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How to create an effective exit popup

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The first question when faced with the topic of exit popups is, of course, what they are. Exit popups are named this way because they are meant to trigger when a site user hovers the arrow away from the web page or is trying to close it. Its purpose is to try to recapture the website visitor’s attention. They are a great way to re-engage potential customers that are lacking the initiative to interact with the website or are unsure what to do. So, the question each company should be asking is “How do I make sure to create an effective exit popup?”. In this article, it is our intention to help you find an answer to this question.

7 steps to ensure that you create an effective exit popup

Much like the case with creating landing pages, not every exit popup that companies come up with will work wonders in boosting conversions. In this article, we are looking at the process of how to create an effective exit popup with the following guidelines in mind:

#1: Be moderate

Person on sofa in high-rise office
You want to keep your website visitors scrolling, not turn them away!

Now, the first step to how to create an effective exit popup is to approach the task with moderation. You might want to make it bright, loud, and aggressively promotional. It might seem like a good approach to catch the wavering attention of your site’s visitors, after all. However, you need to resist this urge. Such an approach will only make your website visitors more compelled to leave if they hadn’t been tempted by your product or services already. Instead, try to incorporate something helpful in your popup.

  • For example, an online moving quote calculator link if they were looking into hiring movers on your website. Offering an online service that is helpful and yet not trying to push them into hiring you, in particular, is a good way to recapture their attention and entice them to stay.

#2: Tailor your exit popup content to user intent

This might be a bit more complex. But it’s still an important part of the process of how to create an effective exit popup. If you track the user’s activity on your website, you can make your popup better aimed at their interests. If they had been looking for long-distance movers, you can focus on that aspect. And in keeping with our previous advice, you do not need to only offer them your services! You can focus on relevant keywords for moving companies, so they get directed to a landing page, quote form, or articles on your website. The advice from the articles would likely be helpful to them. And they can reaffirm their determination to go through with the move, which might end up earning you an additional client.

#3: Design plays a big role

It is only natural that good design is crucial when it comes to how to create an effective exit popup. A visually unappealing popup will look like a spam ad and will only strengthen the decision of visitors to leave your site. Now, it might not harm your odds too much if your exit popup is otherwise well-optimized and interesting. But it will definitely help you keep their attention if it is sleek and cool looking! So, invest resources into getting a good design drawn up for your exit popup. Another option would be to find customizable exit popup software to use. It will only help, and will likely quickly pay back the investment you had put into it.

#4: Offer an incentive to stay

Special Deal sign
Deals and sales are always a good idea if you want to make a product more popular!

Of course, to create an effective exit popup, you still need to offer website visitors some incentives. One of the simplest ways to offer it is to present them with deals and discounts. Running such events can only be beneficial for your business, anyway. Even if you only rotate through a limited selection of them. Also, if you target some of your less popular products and services, it can boost those conversions as well.

Naturally, you should not make the effort if the products are completely ignored and unpopular. But you can try to revitalize those whose popularity is waning or that seem to have potential.

#5: Offer your visitors multiple choices

It’s always good to have a choice. That is why it’s important not to limit your exit popup to one reference or link to make it more effective. Of course, too many choices can lead to confusion so make sure not to offer more than two or three choices. This way, your website’s visitors will feel like it is still worthwhile to explore and continue browsing through your site.

#6: Use the opportunity to tastefully promote other products

There are two options you have here. You can, of course, promote your products. If you had your site track their browsing, then you know what kinds of things they’d been looking at. So, you can take the chance to offer them an opportunity to take one last look at similar products. On the other hand, you can enter into a collaboration with other companies!

If you are offering moving services, and another company offers storage units, then it is effective moving company marketing if you do some promotion for each other. And, this comes with another bonus! As we mentioned before, it is important for your exit popup not to be pushy. If you are helping them find services you need and are obviously not profiting yourself, your website visitors will feel a lot more compelled to follow your suggestion.

#7: Consider using a timed popup as well

brainstorming how to create an effective exit popup
You can brainstorm with your employees for interesting little messages to include!

Having a combination of exit popup software and timed popups can guarantee more engagement. If your visitor has been on the site for a while, and yet hasn’t done anything in some time, you can have this trigger a popup. It can ask them if they are okay, remind them of how long it’s been since they opened the site, and you can even use the chance to offer them more interesting pages. You can divert them to software for small moving companies if they had been looking into the subject on your website. Or offer them some interesting product or service of yours! A lot of sites have started using the strategy, and it always elicits at least some amusement.

Final Advice

Now that you know more about how to create an effective exit popup, you should be ready to try incorporating it into your website. One of the options would definitely be to rely on the work of skilled moving company website developers to ensure that the popup matches your brand. Other options include searching for third-party tools that can be added to your website. Whatever your choice ends up being, remember to focus on your site visitors and target their interests with your popups. Only by doing so will you ensure that your exit popup is efficient in securing more conversions.