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The top benefits of marketing automation

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As technology advances and the expectations of consumers get higher, the dynamics of growing your business online become more challenging to achieve. And since businesses have a lot riding on the application of their digital marketing activities, they can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to generate new leads. However, it can be difficult for a single person or even a team of people to handle it all manually. Instead, what companies need is to embrace the opportunities that innovative technologies offer. By investing in workflow automation and CRM software solutions, companies can save time and resources on everyday tasks while reducing human errors. In this article, Movers Development explores the benefits of marketing automation and how it can contribute to your moving business.

8 benefits of marketing automation

Vector image of laptop with mechanical hands and marketing icons.
Automation has become a common decision for business owners.

1. Efficiency

It’s a well-known fact that digital marketing activities incur a lot of expenses and time waste. Therefore, by introducing a little efficiency in the entire ordeal, you can free up a lot of resources that you can then put into better use. One of the many benefits of marketing automation is that it can help reduce work hours and costs for your team.

Instead of having to waste manpower on manually posting on social media or sending email campaigns, you can automate these processes. By doing so, you will free up your marketing team to focus their efforts on more important tasks such as:

  • Handling new complex strategic projects;
  • Researching new channels for advertising your moving business;
  • Brainstorming for more creative ideas on upcoming projects and campaigns;
  • Spending more time on developing your brand, etc.

2. Aligning marketing with sales

When you have a single piece of software that can automate both your marketing and sales workflow, you are in a much better position to align your company goals. Not only that but you have a strong foundation for building a perfectly functional internal business structure. By aligning your marketing efforts with your sales efforts, you can grow the performance of both departments as a result. How does this affect your business?

It helps you generate more leads and to increase the number of leads that you convert into sales. Your marketing team has more time and to come up with new ways to boost conversion rate while your sales team has a higher level of productivity.

3. Increase conversion rate

More leads lead to a higher conversion rate – we’ve already established this much. One of the benefits of marketing automation is that it brings a higher level of effectiveness to the table. When you don’t need to worry about the manual processes of generating leads, you can spend more time focusing on the leads you gather and how best to appeal to their needs.

The marketing automation software that you use will help you monitor your leads more closely, helping you take advantage of any behavioral patterns that can cause a conversion. And so, by investing in marketing automation, you are ultimately investing in conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your moving company.

4. Accurate reporting

Mech hand interacting with 3D charts and graphs.
Marketing automation introduces the notion of precise reporting and analytics.

Gathering data and having accurate analytics is the backbone for improving your existing processes and growing your business. Whether you are looking to determine where most leads come from, the overall quality of the leads, or where you are dropping the ball in the customer cycle, analytics can give you the answers you need.

However, manual analytics and reporting can take up a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, by automating the entire process, you can significantly simplify a time-consuming process. Not only can you simplify it but you can also gain a more precise and holistic overview of your internal processes. It will become much easier to spot flaws in your strategy and improve them.

5. Personalized marketing strategy

By automating your manual marketing efforts, you are able to free up more time to focus on creating content that is more personalized and engaging instead of settling for general campaigns. Marketing automation software helps you track behavioral patterns and segment audiences. With the data you gather, you are in a much better position to target different personas through multiple advertising channels:

  • Email marketing campaigns;
  • Paid ads;
  • Social media marketing;
  • etc.

According to Statista, roughly 90% of US consumers find personalized marketing content more appealing than regular campaigns. That is why more and more companies are investing in marketing tactics that target specific interests for audiences. Once a brand shows general interest in customers, they are more likely to create a conversion from that personalized approach. The simplest example of this approach would be in personalized email campaigns and the success rate they have in comparison to generic mass emails.

6. Lead scoring

The effort of having to monitor each lead and its status separately is a time-consuming manual process. However, it is also a process that can be automatized in a way where your software will be able to differentiate between marketing leads and sales leads. This in turn will save both your marketing and sales teams a lot of labor and communication. With the benefits of marketing automation, you will be able to receive notifications when a lead is ready to talk sales and forward it to the sales department. And so, you get an aligned and automated collaboration that makes all your teams more productive in real-time. 

7. Data management

Having an automated process leaves less room for human error when managing relevant data. And so, marketing automation gives you the advantage of handling data management with a minimal chance for errors. Not only does it optimize the entire process, but it also becomes simpler to constantly backup your data and to keep it up-to-date.

8. Scalable processes

Scale Up on black grid board.
Ensure scalability for your moving company with the use of marketing automation.

Whether we’re discussing moving company SEO strategies or other digital marketing approaches, scalability is an important factor. If your marketing systems and approach are not scalable, then the growth of your business will stagnate. With the benefits of marketing automation, you are in a much better position to ensure scalability. Instead of having to hire more people to ensure that scalability, you can rely on software to do it for you.

Start automating your marketing workflow today

Given the benefits of marketing automation that we explained here, it should be more than apparent how investing in this process pays off on a long-term basis. Of course, one always takes chances when investing in moving company software solutions. In this case, however, the payoff is worth the investment.

  • For more tips on how to improve your marketing efforts, feel free to reach out to our team. Movers Development is always here to help guide your business to better results.