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Top reasons why people leave your website

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Do you belong to the group of moving business owners who constantly wonder why people leave their site? Are you sure that you have provided your site visitors with educational and engaging content, but for some reason, you still do not see the long-awaited and deserved results? Visitors don’t stay long enough on your pages? Traffic is unsatisfactory? Mailing lists aren’t growing? Aside from poor quality content, there could be many reasons why people leave your website. Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone but it is essential to pay attention to the functionality and the user experience it provides to visitors. We will try to answer the frequent questions concerning bounce rate and give tips for solving the problem.

What is the bounce rate?

Two people using MacBooks.
There are many reasons your bounce rate might be problematic.

The bounce rate is a term that represents the percentage of people that land on your website and leave without taking any specific action such as:

  • Exploring other pages;
  • Using your moving estimate app;
  • Filling out a contact form;
  • Reading your blog posts;
  • Leaving a review;
  • Buying a product;
  • etc.

The bounce rate tells you how motivating the content of the site is and the possibility of conversion. The short stay of visitors on the landing page means that they likely won’t become users of the site and your SEO for movers is in dire need of a revamp.

Main reasons why people leave your website

On average, visitors decide within 1-3 seconds whether to stay on your website or not. So try to take the necessary steps that will reduce the bounce rate of your site. A high bounce rate is a strong indicator that you need to work on your page and make it more useful for the users. Some of the possible reasons why people leave your website might include:

1. The visitor quickly leaves the website, where they struggle to find information.
2. A website may have some of the content that a visitor is looking for, but it is loading too fast to keep them interested.
3. Insufficient user-friendly website and poor SEO.

Let’s get more into it.

Slow loading

Loading screen on smartphone.
The times have changed – people nowadays don’t want to wait until something loads.

For your great content to get any chance with visitors, they must first view it. But, you must admit that something like this is not convenient if it takes 10 seconds to load. Slow loading is the main reason people leave sites because, with the time of Dial-Up, the user patience has expired. Site visitors are used to getting all the information they are interested in within one minute, and the average time a person is willing to wait before leaving the site is 3 seconds.

You should avoid multimedia content that is difficult to load, and optimize other media. It is also useful to set external links to open in a new window or browser tab.

  • Tip: You can check the loading speed of your blog on the Pingdom Website Speed ​​Tester. If you get a lousy result, learn how to increase the loading speed of your website and take the recommended steps. Otherwise, you could be left without many potential customers.

Popup windows

When it comes to digital marketing for moving companies, you have to be very careful with popup windows. They can be a great marketing tool, but only when used appropriately. If you post them on your site recklessly, the only thing they can do is drive away visitors.

You should be aware that no one comes to your blog for the first time to subscribe to the mailing list or become your follower on social networks. So forget the idea that you will benefit from a popup window that, for example, invites visitors to sign up for your news immediately after the page loads. People in such situations lose patience, interest and concentration, which leads to losing the audience. Do your best to provide people with quality and exciting, valuable content; after that, they will sign up for the news and return to your website or blog.

Poor design and usability

Graphs on a laptop screen
You need to boost your parameters.

Suppose you want to run a serious and successful website, which is why you are reading on how to prevent people from leaving it. In that case, we might need to recommend that you consider redesigning and restructuring your page. People love attractive and likeable design, something they enjoy looking at. They also want an interactive and dynamic page that is easy to use. There is a direct way responsive web design and SEO are interlinked and it reflects on your leads and success. Make sure you don’t go too far in your creativity though – no one will be fascinated by your website, at least not for long, if they don’t know where to click.

Outdated content

Outdated content will not only drive away visitors but also search engines. That is why you must update your blog posts regularly. The world is constantly changing. The Internet is twice as fast, while companies are working on product improvements that have not even been released yet. Therefore, not only should you always have up-to-date content, but you should also periodically align the design and functionality of your site with new trends in web design.

Tip: Go back to old attachments, comb them one by one, update outdated information or, if necessary, delete those that are no longer useful to anyone.

Not optimized for mobile devices

Internet browsing on mobile devices has long since taken off, and you should never ignore that unless you intend to run out of clients that demand your services. Many internet users habit searching for the information they need urgently on their phone, so don’t disappoint them. The customizable design ensures that the site looks equally good on a smartphone, desktop and all other screen sizes, while its production is much faster and cheaper than the mobile version.

A site that has no “About Me” and “Contact” pages

When it comes to moving company marketing, you should not expect significant progress if you don’t have these two pages. Every business is obliged to introduce themselves to their potential clients and provide means to contact them. On the “About Me” page, you should introduce yourself and provide information about you and your business that will instill confidence in readers and potential customers.

Make a contact form on the “Contact” page, without which no blog or site should exist today. If you often get the same questions, create a FAQ section to enable readers to get the answers they need faster and save themselves time. It is also crucial that you regularly respond to all emails you receive, i.e., service to your readers. They will know how to appreciate it.

Final thoughts on reasons why people leave your website

If you have a bounce rate of 100%, it means that people only look at one page of your website that they came to and leave immediately. Of course, you want the rate of departure from your site to be as low as possible. So make a work plan and try to make your site as relevant as possible to the keywords you use and, accordingly, expect visits to get longer. These reasons why people leave your website will be a thing of the past.