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PPC advertising outside the box

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We are all aware of the overall success and riches that you can get from creating good PPC content. However, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. And the same goes for Pay Per Click advertising. That said, most of us are also aware of the hardships that come with the efforts of creating good PPC landing pages. The Movers Development team has had its share of PPC up’s and down’s, so we know how to approach this subject. And today, we share some tips for PPC advertising outside the box, because sometimes trying a new approach is all you really need.

Why the need for “outside the box” PPC advertising tactics?

The thing with PPC is that it if you approach it right, you can make any landing page a high-converting avalanche of leads. However, in order to do that, you first have to find professional Pay Per Click services to help you do that. And in case you already have done that or have experience in this particular section of digital marketing, there might be certain ideas that you haven’t tried.

Lightbulb with six clouds for six unique ideas for PPC advertising outside the box.
So, here are six PPC advertising outside the box ideas you might find interesting to explore.

Since PPC is as popular and accomplished, there is a high level of competition that comes with it. And as you can imagine, making PPC landing page mistakes in such an environment can be very easy. However, there are always tips and tricks that you can explore and combine to try and stay ahead of the pack. Now, you won’t be miles ahead, but sometimes all it takes to get that photo-finish is some PPC advertising outside the box. So, here are six ideas that you might want to explore (if you haven’t already):

  1. Mobile device optimization
  2. Retargeting leads
  3. Focus on social promotion rather than paid search
  4. PPC advertising outside the box sometimes involves brand bidding
  5. Consider the use of in-market audiences
  6. Gmail sponsored promotional campaigns

1. Turning to the appeal of mobile device responsiveness

2015 was the turning point for the world of mobile devices. This is the year when more Internet searches occurred on mobile than desktop. And this was also a turning point in PPC advertising outside the box. Today, ads for mobile devices are projected to surpass over $100 billion in revenue, which accounts for the majority of PPC ads. Translation – over 50 percent of clicks that you get will come from mobile devices.

Search bar on mobile phone - the focus of PPC advertising outside the box.
A mobile responsive landing has become essential for successful PPC advertising campaigns.

So, you can only imagine the importance of optimizing your PPC ads and landing pages for mobile devices. Additionally, you have to remember that a lot here will depend on the landing page design for mobile users. In fact, this is no longer optional – it is mandatory in the “sacred ways of Google”. At this point, PPC advertisers simply have to optimize for mobile. The search volume is too high to risk missing out on any mobile traffic.

2. Retargeting is essential as well

Many a time, it will happen that people will visit your PPC landing page, spend a couple of second on it, only to leave without having done anything. And more often than not, your bounce rate will have nothing to do with your page design or content. So, what can you do to tackle this issue and use it to your advantage?

Finger pointing to a scaling target.
Retargeting is a low-cost way to improve your conversion rate.

Retargeting is the name of the game, and it is a typical example of PPC advertising outside the box. How does it work? You place a cookie on browsers that people use. That cookie ensures that your landing page will remind the visitors of your landing page just how awesome your brand is and that they should go back to it and explore more. And since retargeting clicks incur minimal expenses, virtually every PPC campaign performs better when you add retargeting.

3. Start with social, sell with search

This is a specific tactic and one that takes commitment and effort to pull off. However, the gain to be had from it can be grand. The very thought of PPC immediately puts a $ sign in your mind – paid search. However, paid search is a short-term solution for companies that are searching for a quick way out of the gutter. It targets people that are desperate for a solution to their problem and will do just about anything to find it.

However, if you wish to truly impact your conversion rate, you need to target a bit beyond this range. You need to use your PPC advertising efforts to build brand awareness. You use PPC to have people come to your website. And from there, you can then apply retargeting, which will directly influence your conversion rate.

4. PPC brand bidding

Not really what you might call PPC advertising outside the box, but it still does the trick. The world of digital marketing is a harsh place, with no room for sympathy towards competitors. You need to take what you can and make it yours, which is exactly what PPC brand bidding helps you do.

When you bid for the terms your competitors are looking to position themselves for, you open a funnel towards their potential customers. And if you are feeling guilty about it, don’t. If you don’t bid for their terms, you can be sure that they will bid for yours. And since most people like to see what competition has to offer, this can be a great way to drive a lot of potentially valuable clicks.

5. Take advantage of in-market audiences

Have you tried focusing your marketing efforts on banner ads on completely irrelevant websites? If so, stop what you’re doing right now! No, this is not a joke – it’s a sad truth of modern times. You will have more chance of getting a conversion with a street sign than you would with paid banners. Why? Because they are too random and a complete waste of money.

However, what isn’t a waste of money is to use Google’s In-Market Audiences. PPC advertising at its finest and most creative. How it works is that Google uses specific parameters to present your ads to people that are actually looking for moving services. And you will agree – this promises higher chances that someone will come to your website and fill out a quote form.

6. Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs)

This is yet another product of Google meant to help companies target people interested in their particular services. How it works is that you can advertise to Gmail users based on the content of their emails. So, if I was to send out an email to my brother about a plan to relocate and hire a moving company, you could use that information to slide an ad inside my inbox, promoting your moving services. And given how fresh this approach is, there is a good chance that your competition is not yet using it.

Image of Gmail inbox.
Use Gmail to your advantage when it comes to PPC advertising efforts.

Get the most out of your PPC landing pages

When it comes to PPC advertising outside the box, you have to be willing to try new tactics and get innovative. No one can benefit from stubbornly clinging to the same movers’ marketing tactic, especially when it comes to PPC. These six ideas are but an example of creative ways to promote your business better than the competition. Use them to your convenience and enjoy the fruits they will bear.