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How to avoid misleading your site visitors

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It is impossible to stress enough how important it is for a site not to be misleading. The very best scenario is getting your site flagged and put behind a warning screen preventing people from opening it without getting through it first. You could get into serious legal and financial trouble if you do not iron out such potential issues from the start! And this is, of course, not counting the loss of customer trust and patronage. No one likes to be misled and tricked. So, not only would your business be partially blocked by browsers, worse trouble waiting around a corner, and your customers end up disappointed, but your reputation would suffer as well. And it is a pretty well-known fact that your moving business won’t prosper without proper reputation and brand development! So, then, how to avoid misleading your site visitors? Read on and find out!

Keep your web design clean

Rough sketches of website layout.
You can come up with a rough concept yourself before having a professional expand on it.

The very first step is making sure your web design is up to par. Do not discount the importance of this! If you are running a moving company, then a good movers web design will instantly draw the eye and mark your company as an authority figure in the industry. More importantly, it will also ensure the site visitors understand your company is dedicated to the field of moving. Not, instead, to storage facilities or similar.

Of course, you can still offer such services as a bonus to your moving business. But it should still be obvious what your main interest, and therefore the highest quality services, are. A clean web design will also be more appealing to customers. And it will avoid the pitfalls of your site looking cluttered and hard to navigate, which is an important bonus.

Clearly state the nature of your business

Connecting to the previous point, you need to clearly state the nature of your business in order to avoid misleading your site visitors. This is best done by having a clear-cut page of the services you offer. You can then use branching links and hyperlinks from that page that lead to more detailed information about each of the services. There are actually several benefits to this.

  • First and foremost, you can easily attract the attention of your customers and inform them about your offers. They can easily navigate their way through them and browse for what they need.
  • Secondly, it is a much cleaner way of organizing your site, which will contribute to its appearance and aesthetic.
  • Finally, and most pertinently to our topic, it would be impossible to make wrong assumptions about the services you offer.

Do not use an overly complicated domain name

Two people with two laptops, taking notes.
You can always discuss the best domain name with your employees or business partner.

We understand the temptation of using a fancy domain name. However, it is an excellent way to generate misunderstandings, not to mention it would be difficult to remember and recognize easily. Simpler names are your best bet, preferably ones that contain something relevant to the nature of your business.

If you are running a moving company, and include ‘movers’ in your name, then people will naturally and easily recognize what kind of company you are. Not to mention that recognition would help you generate more top moving leads for your company later on. So, go with a domain name that is short and catchy enough to stick in one’s memory!

Be careful with keyword use

This is mainly a way to avoid misleading your site visitors with blog posts. Having a moving company blog can be very beneficial. It can generate interest, draw people to you, and is a fun thing to maintain. However, you should be very selective with the keywords you base your posts on! You should always keep in mind what your business is aimed at, and try not to post unrelated texts.

For example, if you are running a moving business and post articles about gardening, your readers might reach the wrong conclusion of you running a gardening-related business. This way, you would disappoint them when they finally realize the truth. And you would miss the opportunity of catching the interest of people actually interested in your services. So, if you are running a moving company, focus on keywords for moving company topics!

Do not use your site as an ads platform

Times Square
Ads can be useful, but also rather overwhelming.

The draw of allowing certain ads onto your site is understandable. It is an easy way to generate additional revenue, and you can even argue that your customers would potentially benefit from encountering an interesting ad. However, consider this: You would be faced with two choices:

  • First, you can feature ads that have nothing to do with your business at all. And this would obviously give ground to misunderstandings by your site’s visitors.
  • Secondly, you can feature ads of businesses connected to your own. This could work if you are a moving company with ads for storage units. However, there is a chance of running into overlap between the services you and the advertised company offer. Which would lead to a clash of interests.

Always be upfront with your information

Finally, in order to avoid misleading your site visitors into wrong assumptions, it is best to prominently display your company’s information. Things such as your address, contact info, and similar should all be placed in an easy-to-spot place. This will also help you since your potential customers would have no chance of mistaking your business for another one. And they would be easily able to access the information they need to contact your business.

Final Reminder

Learning how to avoid misleading your site visitors is important. And though you now have the info you need to start on the task, you should remember to always be careful! Once you get flagged as a misleading site, it is an arduous task to get rid of the status. Therefore, it is better to be careful from the start. For more information, feel free to consult with Movers Development!