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Guide to creating an engaging brand story

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The goal of every company is to create a name that others will recognize. Whether we’re talking about a local community, competitors, nationwide or global audiences – recognition is what all companies yearn for. After all, it is what ultimately brings in the most business and revenue. That ability to generate leads and convert them into customers with a simple mention of your company name – your brand. Once you have that – you’re playing in the major leagues and you have a strong foundation to continue to develop your moving business. Today, we offer a practical guide to creating an engaging brand story for your moving company.

Quote from Donald Miller - author of Building a StoryBrand.

Why is the notion of branding your business so crucial in the digital market?

With its long history dating way back to ancient Rome, marketing has always had a role in trading and economics. Labelling and promoting products/services has always attracted customers rather than letting them make their own conclusions. And this practice has very much survived through millennials into modern times.

Consumers are still tied to the appeal of a good story behind a product, service, or company. Today more than ever, people link brands to current events, athletes, modern trends, social and political movements, art, music, etc. But most of all, people need to feel connected with brands – it’s what drives them to become customers in the first place.

Sure, you can offer top-quality services or the best possible product in the world but it will do you little good if nobody can relate to it. Nobody wants to hear about how great your business is so much as they want to hear what your business can do for them – how you can help make their lives better. And that is where the strength of creating an engaging brand story comes into play. That is where you start developing your brand as a moving company.

5 steps to creating an engaging brand story

Portraying the importance and value of your moving business to potential customers is much like writing a short story. There are five essential questions that you need to ask and answer:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are the obstacles they are facing?
  • How can your company assist them?
  • What is the best way to engage with customers?
  • What is the endgame?

Step #1: Identify your customers

A lot of moving companies make the same mistake when creating content for their websites. When you wish to advertise your business, you need to focus on your customers and not your business. Start each piece of content with something that site visitors can relate to. Whether people are looking for help when moving, partial assistance, or simply advice from professionals, you need to let them know that you understand it all.

Lead customers into the story by setting the mood from the start. When you read the first sentence and it is already relating to the issues you have, you are more likely to continue exploring the website than when you come across sentences starting with “We are the best…Our company is the most qualified…” and so on. People are not interested in reading your self-praises but more interested in what your business can do for them.

  • Start by describing some of the typical situations your customers are in, how it affects their everyday life, and how the entire process can be made simpler.

Step #2: Tackle the issues your customers are faced with

Take the time to think back on the experiences you had with previous customers. Consider what their concerns were. Make a list of questions they were looking to answer before and after hiring you, such as:

  • How much time and energy will the moving process take?
  • Will the process be more or less costly if I hire professionals?
  • What are the risks of handling the move on my own?
  • How will hiring your company affect my state of mind and life?
  • What assurances can your company offer to make the entire decision easier for me?

Consider the external struggles that customers have with moving and storage, and then consider the internal struggles they have in terms of stress, exhaustion, anxiety, etc. Finally, think about the meaning behind the moving processis it a new job, starting a family, retirement, necessity, a chance for a fresh start? By understanding all this, you will be more capable of presenting your company as the guide they need to get them through the process with as few concerns as possible.

Step #3: Introduce your company as a supporting presence

Once again, we come back to the aspect that a business is not the main character of the plot. A company takes on a supporting role that helps enable the customers to resolve a problem they are faced with. This means that you need to establish an initial amount of trust with your potential customers by creating an engaging brand story. There are two crucial factors to help you accomplish this:

  • Empathy – where a business demonstrates to customers that they understand the issue at hand. Talk directly to the concerns that customers have before offering your unique and perfect solution.
  • Authority – showcase what is it that makes your team the perfect fit to support others through such an ordeal. Use testimonials, reviews, accreditations, professional tips and engaging articles that will establish credibility for your business.

Step #4: Inspire site visitors to take action

Upon reaching an authoritative status in a niche, a company needs to provide customers with a clear doorway to its services. You have your homepage and landing pages in set up, you have insightful articles, a strong backlink profile, a widespread presence on business listings and social media platforms – all you need is for customers to make the final call to buy. And the way to establish this comes through the use of strong and appealing Calls to Action (CTAs). When you can provide people with a simple click to lead them to book a move or get in touch with your business, you are making the decision simpler for them.

Step #5: Provide people with that final touch

That final touch comes down to a simple matter of presenting customers with a scenario of success. Give them that image of what it means to have everything in place. Once you show them a mirror image of themselves, describe their obstacles and the role your company can play, complete with the appropriate invitation to reach out to your business, the final touch is that one-last reminder on what the endgame is. You need that summary in the form of a tagline or single sentence that leaves an impression.

How can a good brand story impact your business?

There are a lot of ways for a company to brand itself however not all of them are created equal. Traditionally, to successfully brand your company, you would need to spend a good chunk of money on marketing and advertising.

Tablet with Online Marketing tag on it, next to pair of glasses and a keyboard.
The impact of creating an engaging brand story for your moving business can be very profitable.

Since that adds up fast and can bankrupt you before you get where you need to go, it’s best to take advantage of grassroots methods that maximize your results and reduce your overall budget. Thanks to social media and the internet, creating a reputable brand story for your company has never been easier.

Here are some of the key benefits when you use storytelling for your marketing:

  • Customers can relate to your products/services
  • Your core values define you as a business
  • Your company name instils trust and long-term loyalty

Creating an engaging brand story is a process that requires devotion and perspective. For some companies, finding the right words to express the essence of their brand comes instantly, whereas other businesses can struggle for months before finding their voice. However, so long as you go through the steps we noted here, the entire process will be easier.