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Tools that can help movers get more phone call leads

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With all the various forms of marketing out there, it is often easy to focus on the more modern ways of catching the customer’s attention. This does, however, come at the cost of the more traditional methods being waylaid. And one of the oldest methods of contacting your potential customers and securing their patronage is through phone operators! Still, it must be admitted that, compared to the convenience of the internet, it is hard to get customers interested in chatting with a marketing representative. But it is not impossible! All you need are the right tools that can help movers get more phone call leads.

Use callback software

Calling back a customer
Callback software can both help movers get more phone call leads and ensure your customers are reached in a timely manner.

One of the things that can help movers get more phone call leads immediately is integrating callback software into your operations. This is essential moving industry software that will, as its name implies, call back customers who failed to reach your operators. This is an excellent way to lift some of the pressure off your customer service since they would typically need to track and call back any numbers that had called while all the lines were busy manually. This means they would be able to work more efficiently while actually doing less work themselves!

Putting up timed and exit popups can help movers get more phone call leads

Timed and exit popups are an excellent way to generate moving leads. Times popups are ads that appear after a potential customer spends a certain amount of time on a particular web page. Exit popups, on the other hand, are utilized when they move to close the tab of your website. Both have their place, obviously. However, timed popups prioritize continuing to interest a customer in a service they are obviously keen on.

While exit popups have the goal of regaining the customer’s interest when the website had failed to entice them once. So, while both should, obviously, feature your contact information, you should make sure an exit popup does so more prominently. A chance to talk to an employee might interest a customer who had hesitated to hire your services due to lacking information.

Integrate floating widgets

Angry customer
Since floating widgets can be annoying if not done right, be careful not to upset your customers!

Floating widgets are excellent tools when featured unobtrusively on your website. It takes the form of a ‘floating’ window your customers can click on. Once they do, they should typically be offered a useful feature and contact information. Then, they can learn more about what your moving company has to offer through that. The ‘useful feature’ is entirely up to you.

Typically, a smart choice would be a rudimentary moving calculator, which can then be expanded to a full website page with more sophisticated options if your customer is interested in such a thing. This is useful because customers are typically hesitant to call just to ask about prices. But they are much more open to chatting about options once they are sure they can afford your services.

Being active on social media can help movers get more phone call leads

Social media can massively help movers get more phone call leads. If your marketing department is active on it, they can feature your company’s contact information prominently on the various platforms they are using. This often works better than featuring such information on a website page, simply due to the fact that most people browse social media on their phones.

Since they already have the number, and their phone is in their hands, they would feel more inclined to make a call. However, such an impulsive decision to call your moving company also means they are less prepared to actually hire you. However, your customer service would have a great opportunity to convince them to do it!

Feature your contact information on your blog pages to help movers get more phone call leads

Blogs are simply invaluable to movers. Due to the fact that moving is not something you do very often, customer retention is a struggle. And blogs can keep your former clients engaged and interested in your services. This, in turn, means that the next time they need to move again they will be far more inclined to hire you than the competition. Of course, to really maximize your website value and capitalize on the goodwill your blog generates, you need to offer your customers an easy way to contact you with any questions they might have. And by leaving your number under or above the blog page they are reading, they can easily find it and call on a whim.

Include a call button into your email marketing

Another excellent way to help movers get more phone call leads is by including an inbuilt call button in your emails. Considering how frequently people browse their mail on their phones, they are much more likely to read your messages on that than on a computer. And you can make use of the convenience of calling with a single click to encourage them to contact you. Of course, you need to make your email marketing appealing enough to encourage such a phone call.

An excellent way to start is by making it non-obtrusive and not obviously pushy. The way you would achieve this is through promoting your blog instead of your services directly, for example.

Make use of Google call ad extensions

A customer preparing to call thanks to all the strategies to help movers get more phone call leads
Take full advantage of phone users’ habits to help movers get more phone call leads!

Once again, the convenience of phones offers another way to help movers get more phone call leads! Google call ad extensions allows you to make it possible for customers to call you by simply clicking on the ad they are watching for your services. Most of the previous points we have made about mobile-phone-based efforts still stand. A notable difference, of course, is that the ad, in this case, should be somewhat more aggressive and direct.

Final comment

Know more about the tools that can help movers get more phone call leads, you will be able to get more use out of your marketing team! Just remember not to rush your efforts. You need to properly approach your strategies and craft them in a way to make them appealing enough to your potential clients. This is the only way you can ensure that their interest will stay with your moving company.