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Features you should outsource to grow your moving business

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Whether you are looking to save time and money in performing everyday tasks, boost productivity, avoid having to deal with recruitment and training new employees, etc. – outsourcing offers a well-known and globally adopted solution. The only obstacle that businesses have here is how to get started with this endeavor. And this is where a little professional insight comes in handy. As a service provider, Movers Development has a unique perspective of just how important a role the outsourcing of certain activities can play. In this article, we share our knowledge and experience in terms of the features you should outsource to grow your moving business.

Five reasons to outsource certain features of your moving business

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What are the benefits of outsourcing part of your moving business?

As a rule of thumb, the majority of companies focus their outsourcing efforts on low-impact yet necessary everyday tasks. These are activities that can consume a lot of time and manpower but require basic knowledge and skills:

  • Administrative work
  • Data entry
  • Technical support
  • Scheduling, etc.

However, there are also those activities that require advanced knowledge and extensive training that small businesses don’t have the resources to invest in. With these types of activities, outsourcing saves your moving company mone while providing top-rate services in work such as:

Outsourcing business processes is now an industry that generates over $66.5 billion in revenue and is only expected to grow in the years to come. And so, the benefits of outsourcing to grow your moving business are plentiful. So, let’s take a look at some of the most fundamental advantages of outsourcing certain operations:

1. More time to focus on core business activities

Time is one of the necessities that always seems to be lacking as your business grows. And so, saving time falls under the crucial advantages of outsourcing certain features of your moving company. When you as the company owner need to research and test the waters with tasks that are not related to the very principles of your business, you are wasting time, energy, and focus from what matters most. Your focus should be on finding ways to maintain the quality of your services while securing more moving leads in the process. Everything besides that should fall on the backs of other employees or third-party businesses.

When you outsource certain features of your moving business that are not directly related to the aspect of moving, you are able to maintain your focus on what you know and understand best – the actual services that your business provides.

2. More room in your budget

Behind every moving business growth stands a budget that can support that process. Whether we are discussing local or national moving companies, the operational expenses play a big role. The more your business grows, the more operational costs it incurs on a regular basis. With the implementation of outsourcing, these costs can drop, freeing up your budget in the process. And this opens up opportunities to invest more capital in other departments of your business.

3. Less need to pay for in-house experts

When you have a singular project that you need to see through, will it better to hire a full-time specialist to handle it, or to offer a singular payment to a professional team or agency to take care of it? Full-time employees require onboarding, training, benefits, paid time off, vacation days, health insurance, etc. All these things individually invite additional costs. By outsourcing the work, you avoid having to deal with these expenses and often securing a higher quality short-term solution.

4. Higher recruitment potential

When you start a moving business, you take on a “one-man-band” function – handling the labor, sales, marketing, finances, management, recruitment – all of it. However, as the company grows, this is not a sustainable structure and you need to delegate some of your functions to trained and qualified professionals. Outsourcing everyday low-impact features of your moving business leave ample room for hiring qualified personnel that you can rely on. Global talent recruitment has now become a standard of modern business structures.

5. More room for new projects

When creating a business plan for your moving company, structuring and predictions are essential. Diving your growth rate into stages and planning in expanding through new services or audiences can easily lead to an increase in revenue. However, seeing these development stages might require the type of knowledge and support that your company does not possess among its current staff. Therefore, you will need to seek external assistance. And this is where outsourcing to grow your moving business comes into plain view.

Five features you should outsource to grow your moving business

Company structure and Features you should outsource to grow your moving business
Look into the structure of your moving business and explore your outsourcing opportunities.

Two things that are important to remember when it comes to this topic – companies still regard outsourcing with discomfort and yet it is fundamental in modern business. Whether or not you like the idea plays no role since outsourcing is a model that is here to stay.

With the coming of COVID-19, the world has only learned just how important and effective remote work is. And the thing is that it can provide results that have positively surprised a lot of business owners, both in the US and across the globe. From our point of view, outsourcing certain functions within your business is a fundamental step in taking it to the next level. So, here are some of those departments that you should consider taking to third-party service providers:

#1: Digital marketing

Marketing has become a way of life, whether you’re an individual on social media or a full-scale enterprise. However, not everyone has the time or experience to delve into the deep rabbit holes of the marketing and growth hacking world. Fortunately, there are those that are more than qualified to handle such challenges for you, be it:

All these marketing activities are complex mechanisms on their own. And each requires months and even years of research to find a solution tailored for the moving industry. So, why risk having to invest all that time and resources when you can hire skilled professional third-party businesses to handle any of these tactics for you? Your target audiences and potential customers are out there. All you need is an outsourced marketing team to identify them and target them.

#2: Website maintenance and IT support

Creating a website in itself is a challenging process. However, maintaining the performance and optimization of that website as well as other moving company software solutions on a long-term basis is just as challenging and draining in terms of manpower and resources. Therefore, web developers and IT guys are definitely among the features you should outsource to grow your moving business.

Whether you are using a moving company CRM system or simply looking to provide on-page optimization for your website, having a professional third-party handle it from time to time pays off much more than hiring an entire in-house team. In addition to keeping your website and software tools up-to-date, having a team of web developers offers the chance of tweaking the design of your website to be more user-friendly and faster.

#3: Customer service

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Customer service is just one of the primary features you should outsource to grow your moving business.

As one of the most time-wasting tasks, customer support can truly take a toll when it comes to hiring additional manpower, buying hardware, recruiting and training new employees, etc. And yet, it is a fundamental part of business, especially one such as moving – where the client comes first. Fortunately, many corporations have adopted the notion of outsourcing their help desk by hiring third-party companies that specialize in customer support.

Outsourcing this part of your daily business saves you time and resources while maintaining your integrity and responsiveness as a professional moving business. You can leave the harder cases to one of your own employees while another company takes care of the praises and easier-to-resolve claims.

#4: Finances (accounting, payroll, taxes, etc.)

A moving business owner has more important concerns on his/her plate than handling spreadsheets, payments, etc. And payroll is simply one of the most commonly outsourced features of day-to-day business. Although outsourcing this particular part of the job won’t save you that much money, it will definitely save you a lot of time and nerves. Not only will you not be forced to suffer headaches over every misplaced penny, but when you have professional accounting companies as outsourced allies, the chances of being harassed by audits drops significantly.

#5: Social media accounts management

The notion of social media marketing has become an integral part of growing the online presence of a company. However, with so many social media networks and business listings to monitor, it can be difficult to follow-up everything daily. And so, moving companies often need to hire in-house social media specialists to monitor their accounts on social media platforms and maintain the credibility of their brand. By outsourcing this function, you can unburden your budget and your need for in-house social media marketing experts.

Start outsourcing and watch your moving company grow

Illustration of outsourcing across the globe.
Start exploring the outsourcing capabilities the world has to offer.

With all the benefits of reaching out for external support and the features you should outsource to grow your moving business, there is no reason to waste any more time or resources. Start exploring your options on how to make your everyday performance as a moving company more cost-effective and time-efficient. Movers Development is among the first companies that can offer our expertise in terms of digital marketing and web development solutions for movers. Contact us today for a consultation!