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The benefits of field service management software in moving

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If you’re running a successful moving company, one thing is certain; logistics is definitely your forte. However, managing a single moving project is different from managing business logistics. In reality, the field operations management of your company can be both time-consuming and tedious. The last thing you want is to invest the time to track the activities of all of your employees manually; though customers demand more detailed reports if an employee ends up at the wrong address or doesn’t provide services on time in a specific situation. That’s where modern technologies enter the fray. These days, there are plenty of benefits of field service management software and its implementation in the moving industry.

It ensures that the flow of communication between the management, customers, and the movers themselves is natural and efficient. In turn, this will help you build and maintain a consistent workflow; one that’s crucial for the efficiency of your moving company. With all of that in mind, we’ll take a look at all of the pros of this type of software in more detail below!

4 benefits of field service management software in moving

#1: Better scheduling

There are plenty of practical challenges that any moving company has to overcome if it’s going to work in an efficient manner. And that’s why the managerial aspects of those tasks are better solved using software for small moving companies. Technology that can offer solutions for dispatching issues which may snowball into scheduling overlaps between different clients. Even if you don’t feel like you need this type of software at first, you’ll find that one of the benefits of field service management software is that it brings a more structured workflow to your company.

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Better efficiency means more satisfied customers!

Such smart tech solutions make use of GPS for route-planning and scheduling, for example. This saves you a lot of time and resources you would otherwise invest in making all of these plans for your business. Considering this, software solutions for moving companies can be invaluable when it comes to avoiding delays.

And let’s face it – moving is a business where some unexpected stuff might happen; this software allows you to perform real-time rescheduling on a company-wide level. Once you need to change one part of your busy schedule, all of your other personnel will be able to adjust soon enough.

#2: Cutting costs

If you’re running a for-profit business (which a moving company most certainly is), you’re always looking for ways to cut down on expenses without hurting the essence of your company. And that’s precisely one of the benefits of field service management software that we’d be remiss not mentioning. If you’re the owner or manager of a moving company in search of ways to increase revenue; this is a genuine way to do it.

We’ve already mentioned just how much software solutions like these help streamline the logistics of a moving company. Using them allows you to take on more contracts without necessarily decreasing your level of service quality; or having to hire more personnel. At the end of the day, being better-organized means that you’ll be splurging less money on unnecessary things.

Rows of trucks in an overhead view.
Working with modern software solutions allows for better logistics!

For example, there are automated service reports which this kind of software generates. In the moving industry, this can be an incredibly powerful asset in a number of ways. First of all, seeing as you use this software to do performance tracking of your employees; you get a much better sense of the weak links within your organization. Knowing who to promote and who to discipline will become much readily apparent; as will any redundancies among the staff. Speaking of which – this is also great for inventory optimization. Among all of the packing and moving equipment that your company buys and uses; there is bound to be some room for cost-cutting.

#3: Increased customer satisfaction

Naturally, all moving companies seek ways to make their customer experience better. And that doesn’t just include the service that your firm provides. For example, having the best possible moving company website is a great asset for customer satisfaction. With the moving industry being as competitive as it is, not having a stellar online presence is a disadvantage that you simply can’t afford. 

Apart from that, though; one of the benefits of field service management software in this niche is that the increased efficiency that you’ll experience spills over into customer satisfaction as well. After a while, your customer reviews will become better; as your company gains a penchant for efficiency and timeliness. And remember just how important advertising your business is in the moving industry. Plenty of people would resort to personal recommendations from their friends and loved ones when it comes to hiring movers; that’s something you need to take advantage of.

#4: More flexibility

As we’ve already talked about, there are many different software technologies that moving companies may use to increase their efficiency and improve their workflow. However, there is one often-encountered problem that is rarely addressed – the fact that these technologies don’t always work together in sync. That forces you to make trade-offs between different functionalities of disparate software solutions.

A man using the benefits of field service management software on a computer.
There are plenty of benefits to field service management software!

But one of the greatest benefits of field service management software solutions is that they’re quite flexible when it comes to horizontal integration. For instance, they work if you use them in concert with professional accounting software, CRM software, different inventory databases, or marketing tools for campaign management.

Start investing in field service management software

There are plenty of different industries where this software can make a huge difference. And while that is true for logistics, manufacturing, and construction; field service management tools are just as important when it comes to the moving industry as well. You can use these to ramp up the pace of your workflow without sacrificing quality. In turn, you will find your company improving its functioning across the board.