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The benefits of scheduling moving jobs online

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As modern-day consumerism keeps evolving and focusing on the digital world, businesses doing the same. More companies are embracing the notion of having a flexible workplace, not to mention online-oriented solutions for selling products or services. The moving industry falls under this growing trend, with more companies investing in digital marketing solutions and software tools. All this has a unified goal of helping your moving business prosper on all fronts – for customers, employees, overall productivity, revenue, etc. Today, we explore the benefits of scheduling moving jobs online and how it can give your company an advantage in the market.

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Make the next digital step for your moving business.

The eight advantages of scheduling moving jobs online

With the entire world being in a constant rush to get things done, people have grown accustomed to practicality when dealing with companies. We no longer wish to waste time and energy on searching for the perfect moving company by going door-to-door or dialing phones. Instead, all customers in need of moving and storage services need is a fast and flexible way to establish whether or not your company is the right choice for them. And business owners have certainly come up with different ways to raise the bar through the use of moving company software solutions such as:

Now, we all understand how this appeals to your typical customer. It saves them time, it offers them all the information they need while eliminating the physical labor and stress of putting it all together. But the question we are focusing on today is – how does it benefit moving companies to book more online moves?

1. Better user experience

Nobody wants to spend hours on a website to schedule a relocation. Nobody wants to wait for an in-home estimate and for days to receive a proposal for the moving costs. People want an expedited solution to their problem. They want the option of making a speedy decision based on instant facts regarding the services they need from a company. And when a moving company is capable of providing that, it creates a better user experience that customers can appreciate.

2. Higher customer retention rate

Buy a customer with the perfect moving experience today and you’ve bought them for life. And it all starts with that first interaction they have with your moving business. Statistically speaking, customers of the moving industry are not daily consumers. After all, nobody has a need to relocate on a monthly or annual basis. But when the need for moving does come, people want it done efficiently, from start to end. When you offer customers the chance to receive a moving estimate within minutes, scheduling moving jobs online becomes all the simpler.

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Convenient scheduling solutions for your services to build trust among customers.

People tend to remember such things, making them more prone to refer your business to friends, family members, co-workers, etc. And it also goes toward forming long-term bonds with customers, retaining them for any future moving projects they might require.

3. Wider area for reaching audiences

Having a car dealership is great because people can come by, look under the hood, take a car for a test drive before buying it, etc. With moving companies, you don’t need that. All that customers need is the guarantee that the job will be done on time and in accordance with the terms you negotiate. By scheduling moving jobs online, you can provide them with all the information they need to prepare for the moving day and focus on moving into their new home.

4. Higher morale among employees

When you have all the services your business offers showcased on your website, with options to book everything there, your employees are unburdened as well. Certainly, moving crews will still have to do their part and conduct the actual move but they won’t need to bother with spending hours on the phone, discussing everything with potential customers, only to never schedule the move. This way, they have more time to focus on the actual jobs, making their job simpler, which raises your overall morale.

5. Lower operational costs

When you grow your moving business, you also grow the need for resources:

  • More moving trucks and equipment.
  • Additional manpower.
  • Larger office space.
  • More warehouses.
  • Additional offices in other locations.
  • More suppliers and partnerships, etc.

By enabling your customers to schedule moving jobs online, you reduce the administrative staff you require and your overall operational costs. You don’t need a larger office space or additional physical offices. Instead, you have the option of coordinating it all from a single location with a selected team of employees. As a result, your resources end up better invested in other aspects of your moving business.

6. Better use of modern software solutions

Moving industry software has progressed a lot in the last decade. With so many innovative approaches and tools, moving companies are now capable of offering a more custom-tailored and effective experience for their customers. And it all goes further toward the promise of automating the online scheduling process – giving site visitors the option to take care of all the planning and organization of their relocation directly on your website. Additionally, there are other options that leading movers are implementing to maintain their authority over the competition:

7. Higher salary caps

When you lower the number of administrative staff through investing in software and automation of processes, you open up more room in your salary cap. And who doesn’t want the potential to earn more for the work they do every day. As a result of people scheduling moving jobs online, you will have more to offer your moving crews.

8. Higher productivity

Even beyond offering higher salaries, you will have more resources to invest in modern equipment, top-quality supplies, training of employees, and all other high standard working conditions. Productivity grows progressively as a result of such events, increasing the growth rate of your moving business in the process.

The overall conclusion – keep up with industry trends

Highly competitive as it is, this industry does not favor those that are unable to adapt to the needs of the market. Professional moving companies need to remain vigilant in their desire to dominate the market. Therefore, you need to take the time to research the many advantages of having customers explore your services online. In return, you ensure the promise of boosting:

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Engagement
  • Retention
  • Profitability