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How to maintain your social media presence

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Whether or not we care to admit it or not, having a rich social media profile is important. And this works for both individuals and businesses alike. However, once you achieve social media stardom, there is the matter of remaining on top. This is where things tend to get a bit more difficult. And this is the reason Movers Development decided to look into this matter. So, here is a guide to help you maintain your social media presence.

Why is social media management so important?

Everything we do today leads to one social media platform or the other. This is why you will find that all successful companies have at least one social media account. And every one of those companies have had some sort of complications or issues with their social media management. So, what is the best way to avoid social media mistakes and maintain your social media presence as a growing business?

Social media icons.
Everyone turns to social media for help.

Is it to focus on a specific message – keep it within boundaries of marketing for movers? Or is it perhaps to expand on other topics – politics, trends, sports etc.? Well, that’s what we are here to discuss today, so let’s get into that.

What are the traits you need to nurture to maintain your social media presence?

Social media – meaning publicizing for the public and reaching out to the masses. Every social media success starts with good communication. And to achieve and have people recognize your business, you first have to establish a good relationship with them. According to detailed studies, the best way to achieve this is through exercising three specific traits that people look for in social media brands:

  1. Honesty – people don’t want false advertising and promises. Rather, you need to be frank and just deliver on what you offer.
  2. Helpfulness – as with any other way to advertise your moving business, most people seek for answers online. Thus, you need to offer them something that can actually use.
  3. Friendliness – never forget that you are on the same level as the people you help, so forming a strong relationship with them can go a long way to maintain your social media presence.

Customer satisfaction before all else

It’s not so much about the quantity of followers as it is about the quality of those followers. What you want to do is offer people the same type of communication they would expect from customer service – friendly and helpful. No need to insight any provocations or arguments, just present your business in the best light possible.

And believe it or not, this will be enough for people to appreciate your social media presence and attentiveness. You might be surprised by the fact, but the most essential way to maintain your social media presence is through high-quality responsiveness. People appreciate getting answers and solutions quickly, and others recognize this as essential as well.

Should you attempt humor?

This is what you might consider a double-sided blade. On the one hand, people can appreciate the extra mile brands will take to appeal to their sense of humor. Then again, this all depends in large on the type of humor. PC is big today, and nowhere is that more obvious than on social media platforms. So, here are some facts to consider:

  • consumers find brands making fun of competitors on social to be annoying
  • when it comes to making fun of consumers, people are especially annoyed
  • half of consumers indicate that they have no trouble un-following irritating brands on social media.
Guy sitting in office, laughing.
Humor can be good to maintain your social media presence.

So, before you go ahead and start working on your social media stand-up routine, consider everything we said here. Consider whether the goal to maintain your social media presence is worth risking offending someone. And if you do opt for humor – make sure that it’s positive, tongue-in-cheek, and avoids personal put-downs and insults.

Should you get political?

This is yet another sensitive aspect of online exposure. Whereas companies in the past were reluctant to participate in any political discussions (to avoid labels), today the situation is different. Although politics still play a dominant role in the world of business, companies are less intimidated than they were, simply due to the support they receive from consumers. Consumers appreciate companies talking about current events, so long as you do it in a positive and objective manner.

The medium plays a big role social media management

Rather than look at social media as a single entity, you might want to observe them as an entire environment. With so many different platforms out there, you can’t really believe that the same message will work as good on all of them. And so, you need to make the extra effort to diversify. If you want to maintain your social media presence, you need to do so on all platforms.

Let your industry determine the boundaries

Different industries require different social media involvement. Depending on the industry, more or less people will look for brand personality on social media.

Businessman holding an iPad with industry icons.
Each industry has different rules when it comes to social media.

What that means is that while all businesses today should utilize social media, your content and approach should mostly depend on the industry you’re in. While a local car dealership might be best driven with a witty, ambitious social media presence, an international relocation company may instead want to focus on its logistical solutions and efforts online.

So, what’s the take here?

The notion to maintain your social media presence once you get into it might seem challenging. However, this does not have to be so difficult. When in doubt, you can always turn to competitive analysis – observe and adopt how others handle their social media account. Gather as much information as you can and build something unique out of it. Something that will identify your moving company to the entire social media environment: