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How to recognize a bad digital marketing company

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Despite the digital world we live in, there are still those that reject it all. As a result, a lot of companies nowadays again fail to realize the importance of digital marketing and its benefits. Companies that focus on providing services and consider online audiences and authority as menial. However, as modern marketing challenges teach us, such companies couldn’t be more wrong. And in the mistake they make, they are keeping their business out of the race for the top in their respective industries. That is where the decision to hire professional marketing companies comes into play. And that is also where you need to be able to recognize a bad digital marketing company.

5 markers for digital marketing companies that you should avoid

If you’ve just stepped into on the digital marketing world, then you might be a little late for the race. However, so long as you find the right team of marketing experts to hire, you could make up for the difference. But to accomplish this, you need the perfect moving company marketing team on your side.

Thumbs up / thumbs down
The goods and the bads of digital marketing companies.

On the other hand, making the wrong choice can end up costing you a lot more than money. So, to avoid losing reputation and your online rankings, you first need to learn the five principle markers to recognize a bad digital marketing company:

1. No references, referrals or past data

Sure enough, most companies want to protect their strategies and confidential data about the success they bring to clients. However, you don’t need to go into analytics or confidential information to showcase your expertise in digital marketing. Sometimes, a few simple testimonials from past customers or examples of the end results are more than enough to make your point.

If you have a company coming to you and offering “professional” services without anything to back it all up, you might as well ignore them. Too many rumors with nothing to show usually makes for the schoolbook example of fraudulent companies.

2. Lack of interest in user experience is a visible sign

Speaking about common mistakes that marketers make, this is a popular one. If you spend too much time focusing on pleasing search engine algorithms, you can quickly end up neglecting site users. And that is when the problems start. It won’t matter if you have loads of organic traffic if no one can use or navigate your website. Here, you have an easy way to recognize a bad digital marketing company.

Any reputable marketing professional will tell you that the user experience on your moving company website is crucial. The more time people spend on your site – the more value it receives. So, by pleasing user experience, you, appeal to search engines. And any marketing company that tells you otherwise should not be your choice.

3. You can recognize a bad digital marketing company through lack of transparency

A company specialized in marketing services should be able to answer any questions you might have. The moment they start to avoid discussing particular topics or issues, you know you have a potential problem. So, rather than arguing with your team of marketers, you’d be better off continuing with your search.

Person reading a book about digital marketing.
There needs to be transparency in digital marketing for it to work.

Transparency hides behind event successful relationship, be it personal or business. If you don’t have transparency in communication, you lack honesty, which leads to a lack of trust. That is how you recognize a bad marketing company. As a business focused on making others look good, excellent communication is vital.

Your best course of action is to hire a marketing company that willingly shares its experience with others. Your success is their goal, and they will do all they can to lead you to it. Those companies can define the capabilities of your business and how best to help it grow online. As a result, they will use all their resources to create the best brand development strategies for your business.

4. Nobody can guarantee success in digital marketing

Yes, having a good strategy, years of experience, and knowledge is great. However, this does not give you or any marketing company the power to guarantee success. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Marketing (especially digital) is no walk in the park – there are no guarantees. Instead, you adapt and take it one day at a time, and hope for the best.

Coming across companies that promise you top spots on Google rankings, thousands of social media followers, quality Google My Business reviews – all in a couple of weeks, it absurd. Digital marketing, like moving company SEO, takes time and effort.

5. Lack of a proper contract

There are things you talk about and negotiate, and then there are those you put into a legitimate contract. Offering a valid contract is one of the signs of any proper company. Otherwise, you risk making some common mistakes, such as giving full access to your domain and hosting.

Pen on a contract
Sometimes, a proper contract is all it takes to ensure good business.

The conclusion

As overwhelming as choosing the best digital marketing company for your business is, it is a necessary process. And it is a decision that will influence the further development of your moving business. Hence, you need to invest the proper amount of time and energy into such a decision. Hopefully, the five metrics we mentioned here will help you not only recognize a bad digital marketing company but also identify the good ones.