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6 sure ways to generate moving leads ahead of peak season

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A lot of professional moving companies are faced with the same challenge year after year – lead generation just before the peak season begins. Moving business owners know that they can’t hope to make it through the upcoming months without it, but they lack the right approach. The good news is that the sooner you start preparing for this moving season, the better off you will be in comparison to your competitors. And Movers Development is here to share some knowledge to help you get there. Among the countless ways to generate leads ahead of peak season, we chose the six most effective ones:

  • Boosting brand recognition
  • Implementing local SEO tactics
  • Google Local Service Ads
  • Email past customers & referrals
  • Social Media retargeting
  • Networking with business partners

We spoke in the past on the topic of how to generate moving leads in the most fundamental ways. Today, we focus on creating opportunities within a short time frame that is basically a couple of months. So, here are the six pre-peak lead generation tactics to focus your efforts on:

#1: Work on your brand awareness

At the core principle of each business is the goal to create a clear image of what their work stands for. The recognition that comes from putting your company name on this image can result in a continuous number of leads and a growing conversion rate to last you through the years to come. That is why investing in brand development for your moving business is always a smart business plan.

For newly established moving companies, branding their business should be among the first digital marketing steps. When it comes to older moving companies, it never hurts to revisit your brand and invest in new ways to strengthen its presence:

  • Revisit the mission and core principles of your moving company.
  • Adjust your advertising and marketing campaigns in accordance with current moving trends.
  • Take the time to interact with customers – thank those that are satisfied and make things right with those less happy.
  • Put your logo everywhere – make sure that people see your trucks, equipment, web pages, business cards, etc.

#2: Invest in local SEO solutions

Standard SEO for moving companies is always good – we don’t need to tell you that. But it can also take time to show results, especially if you haven’t invested in it before. So, as a short-term replacement that can help you generate moving peak season leads, you will want to focus on the local maps section on Google.

Local SEO results can trump organic ones when it comes to localized search queries. It enables online users (mobile users in particular) to easily visit your website or contact you with the click of a button. The only downside here is that you can only show up in a single location unless you don’t have multiple sites for your moving business. But with peak season around the corner, that might be more than enough to get the leads you need.

#3: Make use of Google Local Service Ads

Google Guarantee or Google Local Services Ads are similar to local SEO results – location-specific paid ads that appear above localized search results. By clicking on these ads, users open a direct call to your moving company, saving you the hassle of having them go through your website before making a choice and relying more on your sales team.

This approach is Google’s way of monetizing search queries for specific local services. To qualify for it, you need to go through a detailed screening process. And you can only set a budget and pay for clicks if you are accepted by Google first.

#4: Activate Customers & Referrals with Email Campaigns

If you are confident with the quality of the services your moving company provides, why not make it work for you. Reach out to all those satisfied customers that you helped relocate and have them act as your ambassadors. Create a referral program that will additionally motivate them to personally recommend your business to friends, co-workers, family, and anyone else they know. These leads are strong, to begin with, as they come from personal recommendations.

Person with referral icons.
Referrals are a great way to generate moving peak season leads.

All you need to do to make this happen is a creative approach and the proper implementation of email marketing strategies. A single campaign on a monthly basis should a good enough reminder (two a month before the peak season starts).

#5: Advertising & Retargeting via Social Media

Relocation fits in perfectly with retargeting, and the reason for this is simple. The moving process can take several weeks to several months. And this creates the perfect chance for a moving company to maintain its presence in the eyes of the customer for longer periods of time, from buying a new home to moving out of the old one. When you use retargeting through different social media channels, that can certainly raise brand awareness.

Facebook ads can display on both Facebook and Instagram. All you need is the right code on your website (provided by Google and Facebook) and you have a campaign in the making. The moment someone lands on your website and accepts cookies, one is placed in their browser, reminding them of your business through paid ads.

#6: Networking with others to generate moving peak season leads

Partnering with other individuals and companies can do a lot of good for your business when you need to generate leads ahead of peak season. The only thing here is to make smart choices when it comes to who you decide to network with. And from our experience, you should focus your efforts on the following types of partners:

  • Realtors and contractors – as a niche closely related to the need for relocation services.
  • Local community – small businesses, organizations, activist groups, etc.
  • Other moving companies – sometimes, your own services might not be enough, so getting third-party assistance can be mutually beneficial.
  • Storage facilities – for those companies that don’t have their own storage space, this can be a logical partnership.
  • Apartment complexes – sometimes, having your company offers discounts for certain apartment areas can win you additional leads.

Start preparing for the peak season on time

With the high level of competition that comes with the peak season of moving, you need to do all you can to get your piece of the cake. The six tactics we mentioned here are very effective when you need to generate moving peak season leads. However, there are a lot of other ways to tap into the pool of moving company leads that are available out there.6 ways to generate moving leads ahead of peak season

Keep visiting our blog for more interesting updates when it comes to the best way to prepare for the peas season.