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Creating engaging PPC campaigns – targeting tips

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Mastering Google Ads is an endeavor that requires time and experience. And even then, you can never truly master every aspect of it. Like SEO, it is a neverending cycle of researching, testing through implementation, and learning from the results. However, before you get to that stage in your PPC efforts, one of the elementary skills to master is how to create quality content for PPC campaigns. Simplistic as it might seem, this is something that a lot of marketers lack, which leads to bad results right from the start. As an experienced PPC company for movers, we understand the difficulties of creating engaging PPC campaigns. And today, we offer you this brief guide on how to push through those obstacles.

7 targeting tips for creating engaging PPC campaigns

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Several tips are all that might be separating your from creating the perfect ads.

1. Write multiple versions of your ad

Just because you created content in the past does not mean that every copy you create will be perfect from the start. You have to be strategic when creating content for your PPC campaigns. And that means having alternatives to your initial copy. That will make it easy to switch between similar versions of the copy and to test their effectiveness. This can give you a learning edge that will bring you one step closer to defining the perfect formula for engaging PPC ads.

One common element in each of your ads should be to emphasize the value of your product/service from the perspective of your target audience. Bring the product or service closer to them by making sure that they can relate to it from the get-go. The point here is to experiment with different focus points in your ads and conclude which works best for your audience.

2. Test your ads

Testing is an essential step in creating engaging PPC campaigns. Because without it, you can’t know whether or not one type of ad that you create will be better than the other. And if your want to generate moving leads at the highest level, you need to learn what works best. There are two things you need to test:

  • The type of ad that brings the best results.
  • The different elements on your ad page.

What are the types of ads that you should test?

  1. “What’s in it for me” ads. The first option to take is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. And then use that perspective to accent the real value of your product.
  2. “Solving a problem” ads. Sometimes, rather than focus on the value of the product, customers need to recognize the issue they are having and a solution for it.
  3. “Creative” ads. Finally, there are times when appealing to audiences with a unique story can get the job done and attract new audiences to your website.

What are the page elements that you can test?

  • Heading
  • Subheadings
  • Body Text
  • Imagery
  • Call to action button
  • Color choices

Creating a landing page that can convert customers is a vital part of creating engaging PPC campaigns. It all comes down to finding the perfect balance of content and design elements to create an optimal page for your target audiences to see.

3. Integrate power words into your ad copy

The good thing about PPC ads is that it makes you value each character that you put into them. Since PPC ads have limited space, you really need to make each letter and spacing work for you. And you then have to use that same high-intensity quality that comes in a limited number of words to create landing pages with the same punch. That is where the use of power words really comes into play.

Power words are those words that immediately draw the attention of your audience and engage with them. And one of the biggest power words to incorporate in your PPC arsenal is the word “YOU”. Anybody can create a typical ad where they put their business or product front and forward, and brag about it. But to take your customer and put them first, giving them the spotlight and the control to make the right choice… that is where the true skills of creating engaging PPC campaigns come to life. By integrating power words, you’ll create more dynamic ad copy that gets your audience engaged with your ad.

4. Appeal to emotion

You can’t take a detached and mechanical approach when advertising your business. These are actual people that you are pitching your products or services to. They have emotions and triggers that they respond to and make decisions based on. And it is our job as marketers to tap into those emotions with each word that we put into our marketing.

Here are the steps you can take to start appealing to your audience better:

  1. Think about your audience. The more time you take to identify your audience and to characterize them, the more equipped you will be to appeal to them. Social media marketing teaches us the importance of knowing the demographics of our audiences.
  2. Think about your brand persona. When people see a well-known brand, they have feelings towards it. Whether it’s a memory, an association, a vibe, or simply an opinion – brands create emotions. Humor, responsibility, ethics, heroism, guidance – are all methods that a brand can use to define its core values.
  3. Write with emotion. No matter what people say, they all want to feel the words they read. And for them to do that, you need to put emotion into creating those words, to truly transfer that feeling that you want your customers to experience.

5. Answer questions before they’re asked

The ability to use data to predict the reactions of audiences is a skill that will bring you one step closer to creating engaging PPC campaigns. With the world moving as fast as it does, nobody has the time to go back and forth with a business before making a decision to buy. Instead, consumers expect companies to address their concerns without having to express them. And when a customer can see answers to questions they haven’t even thought of yet, it speaks to them. It communicates the commitment of your business to address the concerns of potential customers.

When you look at your ad, think about questions your audience might ask:

  • How much does your product/service cost?
  • What do I get for the price?
  • Are there any unique traits that other products lack?
  • What do others say about the product/service?
  • How does it differ from the offers from other companies?

6. Use keyword-rich display URLs

The entire point of display URLs is to incorporate the optimal keywords that your customers are interested in. And the good news is that the display URL for your landing page does not need to match the actual URL. Instead, you’re giving online users a clue that they need to follow to get to the actual treasure. And the other appeal of keywords displays URLs in ads is that it helps them rank better on SERP. By creating a customized URL, you can integrate your top keywords to help your PPC ad appear in relevant search results and reach more leads.

7. Keep the eyes of your audiences on the prize

At the end of the day, the advantages of your product or service are still what should matter most. Creating engaging PPC campaigns means using a limited number of words and elements to showcase the strength of your product in comparison to anything else. So, giving your audiences a summary of those benefits is really a smooth and direct way to give them a clear perspective of everything they have to gain by buying it.

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We can debate theory on how best to approach something all day. But it is only after actually attempting it that we can realize whether or not we have what it takes to make it work. And creating engaging PPC campaigns is no exception to this rule. So, learn by doing and start working on your PPC advertising efforts today. Movers Development is here to offer our professional support at all times – all you need to do is give us a call.