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Quote calculators vs in-home estimates

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Some moving companies are unable to provide regular rates for their products and services. It might be because the expertise, time, and resources necessary for each gig fluctuate based on the demands of various clients. It is frequent in occupations like moving since no two tasks are the same. When working from a standard pricing list is not possible, you must instead provide a quotation or an estimate. And as a moving business, you should provide an accurate estimate for your clients with no hidden fees. However, this is where “the quote calculators vs in-home estimates” debate arises, with a focus on moving industry trends. Which option is better and under what circumstances? Well, let’s see.

Different types of moving estimates

When discussing quotes and estimates, there are some specialized phrases most people aren’t familiar with. However, it’s critical to grasp the difference between the sort of estimate the company is suggesting and the type of estimate the client needs.

  • Binding moving estimate: If a moving company provides the client with a binding quote, the movers are bound to honor the fee as long as nothing alters. The total amount should be the same as given on the binding estimate. That is if they only move the items on the inventory list.
  • Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate: A binding-not-to-exceed estimate is similar to a binding estimate. However, the client will spend less than the indicated amount if things weigh less than expected.
  • Nonbinding moving estimate: A nonbinding moving estimate gives the moving company’s best estimate of the moving charges. The overall cost relies on the volume of the cargo and the moving company’s services requested. The movers can only require a client to pay up to 110 percent of the written quotation at the delivery date (if the ultimate fee is much higher than the nonbinding moving estimate). Any unpaid balances are charged at a later date.

What is the best way to offer a pricing quote or estimate?

Person doing a pricing estimate with a piece of paper and calculator.
The clients will opt for the company that gives them the best service and estimation.

You’ll need to know your fixed and variable expenses to calculate a quotation or estimate. These include the cost of supplies and physical labor per hour. Then, depending on what you believe the task will entail, you may determine your quotation or estimate.

All quotations and estimates should be written down and include a full rundown. This will help you prevent misunderstandings regarding what services go into your total fee, even when using moving industry software. Make it clear if you’re providing a quote or an estimate.

Quote calculators vs in-home estimates

We have now come to the main dilemma: quote calculators vs in-home estimates. Both options have their pros and cons, and we offer a rundown to help you along.

Quote calculators

You can look up practically anything these days on the internet, including flight tickets, properties for sale, cars, furniture. So why shouldn’t clients take advantage of online moving quote calculators and estimate forms that are readily available?

It is now simple to obtain a moving company’s quotation online using a moving cost calculator. If the clients are concerned about getting an accurate quotation, all they have to do is provide the system with the necessary information. 

What are the benefits of quote calculators?

These online tools can be quite beneficial in determining the range of expenses. The quote calculators offer a realistic estimate for the entire moving fee by considering the key aspects affecting moving prices, such as location and destination, the number of rooms, and the extent of packing services. 

They are also great for clients who don’t have enough time for in-home estimates. Online calculators are handier – it is far more practical clients for to handle these types of things online instead of making an appointment in their hectic schedule.

As a professional moving business, you should equip your platforms for this function by employing up-to-date software for moving companies. Moreover, make sure to adhere to a certain strategy when it comes to the online moving quote calculation.

In-home estimates

In-home estimates are, in a way, the old-fashioned way of doing business. However, they are definitely not outdated and out of use. As you are aware, it involves a moving company expert visiting the client’s house and estimating moving fees. As a result, you can inspect everything you will need to relocate and present them with a quote for the services. This is preferable since no information stays hidden, making the work easier when the time comes.

A thorough examination of a property makes it simpler to compile a precise inventory list. As a result, in-home estimates are more precise relating to the budget for a customer. So, there would be no unexpected expenses for the clients. 

You can provide a comprehensive list of charges while creating a complete list of items. In-person contact is also more compelling and portrays a trustworthy moving firm.

On the other hand, in-home estimates take time. They also demand additional time and resources to schedule the assessment and visit the client’s home.

Tips for an in-home estimate

A mover doing an in-home estimate
In-home estimates are still the most reliable way to go.

When performing an in-home estimate, make the following recommendations:

  • Create a thorough inventory of the things
  • Inquire about the objects that you do not need to relocate.
  • Determine whether the customer needs more services (such as packing, unpacking, storage, etc.)
  • Inquire with the customer whether they have any specialty items — such objects need specific maintenance and hence cost accordingly

If a client does not have loads of things, an in-home estimate is typically unnecessary. Larger moves, however, necessitate a comprehensive in-home estimate with an inventory system.

A great way to play both fields and offer customer the option of receiving an estimate without having to wait for a representative to come to their home is to take it online. The entire pandemic situation led to some innovative solutions such as virtual moving estimates via video calls. That way, you can do a walkthrough with a moving company representative and consult on the spot in regards to all the finer details.

Final thoughts on quote calculators vs in-home estimates dilemma

As we’ve mentioned before, both sides in the quote calculators vs in-home estimates debate have their advantages and disadvantages. It comes down to clients’ needs and wants – how much time and how much stuff they have. A reputable moving company should be prepared to provide a choice to its customers – maintaining a traditional approach while also offering the convenience of free online moving estimates.