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SEO for mover’s website improvement in Google search results

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The offline movers marketing era is over. It’s over years ago. Today, if you want to conduct your moving business with success, there’s no other choice but going online. And that’s not all. Just going online doesn’t mean your moving company will be recognized by search engines on the web. You could go online, and stay anonymous as well as you stay offline. But if you invest money and effort in SEO for mover’s website improvement, you’ll be a successful moving company. Beating the competition. Becoming a well-known packer & movers for current and future customers.

Of course, it takes time. And it takes the right people for the job. If you put together all the important factors, you will position high on Google search results. And that’s the most important nowadays when most of the sales are made online. SEO for mover’s website improvement helps you do that!

Improve the position of your moving company on the web using SEO for mover's website
SEO for mover’s website improves the position of your moving company on the web

How to implement the SEO for mover’s website improvement in Google search results

First, you should know, no matter how many improvements you make, you need to improve more. The new age means adjusting to the changes before they happen. Hence, movers development isn’t possible if you make some change, position yourself high in web search results, and then, being satisfied, stop with the changes. That’s when you start your fall. You probably heard that it is difficult to get to the top. But it’s even harder to stay there. That’s true when discussing SEO for movers too.

If you implement the SEO for mover’s website improvement, upgrade your position in Google search results, and don’t implement the new things, you’ll disappear from search results in a blink of an eye. Now that you know this, we may start with the presentation. Here are some elements of search engine optimization to implement into your moving company’s website to improve in internet search results:

  • Optimize your website loading speed- This seems unimportant, but Amazon calculated that only 1 second of longer web site loading costs them more than $1.5bn
  • Publish quality content on a regular basis- SEO for mover’s website improvement depends mostly on the content.
  • Create a good internal/external links strategy- The right links add a lot to the SEO value of your website.
  • Use relevant keywords- If you want to position well for your market, use the keywords for it.

The faster your website opens, the better first impression you will make

It is very important that the potential customer doesn’t wait too long for your website to open. Try to remember your recent search for something on the web. How many times did you click an ‘x’ if the website loaded for too long? I know I always do that. So, this is the reason why we mentioned this as the first important thing, although it is not the most important aspect of SEO. It is useless if your website is perfect with the most important SEO elements if it loads for too long and the customer doesn’t even come to see it.

So, we suggest you use some of the tools to check the loading speed for your moving company’s website. For example, use Pingdom to check the speed. After you get the information, if you’re not satisfied, or it’s recommended, improve your website. Optimize your pictures and videos. Sometimes pieces of code can cause slowing down the loading. Upgrade your web host, switch from a shared to a dedicated server. Improving all of this, you should speed up the loading of your website.

The content is where you implement most of the SEO elements

Having a blog section with the SEO optimized content is a winning strategy for a moving company!

The first thing to mention, when it comes to publishing content, is that you need to have a blog section. A blog on mover’s website is a place where you can implement most of the SEO elements to improve your moving company’s website. Hence, not having it is a big handicap. After you implement a blog section, the next factor is quality content. What does it mean, quality content? Well, it means that the content on your blog must be interesting, exciting, inviting for action, and SEO optimized. Plus, you need to publish the content on your blog section at least two times a week.

  • Interesting and exciting content- You should publish the articles that explain some subject concerning the relocation, and give some useful tips to people reading it. If you own a moving company website, your content needs to be relevant for the moving industry!
  • Inviting for an action- This means that you want people to contact you and hire you to conduct their relocation. Now or whenever they move in the future.
  • SEO optimized- Your articles must be well-formatted. Your content needs to have bold and italic text, bullets, internal and external links, photos with captions and alt text and videos. You must be very skillful in implementing all of those elements properly. You don’t want to sound like a machine. Being natural and original is very important for SEO. You must learn to think in an SEO manner. And never duplicate the content, or publish the same text on two or more websites.

You should implement all of the aforementioned insides of your articles in all of your pages. Not only in your blog section. I only discussed it on the example of the blog section because it should be updated the most often.

Creating a link strategy adds to the SEO value of your moving company’s website

Simply put, links are a way to say to big G (Google): ‘Hey, I’m relevant for what I’m writing about!’. To do that, you must create a quite well link strategy. A good internal links strategy means you connect all the inner pages using internal links. We at Movers Development work very hard on this when we try to improve some mover’s website for search engines.

Internal and external links are so important parts of SEO for mover's website
Creating a good link strategy is very important part of SEO for mover’s website

Talking about external links, you need to link the reputable and relevant websites. But you never want to link your articles towards your competition. That way, you would help them grab a position above you in Google search results. So this is very tricky. Find a neutral website, concerning moving business, which is in no way your competition. And use those kinds of links inside all of your articles. Only, never use the same website for more than one link inside of one article. And try not to repeat links from the same website for different articles. The quality use of links is very important for improving your moving company’s website in web search results. It is one of the best tools of SEO for the movers’ website.

Another sort of link is a backlink. Those are links leading to your website from another website. You can get them by paying someone to link some part of the text to your website. Or you can make a deal with some other blog, and create a backlink by guest posting.

Relevant keywords- an essential part of search engine optimization 

Using SEO for mover’s website is impossible without the well-chosen keywords. The keywords you use inside of your website content must be relevant to your industry, which, in this case, is moving industry. You should use the keywords that people type on Google, so they could find you. Also, you don’t want to choose the keywords that were overused before, so you practically have no chance to position for them. Choosing quality keywords is very demanding. Hence, you must use the keyword research. If you manage to choose the right keywords, you can be sure of your mover’s website improvement in web search results!