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Popular SEO schools of thought

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In order to develop your moving business, you first need to understand that there are several ways to do it. People that dive into the sphere of search engine optimization quickly realize how vast it truly is. And so you come to the realization that you need to make a choice between certain SEO tools for movers. So to help you better understand that choice, here are three accepted and established SEO schools of thought that specialists use. Read about them, learn about them and make the ideal combination for your moving business.

Explore all popular SEO schools of thought before deciding on a strategy.
SEO is a wide and vast concept – you need to carefully explore it one piece at a time before making any sudden decisions.

The Three SEO Schools of Thought

It is always interesting to hear feedback from SEOs who are in the trenches right now building out sites. There are dozens of ways to go about ranking well for Google. And because of this, there are several different schools of thought when it comes to doing SEO. The three schools of thought that almost every SEO falls into are:

  1. Black Hat
  2. Grey Hat
  3. White Hat

Black Hat SEO

Blackhat SEO schools of thought teach a churn and burn approach.
Short-term quantity over long-term quality – this is the basis of black hat SEO.

Black hat is one of the SEO schools of thought best characterized by the phrase “churn and burn.” This means that the profit-income sites are built with full knowledge that they will likely not stay around for long. They rank quickly, but they burn out fast, too. Usually, a black hat SEO is busy maximizing whatever loophole they have discovered in Google’s algorithm. They build their sites based on quantity over quality. They do this knowing that many of their sites will get penalized right away. As a result, only a few will stay around. And those that stay around have a short shelf life.

The software tools black hat principles use is automated. The goal is to build things in mass, so people implement things like GSASer and other mass link-producing tools. And the reason why a black hat chooses to do this is that their methods are often quick. Whereas the grey hat and the white hat might take months to rank in Google, a black hat might only take weeks. After that, they already start seeing traffic (and income) pouring through their website.

These types of sites are extremely volatile in nature and lack focus on quality. So, we wouldn’t recommend anyone buying these kinds of websites.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is harder to define as far as one of the SEO schools of thought (hence grey I guess). It straddles the two worlds of black hat and white hat, but it most commonly involves an SEO strategy that uses a PBN of some kind. The advantage of the grey hat methodology is that you do not need to create super linkable content that other sites link to. And you do not have to spend as much time in doing outreach, guest posts, etc.

Instead, you have a network of sites (PBNs) that provide your website with necessary backlinks. And this strategy allows you a lot of analytical tests. It all goes towards learning what best ranks your main website. A profit-income site powered by PBN can rank and continue earning money for years. But of course, this all depends on how well built the PBN was to be with.

Most good grey hats look to make their PBNs look like real websites. And they will update the content on a regular basis to keep the websites looking active. That way, Google recognizes them better and ranks them in response to constant activity. These kinds of sites can be great earners as long as the PBN is built safely and remains undetected.

White Hat SEO

Among popular SEO schools of thought, the white hat approach is considered the safer and more secure approach.
If you are looking for a safe and secure SEO concept, white hat is the school of thought for you.

As far as SEO schools of thought go, people consider white hat SEO as “above board” and “Google approved.” It’s worth noting though that any attempt at SEO is actually manipulating Google’s search engines. And all this in hopes that your website will rank well. Now, the funny thing is that this is something their Terms of Service prohibits although, paradoxically, Google promotes white hat efforts. So it’s like Google is inviting you to try and beat them.

Aside from the disinterested dissemination of art, entertainment, and information – everything on the Internet is a link scheme. And this includes guest post campaigns, which are the stronger traits of white hat SEO. But this also makes these cross into the grey hat borders a bit.

With that knowledge, white hat SEO is the safer route in comparison to black and grey hat strategies. The links white hat uses are editorial. This means that you do not pay for them or sell them. And to accomplish this, many white hat SEO specialists are creative. It all aims towards building its websites to serve optimal conditions.

So if you are looking for the safest bet, white hat methods are the ticket. The tools of a good white hat SEO might be an outreach software that allows you to email other bloggers in a systemic manner. You can then ask for guest posts or offer up pieces of high-quality content. Content that those bloggers might be interested in sharing and linking back to. A wide outreach is the bread and butter of every good white hat SEO campaign.

What choice then remains?

The fact of the matter is that SEO as a concept is endless. The lone possibilities that you have at your disposal are enough to keep you occupied for a lifetime. It has simply become a matter of you constantly acquiring knowledge in order to make the best of it. Now, all of these SEO schools of thought are practical and useful in their own manners. It all comes down to what you aim to achieve and when you want to achieve it. The best advice I can give you is to learn all you can and then mix it up. Improvise, play around, make your own strategy and who knows what you might accomplish. Best of luck!