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How to make your moving business eco-friendly

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Sometimes, the image your business portrays can mean more than the actual services it provides. People are no longer just searching for the moving company that can do the job. We search for companies that will leave a lasting impression, businesses that go the extra mile. And one of the ways to achieve this is to make your moving business eco-friendly. How does this happen? Movers Development is here to share some insight and creativity to point you in the right direction.

13 ways to make your moving business eco-friendly

Despite being a trend today, going beyond green is primarily a matter of morale. Sure, as a moving company, you can’t hope to make your operations 100 percent friendly. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do all you can to make a positive impact on the environment. After all, you need to implement this if you want to grow your business globally. So, to help you out, we offer you 13 simple guidelines to make your company more eco-friendly:

Earth Friendly sign.
Going green means growing moral.

1. Conserve water

We all know how important hydration is. But we also need to consider the water waste that occurs in cases with leaking pipes, faucets etc. So, one sure way to conserve gallons of water and make your moving business eco-friendly is to ensure that all your plumbing is working properly. Hire someone to do a thorough inspection of your place of business. Another thing you can do is look into eco-friendly water waste reduction systems.

2. Use green cleaning products

Moving equipment and trucks need to be looked after and maintained. This means keeping everything clean. However, rather than using toxic and potentially harmful cleaning products, why not consider alternatives. Switch to eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products without any fumes harmful to the environment and yourself.

3. Ride a bike to work or start a carpool

We are all aware that relocation can be a tough and physically challenging job. This is why professional movers need to stay in shape. One sure way to achieve this, and make your moving business eco-friendly in the process, is by encouraging coming to work by bicycle or on foot. Another interesting idea is to support carpooling among colleagues.

4. Plant shrubs and trees

Making an eco-friendly contribution to your business also entails contributing to the environment. This is why you should consider how to help the local eco-system. Organize a team-building event that will focus on planting shrubs and trees around the neighborhood. You can put in some plants inside the office itself to help make your moving business eco-friendly.

Hand holding a tree
Plant to make your moving business eco-friendly.

5. Eco-friendly goes hand-in-hand with recycling

Recycling is an essential part of the eco-friendly approach. One of the first steps you should implement in your business are separate bins for paper, cardboard, and plastic. Lead by example and the rest of your company will follow. Another great idea is to invest into reusable plastic bins and other packaging materials.

6. Use alternative energy sources for power

Water power, solar power, and wind power – so many alternative sources of energy that no one is using. Why not be the first one to start the trend? After all, your business can only benefit from these types of installments:

  1. The company conserves energy
  2. You reduce the energy bill for your business
  3. You make your moving business eco-friendly

7. Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones

Most new electronic items have energy star ratings on them to show their efficiency. So, to adapt to cost-cutting and growing concern about the environment, consider making the switch from old to new. This is a great example of how to help your company grow while you make your moving business eco-friendly.

8. Source goods and services from sustainable suppliers

If you want to affect the carbon footprint of your moving business, you need to turn towards green procurement. This strategy can make two big differences:

  • It makes your moving company more eco-friendly
  • It can grow collaborations with suppliers and vendors

As a result of this tactic, you can effectively source goods and services that are recyclable, non-toxic and made out of renewable material. Of course, you always have the option to create your own procurement system and lower waste, reduce gas emissions etc.

9. Recycle electronics

This is one of the growing concerns with modern businesses. Many of them lack the initiative to re-define their process of handling old electronic equipment in the right way. Rather than simply throwing it all away, you can take the chance to make your moving business eco-friendly. How? Through gifting it to charities and other institutions or re-selling parts of the electronic equipment you have.

Recycle to make your moving business eco-friendly.
You need to recycle in order to grow, in more ways than one.

10. Invest in eco-friendly office supplies

If you want to make your entire business more eco-friendly, you need to consider your workspace as well. Supplies such as: recycled folders, recycled paper towel rolls and tissues, refillable whiteboard markers, reusable cups and mugs, recycling bins etc. – all these make a difference. It helps your company become greener while inspiring your staff to do the same.

11. Use LED lighting to make your moving business eco-friendly

Lighting is an essential part when it comes to energy waste. The more you use artificial lighting and regular high-waste light bulbs, the higher your maintenance expenses are. However, if you were to make the switch to LED lighting, you’d be surprised. Yes, it costs more, but it also lasts longer. Good for your budget and good to make your moving business eco-friendly.

12. Online marketing campaigns

Why waste paper when everything is going online today? Yes, people can appreciate the traditional marketing approach of using paper. However, this method has been surpassed, meaning that you should get with the program. You can reduce pollution and save trees by simply opting for social media and email marketing rather than using paper. This also provide a great example for customers, making them more conscious about the environment.

13. Get listed on eco-friendly websites

The more effort you put into making your business eco-friendly, the more attention you will attract. People want to know that a local business they consider hiring is environmentally friendly. And the best way to accomplish this is to reach out to other websites to promote you for the effort you made.

What’s the conclusion here?

These thirteen guidelines will not only make your moving business eco-friendly, but it will lay the foundation to grow. Green business = great moral = good marketing. It’s as simple as that. So, get to greening your business and strengthening your brand.