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Guest posting in the moving industry- A way to improve your moving business

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Guest posting is a terrific way to draw people to your website. By that, to your company, of course. This works for almost all industries. But being that we are a company developing movers, we’ll talk about guest posting in the moving industry. The discussion will cover many fields. Explaining the term, the influence of the guest posting, the explanation of how to use this marketing strategy etc. Professional movers should know that the website and the blog are essential.

The guest posting helps to upgrade those two. All of them together influence the positioning of your moving company high on internet searches. And being highly positioned is the first step to acquiring the client directly from the web. That’s why guest posting in the moving industry is so important. Read this article and check out how to do it the best.

Guide to guest posting in moving industry

Guest posting in moving industry know-how

Guest posting is an important strategy for SEO for movers. That way, your moving company reaches people outside of your website and your blog. And draws them to you. But, before we start to widen this discussion, let’s just stop and find out what are we gonna talk about:

  • What is posting as a guest actually- Explaining the terms and the basics of the guest blog posting.
  • How useful is guest posting in the moving industry- Why do we recommend so highly that professional movers should use guest posting.
  • The steps of making a guest blog post– In which way can you use the guest posting to upgrade the number of visits to your packers and movers website.

The explanation of the term ‘guest posting’

Guest posting means posting your articles on someone else’s blog or web page. So basically you write an article and publish it on some other website than yours. To reach that possibility, you could implement the option of others posting as guests on your blog or website. That would be an excellent way of attracting people to come, and by that let you publish your post on their page.

The usefulness of guest posting in the moving industry

Attract people come to your website by posting as a guest on other websites
Moving industry guest blog posting make people come to your moving company’s website

Posting your articles on other websites is excellent because other people can see what are you writing. That way, by clicking the link, they could visit your website. And it means getting customers from some other business. Diversifying your job is always excellent. And diversifying movers SEO is improving the marketing position of your moving company. That’s the most important matter for a moving service!

Another advantage is scoring points in the ‘eyes’ of search engines. How? Well, your article will be linked to your website. And it will look like if someone from that website linked some content to your website. Therefore, google or some other search engine will recognize it as relevant for the moving industry. So, besides you’re getting customers from some other website, you’re also building the relevancy of your content in search engines.

What you must do is to make sure you made a link to your website visible enough. Furthermore, you need to follow what happens with the post you published. Respond to any comment on the post.

The strategy of moving websites guest blogging

  1. Find the right website to publish your article: Only websites good in reach are a decent place to publish your content. That way you can hope to draw customers to your website. Is it worth the effort if you invest an effort in publishing the article on a website that has almost no visits?
  2. Create the interesting content: Now that you found the right place to publish your content, you need to create one. That content needs to be high-quality, useful and interesting. It should invite people to your moving company’s website. And it should be attractive to the owner of the website where you’re publishing it. So you could publish more articles in the future.
  3. Guest post promotion: Once you wrote the article, you need the crowd. Don’t just sit and wait for the chosen website visitors to come and read it. Be entrepreneurial. Share the article on social networks. Make it visible for a wider range of people.
  4. Calculate the influence of the guest post: Whenever you post on someone’s website, see how it influenced your business. Measure if there’s an increase in your website visitors. Check out if the number of customers grew after you posted the article. That way you’ll know if it’s useful to guest post on that particular site again.
Measure every guest post's influence on your moving company website's visits
Calculate the influence your guest posting makes on your moving business

The additional pieces of advice: Commonly made guest posting mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Writing about your business is wrong. Nobody likes to read ads. Create interesting and exciting content, with a short moving business-based content with your link inside of it. But no more than one-two paragraphs. The rest of the content should be related to the subject of the website where you’re posting your article. Only that way may you hope to get readers, and indirectly visitors to your website.
  • You should offer something for free to a reader. For example the free estimate for the relocation. That way you’re drawing people to your website. And when they come there, it’s very probable that they would examine it. Otherwise, if someone isn’t about to move, or isn’t interested in moving business, it’s not likely that they will click on your website link.
  • Don’t start the guest posting in the moving industry if you don’t have good content on your moving company website’s blog page. If you do that, you will get visitors on your website. But you won’t profit out of it. Because people visiting it would go away the moment they come and see an uninteresting website. So, why would you do that?
  • Wondering around looking for more and more websites for guest blog posting isn’t such a good idea. We suggest you do the research and find what websites bring clients to you. And then stick to them, becoming a regular contributor. This is a way of building a strong position on the web. Of course, you shouldn’t stop looking for new websites. You never know when you could find the strong websites eager to publish your articles!