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How to grow your brand with SEO

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When you’re starting your business, you need to make a lot of decisions. What will be the name of your business? Where will it be located? What is your budget for different departments? When will you open? How will you price your goods and services? Will you hire Movers Development to get a leg up on marketing or do you plan on trying to promote your business yourself? There are so many questions to answer that it’s easy for things like branding to slip through the cracks. You may think that branding isn’t as important or as urgent. But you would be wrong. Your brand is what people will remember about your business. So it’s important to start building it early on. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone and grow your brand with SEO – this will help with both your marketing and your brand visibility.

Why is it a good idea to grow your brand with SEO?

"Branding and marketing" written on white paper.
Stop thinking of SEO and branding as separate and find ways to combine them instead.

Most people still think of SEO and branding as two entirely separate aspects of business: SEO is a way to advertise your moving company and branding is the identity of your business, the symbols that represent it, and the way that your business distinguishes itself from the competition. But there is actually no reason why you shouldn’t combine these things. In fact, by combining SEO and branding, you can get the best of both worlds. Think about it: the goal of SEO is to increase visibility so why not increase the visibility of your brand while you’re at it? At the same time, keeping your brand in mind while optimizing can help you create a distinctive online presence, style, and content that are easily identifiable as yours; this will further help establish your brand.

The best ways to grow your brand with SEO

SEO includes on-page, off-page, and technical practices. Not all of these will be equally suited to building a brand. But there are certain tactics that you can definitely rely on.

Let your brand guide your SEO strategy

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Let your brand be the inspiration for all the marketing you do.

Your brand is not just your name, logo, and tagline – it’s the intangible impression that the general public has of your business. You encourage that image by telling them what you want them to know: what your values are, what causes you support, and how you stand out (then backing your words with action). Digital marketing, including SEO, is one way to get your message out there. So when you’re planning your content, deciding which keywords to use, and upgrading your website consider how everything you’re doing reflects on your brand. Then, prioritize those things that reflect the brand image you want to build.

Establish yourself as a thought leader with authority

One of the best ways to generate top moving leads is to consistently produce high-value content. Valuable content is not just optimized; it is also:

  • interesting for your readers,
  • useful in that it provides information your users need (such as moving tips and advice),
  • accurate and in-depth, not just scratching the surface, and
  • innovative – something people won’t find elsewhere.

If you can continuously provide this kind of content, you won’t just attract more traffic and convert more customers; you’ll also build a reputation as a trustworthy business with excellent opinions. And that can only help your brand.

Increase visibility through backlinks

Backlinks are a staple of SEO. They improve domain authority, they can be a great way to start a mutually beneficial relationship with another business, and above all, they direct traffic to your website. But if you play your cards right, you can reap the benefits of a backlink even when no one clicks on it. This will depend in large part on the anchor you’ve chosen. If at all possible, aim for your brand name to be included. That way, even readers who don’t click the link will learn of your business’ existence. And because your brand name is one of the most important symbols you can put out there, it being seen will greatly improve your brand visibility.

Choose keywords that reflect your brand

A lightbox sith the words "you got this" next to a laptop.
Choose the right keywords to promote your brand.

Everyone knows that choosing the right keywords to target is the basis of a good SEO strategy. But how do you know what a good keyword is? Of course, it needs to be something that relates to your business. Ideally, it’ll also get enough traffic to matter but not so much traffic that it’s no longer competitive. Finally, you want to target keywords that reflect the right intentions – if you’re selling something, aim for the searches made by people who are ready to buy. But that’s not all. You can also target keywords that represent the brand image you want to establish. For example, if you want to be known as a reputable moving company, you should target keywords that include phrases like “reliable movers”, “trustworthy movers”, etc. This will make users relate specific keywords and their meanings to your brand.

Rely on local SEO

If your business is local, either because you have a physical location or because you’re serving a specific area, make your location a part of your brand. You see, it’s not just about knowing how to increase customer base; it’s about knowing how to attract the right customers. For local businesses, that means local customers. So use location-specific keywords to attract them! Not only will this increase your visibility in local searches but it will also intrinsically tie your brand to the location, thus making your brand local too.

Tips to help you successfully grow your brand with SEO

The risk of using SEO for branding is that if your SEO strategy fails, you’re not just harming your marketing – you’re harming your brand. This can have much more long-lasting consequences. So if you want to grow your brand with SEO, you need to do it right. Remember to think about your brand when optimizing for all the different channels, not just on your website. Social media in particular is a good tool for branding so pay special attention to your social media profiles.

And whatever you do, always follow Google’s SEO guidelines. White hat SEO practices may take a bit of time to work, but they produce long-lasting results. Black hat SEO, on the other hand, can get you penalized. And you don’t want your brand to suffer just because you were impatient with your optimization strategy.