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Movers software solutions for moving companies

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It is 2017. Every year in the last couple of decades has brought us something new in the moving business. Especially when talking about movers software solutions. It is practically impossible to imagine a competitive moving company without implemented software solutions for moving companies. That company would be either possible only in our imagination, or it would be definitely uncompetitive.

The moving company not using modern movers software solutions would be equally a rival to modern moving companies as the turtle is a rival to a rabbit. And while a rabbit loses to a turtle in a story, be sure that it doesn’t happen in a modern moving business world. So put an effort, find a software solution for your moving company, and start upgrading your moving business. Otherwise, prepare for the consequences of staying put and doing nothing to follow the current moving industry trends.

The benefits of movers software solutions for moving companies

Movers software solutions help you improve your moving business

To become a successful moving company nowadays takes movers development, following the trends in the moving industry (which you can do reading our movers news section). And the trends are that all reputable movers are implementing or already have implemented movers software solutions. Besides that, in case you didn’t know, the moving industry is going mobile too! So besides implementing movers software solutions, moving companies are looking to appear equally in moving devices too. Mostly, these processes happen at the same time. Given that the moving companies are aware of the importance of both movers software solutions. Here are the benefits your moving company would experience implementing software solutions for movers:

  • Simplified interface for employees and for the customers- You will be able to achieve sales in a lot shorter time, and with much less effort.
  • Online moving cost calculator- Helps your potential customers get the moving cost estimate directly from your website.
  • Video estimate- Provide your clients with an exact moving estimate not having to visit their home in person
  • Completely cloud-based technology- You will never be at risk of losing some of the important pieces of information.
  • Providing reports for your moving company- Movers software solutions ease up your financial reporting.
  • Employees support- As you’re implementing a new software solution for your moving company, every mover’s software provider will be there for your employees until they adopt the new movers’ software solutions.

Simplifying the processes for staff and for clients

Use simplified movers software for your customers
Your customers don’t like complications, simplify your moving company’s software for them

Your sales team will be much easier to collect information about the customers. Because the customers are gonna be using the same simplified interface on your moving company’s website. This also indirectly and directly helps your company collect leads. Someone coming to your website, having an option of easily using every piece of information he/she finds there, will probably wish to get in touch with you and discuss the details about the moving. So, a customer is able to find out everything, easy moving throughout your website. What do you think about how probable it is that the customers visiting your website are going to contact you?

Online moving costs calculator

New software solutions for moving companies bring more novelties. Until several years ago, the customers would require a moving quote sending you an e-mail. Moving companies would then do the calculation, and send a reply with an estimate. But nowadays, with new movers software solutions, you can provide potential clients with an estimate directly from your website. They are able to use online moving costs calculator forms, and receive almost exact moving cost estimate in just a few minutes! The online moving cost calculator is adding up to collecting more leads for your moving company directly from your website.

Video estimate solutions

There are even more advantages for the potential clients coming to your website. Besides they are able to receive the initial moving estimate using an online calculator from, they can receive the exact or near-exact estimated moving cost just owning a camera! What am I talking about? I’m talking about video survey platforms! The customer visits your moving company’s website, gets the estimate, and just goes with the camera around the home. Filming everything that customer is gonna move, your employees get the picture about the size of the relocation, and about the time to conduct it. Then they calculate the almost exact cost and provide the customer with an answer shortly! Another way of attracting people to use your moving company for their relocation!

Backup of your database

Your important pieces of information are safe with your new movers software
New software solutions for moving companies take care of your data

I know, you probably have a solution for your database. And you have the back-up for your current software solution. But, the modern movers’ software solutions offer the data back-up for all the important information for your company directly in the Cloud or some other online data storage. Making you able never to worry about losing some important information again. The creators of solutions for moving companies’ software have taken care of your important information safe. Given that there are frequent hackers attacks, threatening to jeopardize your moving business.

Easier financial reporting

How many times have you had a headache whenever the time comes to provide the authorities with your financial reports? Well, if that was the case, as in most cases it was, at least for the owners of moving companies we had an opportunity to discuss this matter with, put the smile on your face. One of the most important features of the new movers’ software solutions is improving end simplifying the financial reporting. Just because of the reason we previously mentioned. Is there any reason not to look for new software for your moving company, at least from the aspect of easing up the financial reporting?

Support for the employees

The most of moving companies owners are scared that it will take too much time for their employees to get used to using the new movers software solutions. It is justified fear, being that no business man wants stagnation or regression in his/her business. But you should in no way worry about that when it comes to new solutions for your moving company’s software. Given that every software supplier and producer puts an effort in simplified software solutions. So that your employees are easier to use new instead of an old software solution. Anyway, every one of them is prepared to provide the support for your employees until they are fully prepared to use the new software on their own, with no troubles.

Besides the software, you should use various tools to improve your business. Here are the 3 free tools to simplify your business in 2017:

These were the reasons to think about the implementation of new movers software in your moving business. In case you want to consult us for recommendations, please feel free to contact us! We can offer you an online moving cost calculator form, separately from the movers’ software. Providing you with the possibility of a free website audit. Letting you know how you can improve your moving business upgrading your movers SEO and appearing higher in web search results!