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The importance of team-building for small companies

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Successful companies always note that your business is only as good as your worst employee. This is why any business owner should aspire to create the perfect team of people. And the decision to employ someone or not can influence this, but so can proper training. However, even with all this, we are only human, which means that we won’t always be at our best. Sometimes this will be the result of a lack of motivation, other times miscommunication with other team members. And this is where the concept of team-building for small companies comes into play.

Team of soldiers building a montage home together.
Team-building for small companies is much more than fun – it helps build something much larger.

What is the story behind team-building?

The appeal of team building is motivating a group of people to work together effectively. And there are many ways to promote and enhance teamwork in your staff. Firstly, managers are aware of how important teamwork is for a growing moving business (or any other). So, this is why they need to lead by example and build their company on a foundation of trust and cooperation. After all, the recognition that employees are a company’s best asset is a priority in well-managed businesses.

The process of building teamwork through engagement of employees involves many of these practices:

  • Training and development.
  • Collaborating and cooperation.
  • Setting individual and team goals.
  • Hiring and retaining top-notch employees.
  • Motivating and supporting managers and employees.
  • Coaching for improvement at all levels.
  • Enhancement of social relations.
  • Building skill sets of staff members.
  • Conceiving innovative ideas.
  • Building trust in co-workers.

The frequency of team-building for small companies is much more important than in case of large corporations because of that very journey from starting a small business to grow it into something that is most important. And if you build your top team from the very beginning, you will have all the less to worry about.

Because when you consider that over 95% of US companies are classified as small businesses (500 or fewer employees), there is plenty of need for good teamwork. And these businesses employ 48% of the private workforce. They have a lot to gain from these proven human resources practices that will help them grow and be able to recruit and retain the best talent needed to run their businesses successfully.

What can team-building for small companies bring to the table?

Improvement of communication skills

Employees need to learn how to communicate properly with one another in order to become team players. Team members need to understand what is expected of them and to react if something goes wrong. Team building activities, such as regular weekly or even monthly meetings, enable workers to communicate more effectively and to deal with any potential problems by verbalizing issues as they arise in a calm and professional manner.

A significant motivational boost

Contrary to popular belief, money is not the only motivation for the employees. Employees can be motivated by setting a management system through which the ideas of each worker can be considered since all of them are valuable team members. With the help of team-building for small companies, workers get a sense of active engagement. As a result, people get more enthusiastic about the job they do.

The workplace becomes a lot more enjoyable

Small things make can make a big difference. Organize a one-day field trip for the whole company or just order pizza after a late-night meeting. Your team will be grateful and will enjoy looking at the silly photos from the trip or chatting late into the night. The best ideas come unexpectedly. Furthermore, if possible, it would be convenient to have space, such as a dining room or a playroom to improve your business workplace.

Everyone can get on the same page

Once the team has become a unit, they need to be directed toward a goal. So far, it has been up to the leader to set objectives that need to be achieved but since each member of the team is equally important, goals are of shared interest. All members of a team should participate in setting the goals as well as achieving them.

Unity among co-workers through fist bumps.
As long as your entire team is on the same page, your business will grow all the faster.

A team leader has to make sure everyone understands common objectives and is working toward achieving them. This is easy to accomplish within a small team. A whiteboard on a central office wall with clear tasks and processes explained can be easy to use and share ideas between employees.

Soft skills are improved and constantly trained

The ability to influence people, as well as coach and mentor others training is the most effective team training technique used for increasing productivity. If employees know how to work with each other more effectively, they are able to do their work more efficiently. It will not only improve the individual successes of team members, but it can additionally affect the overall success of the team as a whole.

Team-building for small companies is a good sign of recognition

As long as you show appreciation for teamwork, the individuals will also feel valuable to the company and it will motivate them to work harder. So, as long as your team performs well, you should recognize and reward good results. Some of the good ways to do this are with a bonus, further training, and promotion or, for example, flexible working hours.  Also, after a job well done, it pays to review processes and procedures behind successful projects. As a result, you can discover the best work methods and establish them for future projects.

It can help your team re-discover themselves

As the company is growing and developing, the employees should not stand aside. By being involved in various processes within the team, all members gain new skills and also learn new things about themselves. Some people are born leaders, some find it much easier to work within a team, and there are those who just cannot fit. Being a member of a team is a different and valuable experience for every individual worker.

Start planning your team-building adventures

Team-building-leader-work - the development process of any successful moving business.
The foundation of every business starts for the team that is working on it.

Highly engaged employees and working together in teams are strategically linked. When these two are prevalent, outcomes and profitability are at a higher level and result in many of these outcomes:

  • Higher customer ratings
  • Increased profitability
  • A higher level of productivity
  • Controlled turnover
  • Lees shrinkage (thefts)
  • Higher quality products

It is the goal of every company to have a more highly engaged group of employees. And individuals benefit from teamwork on a personal level, commensurate with the learning and contributing of good ideas from team members for the business as a whole. Building on each other’s skills creates more positive results in the workplace and everyone experiences a higher level of fulfillment and success. So, team-building for small companies is a definite step in the right direction!