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How to make your moving business ads more attractive

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We live in the digital age where advertising your business is more vital than ever for its success. Moving companies, contractors, and other local businesses now dominantly use online marketing channels to target customers. As online communities challenge word of mouth, having a solid marketing plan can substantially expand your client base and boost your company income. To help you make your moving business ads more attractive, we’ve laid down the techniques that our marketing professionals at Movers Development apply to increase website traffic, leads, and revenue for moving companies.

Creating a marketing strategy for your moving company

Digital marketing strategy notes.
Your marketing strategy needs to be extensive and progressive to ensure a growth trend.

The target audience has become very specialized and segmented. As a moving company, you need to understand the requirements of potential customers.

It is also crucial to study what your competitors have to offer. This way you will know how to present the products or services you place on the market and separate yourself from the competition. Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your company. After that, develop a simple potential customer profile. Describe it using demographic data and personal interests.

This will be of great importance when creating your moving services and presenting them through advertising – you will know exactly what people want from you.

Make a list of goals you want to achieve through marketing in the period from e.g. a year. Work out tactics in detail and use them to achieve your goals. For better performance, it is best to combine multiple ad types. Pay special attention to the media where your target audience is most looking for information. Afterward, plan your budget for advertising only and use it wisely.

Where to advertise to make your moving business ads more attractive?

Illustration of strategy creation process in business.
You need to choose the best strategy based on your company goals.

The answer to this question depends on your goals, budget, customers, and business strategy. Possible solutions are PPC for moving companies, social networks, e-mail, newspapers, radio, television. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, and some, like PPC, can perfectly adapt to any type of business. For some we can even say are outdated. 

For example, you can reach out to people who live near your company and its’ outlets through a local daily newspaper. However, this type of advertising is “out of style” and often more expensive than digital types of marketing. Radio advertising can be creative and stay in the listeners’ memory for a long time, but it can be pricier during peak hours of listening (driving time when potential customers go to work or return home). TV marketing is usually noticed by customers at the level of an entire state, but it is not the most suitable for moving companies. The internet is currently the best resource at our disposal – we should use it well.

Budget planning

In this step, entrepreneurs usually wonder how much money it would take to make advertising pay off and to attract customers. If you want to build a consumer base, you should not view advertising as a cost, but as an investment. To be noticed, you have to give a certain amount of money. Use the funds for long-term advertising through one or more methods. Align your investment with your marketing plan. Follow the plan and distribution of money from the budget in detail. Also, prepare reports, which will summarize the results at the end of the period and show you your progress.

Tips to make your moving business ads more attractive

Build a strong website

Your website serves as the cornerstone of your online marketing and advertising operations. A well-designed website should attract visitors, provide the information they seek, and keep them coming back whenever they need services. It also needs to be conversion-optimized and simple to use and browse on a multitude of platforms, particularly mobile. Your webpage is your number one sales channel, and your salesperson is the contact information or quote tool on the site. Some of the most crucial aspects of a successful website are:

  • A clear setup – To make your moving business ads more attractive, opt for a simple site that is easy to navigate. It should not be overburdened – keep the most significant information in the spots that leave the best impression. Contact pages are a must.
  • Forms for requesting quotes/estimates – Making an effort to call and check is getting quite uncommon. So, providing an estimate form on the site can serve as an alternative to your contact information. People often require movers quickly. Therefore, having a clear call to action makes it simple for them and you.
  • Pictures and videos – Humans are highly visual creatures, so good visuals are what they respond to the most. Make sure you put up pictures and videos that accompany your brand’s vision.
  • A blog section Moving company blogs have great potential for getting SEO value as well as engagements with customers. Get your team to write about common moving questions and share their best relocation and packing tips. Your customers will be grateful for the advice and encouraged to hire you.

Master the art of search marketing

Black and white dice spelling out SEO.
If you want to get on that first page, your site needs to be optimized.

When searching for a moving company, people will first turn to Google. That is why mastering search marketing is crucial when you want to make your moving business ads more attractive. There are various ways to accomplish this:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which we have already mentioned, is the first option. To get to the top of the page, you should use an auction system (Google Ads). On any search page, the three top results are all PPC ads.
  • The Google My Business listing is the next. This is a free listing that integrates with Google Maps and local search. It’s critical to use keywords for the places you cover.
  • Another invaluable resource is SEO. If you optimize your website appear in organic results when a customer searches for movers in their region, you will find many more commercial leads for moving companies.

These three tactics combined can even get you three places on one page, so make sure you employ all of them for maximum success.

Final thoughts

In order to make your moving business ads more attractive, you need to be innovative and do your research well. The Internet offers many possibilities now – from Facebook ads, local service ads, retargeting tactics, and much more. Once you decide to get savvy about advertising your moving company, your business and your bank account will be grateful.