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How to target millennials with content marketing

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Millennials are the most influential generation in the USA nowadays. They make a considerable percentage of the US population and have impressive spending power. Hence, it does not surprise that these people aging from 17 to 40 have become a vital factor in planning on how to advertise your company. Unfortunately, the diversity of their needs, wants, and requirements, has made the whole endeavor highly complex and difficult to conduct. If your strategy includes content marketing, you will need to implement some serious changes to target millennials with content marketing.

What do all millennials have in common?

Although we cannot neglect high diversity among millennials, there are certain similarities visible among all those who belong to this group. Once these similarities are identified and listed, it will be quite easier to target millennials with content marketing. Here are the traits to bear in mind:

  • All millennials have smartphones and spend a lot of their time on social networks.
  • When in need of services or products, members of this outstanding generation rely heavily on customers’ reviews, recommendations by various influencers and online networks.
  • They try hard to support both environmental and socials issues. Also, altruism is one of their main traits.
  • Millennials have a very busy lifestyle. No other generation values its time so much. Keep this in mind while choosing among the types of brand development strategies. If you fail at attracting their attention instantly, you risk losing it very quickly.
  • The majority of those who belong to this extraordinary population are highly-educated. They know exactly what they want and they set their requirements high.
  • Finally, millennials are multicultural. By targeting this population, you are targeting various ethnic subcultures as well.

These are the leading points for all those who are trying to detect how to increase customer base and turn a vast number of millennials into their clients.

a millennial using a smrtphone - an important thing to bear in mind for all those who want to target millennials with content marketing
Although their generation is highly diverse, all millennials have one trait in common – they all have smartphones and use social networks on a regular basis.

The best strategies to target millennials with content marketing

We have already emphasized that it is necessary to implement some changes in content marketing so as to make it more appealing to millennials. Business owners who expect satisfying results and immense profits should explore top content marketing trends and apply the following strategies.

Leave interruptive advertising in the past

Millennials desire to pay attention to the content they are interested in and not what they are obliged to read or watch. Thus, the traditional approach of using commercial breaks, for example, should come to its end in these new circumstances.  Business owners now should shift to creating content with genuine value and authenticity. They need to be wise, plan smartly and provide content that resonates with millennials as their target audience. The emphasis should be on the theme of your business, not the mere products and services you offer.

Utilize email newsletters

This age group we refer to as millennials love communication via emails. They are more than willing to sign up for email newsletters if you make a serious effort to arouse their interest. When you include eye-catching design elements and offer some useful services, you will not fail to attract the attention of this modern generation. They will assign to your newsletters in no time to receive updates on a regular basis and possibly get some discounts. Furthermore, make sure all your promotions are mobile-friendly or you will significantly diminish the chances to leave a positive impression.

a person using an iphone
If your aim is to target millennials with content marketing, it is vital to make all your promotions mobile-friendly.

Support a cause that has an impact on the world

To target millennials with content marketing, you need to make an important decision first. It is essential to choose and support a cause that has a positive impact on society or the world in general. For example, if you are in the moving industry, you may try to support eco-friendly packing materials and green moves.

This generation of young adults highly values if you express your voice on some important issues. If you offer a detailed explanation of how the money they invest in your products help the cause you support, you will reach a prominent position among your competitors.

Interact with millennials through your content

Modern generations do not approve of the passive consumption of content. Instead, they need to participate and be actively involved. Thus, when you target millennials with content marketing, use various polls, quizzes, sliders, choose-your-own outcome stories, and dynamic infographics. This interactive content will provide you with both their attention and engagement. Consequently, they will frequently revisit your website to search for new messages and relevant pieces of information. The whole strategy is motivating for millennials to a large extent. They get truly personalized content in this way, which is what they seek. In addition, they are willing to share that content, and thus broaden your campaign’s reach considerably.

Support user-generated content

This is a very convenient, successful and yet cost-friendly content marketing strategy. Namely, by letting millennials produce content for you, you create a deep bond with your clients while adding to your content catalog at the same time. Since they seek and value authenticity greatly, this approach is your perfect opportunity to provide millennials with what they desire.

a cartoon drawing of a network of users
Let millennials create content for you.

Enhance influencer marketing and introduce micro-influencers

It is a fact that recommendations from the people we trust have the strongest impact on our purchasing decisions. What comes close to it is, by all means, influencer marketing. Millennials highly approve and are attracted to ads that are delivered by digital media personalities they admire and like. If an influencer can genuinely support your services and convey this message to the fans, your company will thrive. Finally, you can expect a significant increase in your profits.

Use the advantages of FOMO

In case you are not familiar with the term, FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”. It refers to using the top social media platforms for posting content that disappears in 24 hours. Since it is a well-known fact that you need to revise your social media strategy from time to time, now may be the perfect moment for that. Start posting ephemeral content that appeals to millennials through the “Stories” function on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Soon, you will realize that this effective method does not consume large amounts of your time nor requires any special effort. Namely, all that is required is to provide clients with unpolished posts that promote authenticity.

Encourage customer reviews

When your aim is to target millennials with content marketing, you need to orchestrate a strategy to encourage customer reviews which this new generation values highly. To get the best results, it is necessary to be intentional and ask your customers to leave reviews on a regular basis. Consistency in applying this strategy is the only means that guarantees the desired results.