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Building a global marketing mindset

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There comes a time in the evolution of any company when, in order to take the next step inside their industry, it has to reach out to emerging markets. And sometimes this will mean a path towards expansion on a global market. However, before we come to that step, a growing moving company has to adopt and incorporate a so-called global marketing mindset. So, today we discuss just what this means.

How does a moving company build a global marketing mindset?

The thing with a global expansion is that you need to change the way your company operates and works. If you attempt to look at it all as you would any local market, you are pre-determined to fail. However, as you analyze marketing trends for moving companies, you will find everything you need to unravel that hidden potential. So, here is the process that can lead you towards the creation of a global marketing mindset:

Name a champion to represent you and help you grow

Such a large project demands to appoint a proper champion to lead your company in the next stage of development. For example, if a local moving company was looking to expand and go nation-wide or international, Moving Development would be here to support it all the way. After all, you need a champion that can view this as both a personal and business opportunity to grow.

Your global marketing mindset will rest in the hands of a company prepared for the world.
You need a company that will champion for your values and goals.

Understand the business environment you want to operate in

Rules and regulations differ from place to place, hence growth can come to a complete stop without proper research into all this. The World Trade Organization is a good place to start your research into the global marketing mindset and what to expect from your expansion to a certain market.

Be respectful and aware of other cultures

To become a global business, you first have to comprehend the rules of behavior in certain cultures and parts of the world. There are many ways in which you can offend potential clients or business partners in cultures opposite to your own. You need to take the proper time to study a certain culture in order to develop the proper business etiquette. For example, organizations such as The Lett Group specialize in training international business aspirants.

Determine how your brand translates

The layout of your brand and its representation in terms of logo, colors, name, services – it all speaks in different ways to different cultures. Whereas it might point towards the positive in one country, it just might have a negative connotation in a different part of the world. So, when upgrading your brand and expanding towards a global marketing mindset, you have to always test these elements and change them accordingly.

Find local agents to help you build your global marketing mindset and presence

There is probably no better or quicker method to help you establish a foothold in another market than with the help of an established local business partner. You need someone to promote your brand and expand your presence internally, while you expand externally. This step leads to a better comprehension of global business practices while building trust.

All hands put together ove the map of the world.
You need the help of local partners to achieve proper global expansion.

This is also why it is so important to maintain good vendor relationships with other established international companies that can contribute to your global expansion. However, this is a double-edged blade, given that a relationship with the wrong partners can prove volatile. So, take your time when signing on local agents.

Create global citizens to help you expand

Expanding on a global scale means employing on a global scale. You need a new wave of employees that will be able to help you expand and grow. These should be individuals with a proper international background and aspirations to operate on a global level. Just like any significant strategic step in business, going international begins with the creation of a global mindset.

The traits of a global marketing mindset

Not just anyone can come out and develop a global mindset to separate them from the rest. It takes a certain set of skill that some of the use being developing form the earliest stages of childhood. It takes the influence of parents to help children lean towards being:

  • Understanding of others
  • Adaptive to the global marketing mindset
  • “Open to the colors of the world”
Different business people holding paper chat clouds and laughing.
There are different traits that combine into a global marketing mindset.

These are individuals that replace anger and fear from the unknown with embracing new opportunities and experiences. In these individuals, there is a desire to constantly learn and absorb new cultures and behaviors. And this is what ultimately separates them from their peers and makes them ideal for representing a global marketing mindset. It is that openness to understand and the mixture of the following traits:


Exerting your personal influence when presented with a new and globally-oriented role has to be balanced with a willingness to learn. Any marketing executive that hopes to grab hold of a global marketing mindset has to be confident and smart enough to admit when in the wrong. You have to nurture teamwork and adopt the ideas of others instead of holding to your position of power. Humility can often be found in natural relationship-builders who don’t make snap judgments.


Any business that hopes to expand on a global scale has to have a clear practice when it comes to sensitivity to cultural nuances. This often demands to learn through cultural immersion and the will to sharpen one’s understanding and insight through listening and seeing.

Girl with her face painted in different colors.
Immerse yourself in other cultures to know a global marketing mindset.

Intellectual Curiosity

The will to learn and grow as an individual is increasingly valuable for international businesses. There are two ways in which intellectual curiosity proves useful:

  1. It helps a person comprehend the foundation of the drive of a local business and the motivational background of its employees.
  2. It provides a person with a deeper appreciation of the global cultural context


Intellectual, cultural, social and emotional agility is a trait that every global marketing mindset requires. When you have someone that is able to observe and adapt to their surroundings, you can use that influence to grow your reach as a company and build on your presence. And in high-growing markets, where time is a commodity, you need a helmsman that is agile and adaptive to the needs of the market.

The importance of good communicational skills

The ability to get your message through for the world to see and hear is something not many possess. This is why global marketing efforts require well-developed communicational skills to pass along your vision on to the world. But even more importantly, this is the trait to win the confidence and trust of people.