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Guide for using social media to retain customers

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Retaining leads that visited your website and left soon after can not only be cheaper than acquiring new ones, but it can also help you increase sales significantly. And one of the more cost-effective ways to achieve this is to rely on social media marketing. As one of the primary digital marketing channels today, social media carries great potential in generating new leads as much as retargeting old ones. To find the best solution for retaining your customers with remarketing, you need to specify your goals first. This approach will allow you to create a successful marketing strategy – all while staying on track and within your budget. Today, we look at some basic approaches in using social media to retain customers.

4 ways for using social media to retain customers

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There are many ways to retain customers through social media channels.

Retaining customers on social media requires both an organic and a paid advertising plan. Only a combined strategy that has both useful information about your products and promotional content for your brand can assist you in gaining a gentle retainment rate on social media, both for audiences that convert and those that don’t do so initially.

Don’t make it all about advertising your products

Creating a base of followers that interact with your content on a daily basis can go a long way. Not only will you create the option to become their preferred brand, but your social media accounts might become their go-to place for useful information. Therefore, make sure to mix up your social media posting plans. Your ads and social media posts shouldn’t revolve exclusively around selling the products. Provide your followers with useful information and fun facts that are associated with their interests.

Use Facebook and Instagram to re-engage existing customers

In order to create a social media plan that will help you retain customers and generate moving leads for your business, you would like to follow a couple of important steps:

  • Segment your audiences with the use of demographics.
  • Choose the best campaign for remarketing.
  • Analyze the info and adjust the remarketing plan accordingly.

Creating a target audience for FB and IG remarketing

Audience manager withing the Facebook business manager allows you to simply target and retain your customers by creating a couple of differing types of custom audiences.

  • Website

By placing an FB pixel code on your website, you’ll create and segment different audiences for your ads. For example, you can choose to promote specific upsell products to previous customers or you can decide to promote your brand to all people that have visited your website during any period within the last year.

  • Customer list

If you already have information about your lost conversions and prior engagements, you can create a customer list audience to retarget them.

  • App activity

Social media marketing can help you retain lost conversions that have launched your app, bought a product, or took another specific action.

  • Offline activity

Create FB events to advertise to the purchasers that have interacted together with your brand offline by visiting the shop, through a call, subscription submission, etc.

  • Facebook source customer audiences

Facebook source-based audience allows you to focus on your current followers and other people who have interacted together with your content and ads within the past. From video views to lead submissions and the number of people that saved your Instagram posts – there are numerous options to segment, target, and retain your customers.

Explore different types of social media remarketing campaigns

After segmenting the audiences you want to focus on retaining, you will encounter multiple campaign types to choose from. To make this easy and assist you in using social media to retain customers, we recommend testing the subsequent campaign types:

  • Brand Awareness. Develop your brand further by focusing both on successful conversions and lost conversions.
  • Engagement. Encourage your audience to re-engage with your usual content or use a custom audience to increase the repeat conversions from your previous customers.
  • Traffic. Drive traffic to your moving company website. Create dedicated landing pages that will provide your customers with the most important information. Update your content to attract old traffic and re-engage lost conversions.
  • Lead Generation. Encourage your followers to subscribe to a newsletter or loyalty plan.
  • Catalog Sales. Display a catalog of your services or products directly on social media channels.
  • Virtual Tours. Invite your customers to go on virtual or video tours of your facilities, or offer them live demos of your products/services.

Use the collected data to retain customers on social media

Remarketing campaigns on social media networks can provide you with valuable information on your customers’ purchasing decisions. And it can also help with insights on your brand’s awareness and the quality of your marketing strategy.

Make sure that you analyze the data and evaluate the approach you have been using. Don’t get discouraged if the results are not satisfying. Use that as a learning curve. Make sure you employ the info you’ve got to enhance your remarketing plan.

Start retargeting lost leads through social media channels today!

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Use social media influence to get all those leads back.

Whether we care to admit it or not, social media has become a deeply-rooted channel in the world of digital marketing. And neglecting that fact can only cause loss to any business. As a moving business, you understand the need to adapt to the needs of the market and target audiences. Therefore, it is only logical to secure traffic on your website by using social media to retain customers. We here are Movers Development stand behind second chances and the potential that retargeted leads can bring to the table. Contact us today and give your retargeting tactics on social media an upgrade!