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How to book more off-season moves

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This question is one that every professional moving company is faced with. Year after year, movers are faced with maintaining profitability once the peak season ends and the cold winter months come. After all, with fewer people opting to relocate in winter, every market becomes twice as competitive during that time frame. However, when it comes to generating moving leads throughout the year, our team might have an article or two to contribute to the subject. So, I offer some practical yet straightforward ideas on how to book more off-season moves.

10 ways to book more off-season moves and keep your moving company strong

Given the size and range of the relocation industry on a global scale, countless business owners tackle this challenge. Moving trends teach us that the majority of moves take place during the summer months. However, there are plenty of factors that one need to take into consideration when it comes to off-season relocation:

  • Less time spent booking moving companies;
  • More professional moving companies to choose from;
  • Lower operational expenses and moving quotes;
  • Tropical areas don’t really have an off-season when it comes to moves;
  • Customers are less inclined to attempt a DIY relocation.

Of course, these are just some of the facts that companies can exploit to book more off-season moves. At the end of the day, making your moving company grow comes down to determination, investments, and innovation. So, here is my choice of the ten ways to get your fair share of off-season moving jobs.

#1: Boost your online traffic

Once offline efforts slow down or come to a halt, you need to revamp your online endeavors. With the full range of solutions that digital marketing offers, you have an entire arsenal at your disposal. If you are looking for overnight results, there is always the ever-present option of Pay Per Click (PPC). All you need is the assistance of a well-established and experienced pay per click company – something you can find with the click of your mouse.

#2: Book more off-season moves with specials

Despite what some people might think, we still live in a predominantly consumer-oriented society. That means that people are always on the hunt for deals and specials, no matter what the product is. For moving company owners looking for an easy score during the cold months, this means introducing some tempting specials. Off-season specials are no longer wishful thinking – they are well-known expectations. You need to meet them head-on with some hard-to-refuse deals that will bring people to your company doorstep.

Limited Time Offer sticker
Nothing like a limited-time special to keep people interested.

#3: Work on your referral program

More and more moving companies boost their sales process with the introduction of referral programs. So long as others are satisfied with the service you provided them with, why not cash it in and offer them a small bonus for recommending you to friends in need of expert movers? After all, few things can beat a personal referral from someone you trust, and for your business, it will come at practically little to no cost.

#4: Adapt your services to your target audience

As seasons and locations change, so do the needs of people. And this is a rule that applies to relocation as well. People in NYC won’t have the same moving request as those in Arizona. Therefore, you need to get to know your audience and learn what their needs in the off-season are. If they are not looking to relocate, they might be searching for storage units or junk removal expertise. Once you learn what the current trends are, you will want to add the service in question to your repertoire, thus securing more off-season moves or other income projects.

#5: Focus on boosting your online reviews

Reviews from satisfied customers are one of the best weapons that companies have nowadays. With millennials focusing on rankings before even considering buying a product or hiring a company, you don’t want to neglect how others comment on your business. Take the time to motivate past clients to review your company after you are done helping them. Our research shows that Google Reviews is playing an increasing role in how your business ranks online.

Thumbs up with reviews
Online reviews of your business help you keep your presence known.

#6: Target new audiences to book more off-season moves

Unlike your typical products or daily/weekly services, relocation services don’t come up as often. So, it is only reasonable for a business to come to a point where their target audience is all spent. Once that happens, you need to re-direct your moving company marketing efforts and advertise to other audiences. Remember – everyone needs to relocate their home/business or rent storage at one point or the next. Try your luck with different demographics and see what results it gives.

#7: Partner with other businesses

Collaboration with other companies from niches indirectly linked to yours is definitely a step in the right direction. The end of your peak season might signify the start of the peak season for other industries. And so, partnering with different companies can easily open a path for you to book more off-season moves. So long as you find common ground with other businesses, you should have little trouble coming to a mutual agreement on how to help each other grow.

Freight container
Partnering with freight companies is a good way to book more off-season moves.

#8: Invest more in your marketing efforts

You can never really go overboard when it comes to investing in advertising your company. With so many different marketing channels, it’s an endless supply of promoting your moving business. And although financial resources might limit your efforts, you need to remember that there are low-cost marketing channels you can go through, two most obvious ones being:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media

#9: Use content to maintain your online authority

SEO has become a vital component of the online development of businesses. And content is the glue that binds it all together. Practical and reader-friendly optimized content is what keeps your company in the game throughout the off-season months. Therefore, you need to make sure to stay on point and continue to provide valuable content that will offer value to users and search engines.

Content Marketing
You can never go wrong with content marketing.

#10: Focus on preparations for next season

It’s never too early to start planning for the next peak season. The sooner you start, the better prepared you will be for any potential changes. Whether you are going to invest in digital marketing services or update your moving company software, you are on the right path so long as you keep your head in the game. To book more off-season moves, all you need to do is plan ahead.