out.

5. Overused linking patterns

Just like with content, having an under-developed linking strategy can be just as bad and lead to de-indexation. So, whatever you do, you have to avoid using the exact same types of links in your PBN content. Otherwise, you could receive penalties from Google, ultimately leading to a conundrum. How? You end up with the idea that your PBN offers value when it really doesn’t.

The solution to these kinds of PBN mistakes is to mix it up – don’t fall into a pattern. Sometimes, it will be 3 internal links, other times it might be 1 internal and 3 outbound links. At other times, you might publish a post without links. And whenever you do link, do so towards authoritative websites such as Wikipedia, news sites etc.

So, there you have it – the basic PBN mistakes to identify and avoid on your road to SEO success. Of course, if you have any further questions, Movers Development is always here to answer them.