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Holiday marketing ideas for movers

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What should movers do once the moving season has ended? An idea of sitting and waiting for customers to come surely isn’t the best solution. What we would suggest is taking the situation into your own hands! Be among those movers who have a significant number of customers even during the off-season for movers. How? Well, the holidays are coming. Many people take a vacation during this period, so an option for a move elsewhere might come to one’s mind. Especially if they work remotely. Therefore, using specially created holidays SEO strategies might make you the choice number one whenever one thinks of relocation. Even though there aren’t many people moving during winter, having a customer here and there wouldn’t hurt you, right? Well, one by one, the customers could spread the word, and you might become the most desirable moving company during the holidays!

How to optimize for search engines during the holidays?

What are the keywords people type during holidays?
What is holiday optimization, what keywords to optimize for?

Holiday optimization doesn’t differ that much from basic optimization. What makes the holiday season so special is that people expect discounts. So those people who want to move during the holidays wouldn’t type the same keywords as during the normal moving season. This is why you must adjust and learn what keywords movers should use for holidays. Besides the keywords, the overall strategy changes and adjusts to the holidays. Hence there are several things you should do to attract people to hire you when moving during the holiday season:

  • Retargeting: A perfect timing to get in touch with your previous customers and offer some special deals.
  • Offering discounts: A lower price always attracts new customers.
  • Naming your services differently: Holidays SEO means adjusting the content on your website to the holidays. Implement the words as the Christmas discount, New Year’s special, Holiday gifts etc.
  • Being active on social media: The holidays are the time when people have more free time than usual. So they use social networks a lot more- be in front of their eyes all the time!

Customers retargeting – Holidays are a perfect time for such an activity!

Were there some customers who got in touch with you and then decided to hire another moving company? Is there someone you offered your services, but haven’t decided to move yet? Do you have a loyal customer who you didn’t hear from for a while? The retargeting campaign during the holidays might boom your business and make you an income you couldn’t even make during the peak season! What you need to do is to implement holidays SEO and pick the right media, design, and copy for addressing each of aforementioned types of customers.

What should you do in the retargeting campaign? Well, offer lower prices during holidays for those who didn’t choose you because you were too expensive. Offer special deals to those who still haven’t decided when they shall move. Send some symbolic gifts to your loyal customers. Something as small as access to your WIFI network could make your customers happy.

Holiday discounts – Is there someone who doesn’t like them?

Holidays SEO – People expect discounts during the holiday season!

I personally know people who delay their shopping until the holidays because of the discounts. Believe me, there are people who delay their moving day until winter just for the discounts. If they expect it, be the moving company offering the best deal! Offer full-service moves at the lowest price or offer additional services at no cost. It’s up to you. You might even cooperate with another company, selling some services or products people could use, and offer them completely at no cost. There are thousands of holidays SEO activities you might implement. You get to pick what fits your moving company the best. Do the research, hire marketing professionals for movers, but whatever you do, don’t miss such a great chance to get the customers during the holiday euphoria!

Don’t only create marketing campaigns – Create the whole content strategy based on holidays SEO ideas!

Name your services in accordance with the nearing holidays, and be active changing them whenever some holiday is over and another is approaching. For example, Christmas moving deal should become New Year’s special discount etc. These are surely not the best-chosen words, being that I haven’t even tried to create some catchy title, but you get the picture of what I want to say. Why? Well, the keywords that we spoke about in the articles up to now change during the holiday season. Simply because people change the keywords they type when planning to move. For example, instead of ‘the most affordable movers’ they might type ‘moving day- new year’s special’ or something like that. Whatever you find out the changes are during the holidays, make sure to implement it in your business activity and you can hope for great results!

Social Media – The place to meet your customers

User experience upgrade is inevitable if you want to increase the profit
Improve your website’s user experience

People get relaxed during the holidays season, so they have more free days than usual. This allows them to visit social networks a lot more than during the rest of the year. And this is what should influence the rise in your moving company’s activity on social media. Hence, pay attention to social media marketing for movers more than you used to. Because, no matter how important this kind of marketing is during the year, the importance of being present on social networks multiplies as the end of the year is nearing. Be aware of that, start with smart holidays SEO strategies on time, and become the best choice for people moving during holidays!

In addition to everything aforementioned, you should try to implement some new things in your moving business. If you attract people to visit your website during holidays, wouldn’t it be nice if they saw some change there? Not only in your pricing, but in the overall experience of using your site. For example, what’s the most important thing to every person intending to move? A price they’ll pay, right? Well, why wouldn’t you provide them with an accurate price directly on your website? You can do this by using the moving quote calculator software. Everybody will be delighted, and you’ll definitely get more leads and more customers. People like honesty and what they like even more is to know the price they’ll pay. You’ll offer them both if you give them an option to calculate the price in only a few minutes.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in what you might do to improve the overall user experience when coming to your website, we offer a free website analysis. All you need to do is get in touch with us!