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A simple guide to growth marketing for movers

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Once you set up your moving company and are ready to take the world by storm, you face the start of an endless and arduous task – engaging in growth marketing. Growth marketing is the process of building up a customer base as well as the retention and growth of their loyalty to your services. As such, it can be difficult to know how to start. To help, we have prepared a simple guide to growth marketing for movers.

Offer quality services

Surprising no one, growth marketing starts from the basis of confirming that you are in fact capable of competing in the market. You do not need to be the best moving company in the state, city, or even your block from the start. But you need to start building your reputation as a reliable, quality moving services provider from the start. And this includes keeping up with moving trends and the shifting interests of the market. By keeping an eye firmly on those, you will know how best to tailor your services to current trends. And as such, maximize the effects of your other efforts once a customer approaches you.

Get listed in local citations

Step two in growth marketing for movers would be to get yourself included in location citations. This is also an important base for your business, so you should try to ensure it is done from the start. Local citations are online mentions of your business’s address, contact information, and name in a number of locations.

Importantly, local business directories point people in your direction when they are looking to engage movers in their area. This is immensely important when you are just starting out and are trying to grow your customer base. But of course, it is just as useful down the road for continued patronage and new customer influx. It is also near-effortless on your part, which makes it all the more notable.

Build up a solid site

Now, a quality site is an indispensable part of growth marketing for movers. The site needs to clearly and simply state all of your services. Your costs, preferably through an online moving cost calculator, for easy use and access by your customers. And it needs to feature a clean, simplistic design.

If you try to go for something pointlessly fancy and convoluted, you will only turn your customers away. Minimalism has its place when compared to the other extreme. Of course, if you want your site to feature prominently on Google searches, you need to pay attention to the SEO for movers. If you master its use and grow your social media account, your recognition will quickly be boosted significantly.

Start running a blog

Website analytics
Backlinks will easily boost the numbers of your website visitors if you carefully choose your partners.

A moving company blog is an amazing way to engage with potential customers and keep their attention. Even if they do not have a current need for hiring a moving company, they will likely check out your blog at least once in a while if it is interesting and helpful enough. And if they are already engaged, the chances of them hiring you over competition massively increase. Another reason why a blog is useful is that it lets you easily accrue backlinks from other websites related to moving services.

The importance of backlinks for movers cannot be understated, and you should do your best to open cooperation with businesses that do not clash with yours. If you are offering moving services, contact storage providers, renovation contractors, roofers, home inspectors, etc. If you build a network of businesses that funnel their own customers to you, it will be immensely beneficial.

Make use of social media

Social media icons on a phone
Since social media users love to use messaging apps, you can use them to keep in contact with customers!

Social media advertising is an absolute gift for growth marketing. It offers free platforms to engage with potential customers. And smart management of your social media accounts can absolutely boost your recognition among customers easily. You can even feature reviews and experiences of your previous customers on your account. With their permission, of course.

You can even make use of social media to stay in touch with or even contact your customers. If you are unsure of how to handle the task ahead, do not just give up on social media altogether! Even if you have to make the investment of hiring a social media marketing manager, do it. It will pay off in the long run if they do their job well.

Look into ad solutions

Times Square
Traditional ads are expensive and rapidly using effectiveness.

Funnily enough, although a lot of companies rush to secure ads for their services, this is not the best move. Ads can be very expensive, and as such can easily backfire for young or starting companies. If you are leaking money in your attempts to secure growth marketing, without ever earning that money back, then it is a pointless endeavor.

Similarly, you should know what kind of ads you want. Some are more effective than others. Good PPC management for moving companies is a simple and elegant option, for example. Particularly for those only getting out of their starting phase. Since it only charges you for the ad once an interested party clicks on it.

Try to earn the Google Guaranteed badge

Another interesting way to engage in growth marketing for movers is to earn what is called a Google Guaranteed badge. This is part of the local services platform run by Google, and, if you secure your place on it, will guarantee an influx of customers. To obtain such status, you need to get yourself approved by Google. Since it basically means having Google vouch for the quality of your service, you need to pass a background check, which includes passing on information about your insurance and licensing. Once you have passed the process, however, things are not over.

You cannot allow the quality of your services to slip, since Google makes it possible for customers that have found you through them to file a claim if they are dissatisfied. Considering they offer monetary reimbursement for those who prove they had been cheated, they take the affiliated companies’ conduct seriously.

Final Word

Having finished a simple guide to growth marketing for movers, you should now be ready to tackle the task ahead! Just remember to take it slow, and not to rush the process. As well as not to charge straight into funding adverts for your business! If you do things properly, we have faith that you will be successful.