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Software features movers should seek for

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The trends are that technology will remain the factor number one when it comes to becoming the leader in your movers market. However, not every improvement from the aspect of technology leads to web development for moving companies. You must know what the customers want, find out how you fit into their field of interests, and pick a perfect software solution for the interaction with your customers. This software should: communicate all advantages of hiring your moving company; Help your customers find everything they want easily; Ease the processes up for your employees; Make it easier for you to supervise everything. Is there a chance to find the software covering the aforementioned? Surely yes. To help you with your search, we decided to suggest some of the software features you should seek for.

How to position your company in your moving market?

To become the leader in your market, it doesn’t take being the best at everything. To be honest, it’s quite difficult, if possible, to outcompete all other companies in all areas. Hence, don’t try to do that. What you should do is research. Find out what you are inferior and what you’re superior at (or what you might become superior at).

How to upgrade your moving company?
What should you do to upgrade your moving company?

For example, you might be able to offer fewer services than other companies, but you could offer those services at a significantly lower price. Hence, you won’t offer that many additional services, but you will offer your services at the lowest price. Or you might have good connections and cooperation in all of the USA. Therefore, you could offer the highest quality of long-distance moving services and the most affordable price. But you could be unable to outcompete local moving companies. This could tell you that you should focus on long distance, interstate, or even international moving services.

No matter how old your company is, or how many customers you have, the first step on your road to becoming the leading mover should be to find out what you are able to become the leader at! Everything else comes after that. Knowing your strengths helps a lot with choosing the software for your moving company, and determines the most important software features to look for.

How to pick the ideal software for your moving company?

After you learned what your strengths are, let’s discuss what kind of software you should implement. Basically, more or less, most of the leaders in different moving markets implemented software solutions with similar characteristics. However, those solutions are not quite the same. Some of them have better solutions for one sort of problem, and others for other sorts of problems. We shall mention here the most important software features we found while doing the research, and you will decide how important each of those features is for your moving company:

  • Well-organized customer support – The software you intend to use should ease up the interaction with your customers.
  • Activity plans and schedules – Quality software that should help you supervise the activities easier.
  • Moving costs calculator – The customers want to know the price for their move in advance, hence this is one of the most important software features.
  • Leads management – Upgrade your customer base easily with the appropriate software.
  • Employees management – Let the software help you with the reward and punishment system at your company.
  • Cargo tracking – Let the customers know where their belongings are all the time.
  • Mobile responsiveness – Without this, no software can be called contemporary.

Customer support

Use top software features helping you get in touch with your customers easier
The customers are who you exist for – Search for software features helping you interact with them easier

Being there for your customers and clients is the most important thing. Customer retention is impossible without that. Find the software solution making you able to respond to the needs of your customers online and/or over the phone. Besides this, the software should send you red flags whenever you haven’t heard from some of your clients for a while. There are some customers and clients that were satisfied with your services, but if you don’t remind them you exist, they might forget about you and hire someone else for their next move.

Plan and schedule the activities easily

With company growth, the confusion appears. A good software solution should help you plan and schedule each activity. Find out if some task is accomplished or not in just a few seconds.

Instant moving quote calculator

Yes, there’s an option for an in-home estimate. But it takes days. Plus, you must interrupt your customer and visit his/her home. On the other hand, you have another solution. Implement a moving quote calculator on your website. Allow your customers to calculate their moving cost in just a few minutes, without leaving your website!

Lead generation management

Keep an eye on your client base. Get notified whenever there are not enough new clients, or at least when there are no new leads. Leads are potential new clients, without new clients, your company can’t survive.

Management of your employees

Having a chance to supervise the activities easily gives you a better insight of how your employees are performing. This way, you can be more righteous to your staff. Never miss rewarding a good performance again. Or to find an adequate punishment for the underperforming employee.

Responsiveness for mobile devices – among the most important software features

Nowadays, most people use mobile devices on a daily basis. Having an option to use your mobile device to run your company surely sounds great. That way, you wouldn’t have to carry your laptop around to be able to check the status of some activity. If so, then why would you use a software solution without this feature?