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How to create copywriting that sells

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Whether you are looking to share some knowledge with the world or boost your online traffic, copywriting is a crucial way to achieve that. And as a forward-thinking and modern digital advertising company, Movers Development is well aware of this fact. However, in order to create copywriting that sells, you first have to master the creation process.

Person writing with $ lightbulb next to it.
It takes time and effort to create copywriting that sells.

6 simple yet efficient steps to help you create copywriting that sells

Just like any skill in life, if you practice long enough, you can eventually master it. The same goes for copywriting. However, before you start practicing, you might as well pick up on some useful guidelines, just to start on the right foot. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can do this in six simple ways:

Take the time to get to know your target audience

It’s essential that you understand who your readers are. Otherwise, you will be helpless to reach them through your writing efforts. Once you have a general idea who it is that’s reading what you’re writing, you will be able to adapt to their specific needs and provide much more useful and appealing content for their eyes.

Make sure to look at the competition

Sure, every professional copywriter should have their own style and approach when it comes to writing. However, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring what others are doing. Sometimes, in order to develop your unique style of creating content that works, you need to know how others accomplish this. After all, the goal to create copywriting that sells starts with reading through actual examples of such content.

You should always have a clear goal in mind

Before you start the content creation process, you should set your priorities straight. What is it that you want readers to do after reading your copywriting? It will do you little good to offer people advice on how to unpack in their new home if you haven’t provided them with how to relocate there first. You need to consider the example of demand and answer:

Remember the goals you want to achieve with your content.

People demand to find certain information online, and you are the one that answers those demands. You can never put your thought ahead of theirs’, especially if you want to create copywriting that sells.

Use the AIDA Formula

Okay, by now, you know who your readers are and what their interests are, as well as what your competition is doing. Time to start the planning process for your copywriting efforts. This is where the application of the marketing AIDA formula can come in handy. The formula serves to help you overcome writers’ block and brainstorm content ideas. So, what exactly does AIDA mean? The marketing formula represents:


With people having less and less of an attention span, you have to be agile with the content you write. This means that you will want to get the attention of people while they scroll down the page. Some of the best ways to accomplish this include:

  • Opening with a question to have people mentally respond.
  • Keeping your sentences short and in the active voice.
  • Create copywriting that sells with the use of punch lines.


Once you get the attention of people, you need to be able to pique their interest to lead them to your website. Consider this the bait that will help you reel them in. This is where you have to ensure that the combined effort of your attention-grabbing headline and interest line.


Once you get people to click, you have to keep them piqued. Convince them that they made the right call by coming to you. In order to accomplish this, you will need a Unique Selling Proposition. This is the part where you explain to them how what you’re offering can change their lives.


Time to take that final leap and close the deal. Once you make people realize just how good your offer is, you want to help them take action and make the purchase. The best way to achieve this is through a well-designed and high-converting Call to Action (CTA).

Use sentence structure strategically

One of the most important rules that professional SEO copywriters practice is – quality over quantity. So, when you want to create copywriting that sells, it’s not so much about writing everything you can so much as getting your message across in a short and concise manner.

Formatting matters to create copywriting that sells

No matter how good the content is, it won’t matter as long as it isn’t visually appealing. This is why it is important to ensure not only to create appealing content but to also edit it correctly. Using bullet points and separate “sections” offer the reader small, digestible pieces of information which are easier to read than blocks of text.

Make copywriting inviting in order to create copywriting that sells

Drawing of different colored circles that are connected.
Make your content organized and inviting to read before all else.

Editing is a key part of any marketing success story. After you create copywriting that sells, you need to make sure people experience it the right way. Otherwise, you risk people coming to your website and leaving within seconds. In fact, studies show that two-thirds of people would rather read something well designed than a plain concept.

If your content does not have “eye appeal” it won’t be considered. So, to make your copywriting visually appealing consider:

  • Simple type fonts that are easy and big enough to read
  • Colors that are beneficial to user experiences
  • Short paragraphs
  • Relevant and high-quality images
  • Varying text like bolding, italicizing, underlining
  • Indented paragraphs or quotes
  • Apparent Headlines

Copywriting is not a talent – it is a skill that anyone can master

If the activity of writing wasn’t difficult enough, the concept of copywriting for marketing purposes makes it twice as challenging. And in order to create copywriting that sells, you will need detailed planning and research. So, we hope that these guidelines will bring you a step closer to your goal. If nothing more, it will help you write for your own blog more effectively. And at the end of the day, there are hardly better skills when it comes to moving business marketing!