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What is link bait and how does it work?

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If you manage to create a piece of content that qualifies as out of the ordinary, particularly useful, exceptionally entertaining, or simply universally beneficial – you have produced content referred to as link bait (linkbait) material. Whether created on purpose, as a part of an effective SEO strategy, or by chance, the importance of link bait lies in improving your website’s rank and increasing referral traffic.

Can using link bait help your website generate moving leads? What kind of content can you use as link bait and how does it work? This article will attempt to explain the essentials of this content tactic.

link building, representing link bait
Identifying the type of content that can function as link bait is the essential step in understanding how it works.

Different types of link bait and ways in which they can be of use to your SEO efforts

The easiest way to fully grasp the importance and effects of linkbait is to get familiarized with various types of content that can lead to linking from other websites. What kind of content makes for a prospective link bait material?

  • Visual content – infographic articles.
  • Guides and resources.
  • Studies, surveys, and data.
  • Timely content.
  • Evergreen content.

The benefit of having this type of highly linkable content is enjoying the advantages of link building and not having to convince people that linking to your content is a good idea. They will simply want to do it. If we consider this topic from the eyes of Google – links equal votes that indicate quality. This means that ranking factors such as this one indicate to search engines just how high they should place your content in search results.

1. Visual Content

The importance of quality visual content is known to every SEO for moving companies expert out there. Additionally, this type of content serves as an excellent link bait. Visual content in the form of eye-appealing, interesting, and useful infographics will usually be able to attract more links than a simple article. However, you need to make every effort to create not just any, but a piece of high-quality visual content. Infographics containing entertaining, yet useful information on people’s moving tendencies could have excellent link bait potential.

2. Guides and Resources

Universal, thorough and complete resources and guides on a certain topic will always serve as excellent link bait. Creating content that people will find helpful and beneficial gives it enormous linking potential. This, however, might sometimes prove to be easier said than done. If you manage to make a creative and effective resource material it might have link baiting potential.

A word to the wise: a sure-fire recipe for creating linkbait content doesn’t exist. You can try your best and still not create something your visitors will see as linkable material. Engaging your audience in a way that they feel like they need to share your content is nevertheless the best road towards link baiting.

different types of charts
Various types of visual content and infographic articles usually have excellent linkbait potential.

3. Studies, Surveys, and Data

People enjoy having insight into statistics, studies, and important surveys. This is why content rich in useful moving-related studies and data creates link bait potential. It does so by providing sharing prospects, as people tend to link to data and studies that would support their own points and statements and give them credibility.

It’s not necessary to do expensive and complicated studies. A simple niche-specific survey, such as moving services market research could do wonders and turn into link bait in no time.

4. Timely Content

There are two completely opposite notions in particular that have an immense link bait potential. Timely content and its counterpart, timeless (evergreen) content – are two types of content that give ample opportunities as linkbait material.

Timely content offers a piece of information that refers to a current event, breaking news, product release, etc. So, if you can publish this type of article while the story is still significant and promote it the right way – you might have an important linking asset in your hands. The success of timely content lies in sharing. Gaining links through timely content is virtually impossible without a well-thought-out social sharing strategy. Using the brief window to get your content out there and enable people to link to it will prove to be an excellent tactic.

5. Evergreen Content

Creating timeless content is perhaps the most demanding way of creating link bait. In order to provide the audience with content that is search-optimized and stays continually relevant to readers over a lasting period of time, a great deal of effort and skills is necessary. The secret of evergreen content’s linkbait potential is its utility and lasting value. This is something that takes serious planning and brainstorming. Creating evergreen content requires asking the following questions:

  • Is this topic something people are searching for?
  • Will this content be equally relevant in a year?
  • Does it already exist, and if so – can a better version of it be made?

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Promoting your link bait content

Given the fact that there is more published content now than there has ever been before – it makes perfect sense that no matter how amazing, useful, captivating or functional your content is, if you fail to promote it – people will not get a chance to see it or link to it. Boosting the odds that your content will turn into link bait can be done in one or more ways:

  • Social media sharing. Opt for sharing on as many social platforms as possible. Include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Every share will increase the odds of your content becoming link bait. Spending some extra money to boost your posts for your target crowd is always recommended.
  • E-mail outreach. This sort of promotion tool becomes useful if you don’t have a large social media audience. Find your target crowd and make sure they see your content.
  • Press releases. In the end, if you happen to publish a newsworthy piece of content – press releases can help turn it into link bait.

Although it may seem like a straightforward task to fulfill, SEO experts of Movers Development can assure you that creating link bait content is not easy – but it can be done. By understanding what sort of content works as link bait in the moving industry circles, we can offer an effective strategy that will attract people and cause them to want to link to your website.