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Video survey platforms outclass in-home estimates

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The new age has come. In all categories of our lives. Especially in the business sector. And especially in the moving business, given that the moving industry is one of the fastest-growing fields of business in the last decades. More and more people are moving more and more often. There are a lot of new moving agencies competing to beat each other and catch hold of the biggest share of the market pie. In accordance with this, there are constant improvements in movers’ software, with the intention to be the first to implement something new.

Video survey platforms are one of the most obvious and most successful inventions that appeared in the movers market for ages. They improved moving business in so many ways. In fact, video surveys are beating in-home estimates so hard that most moving professionals are implementing it, stopping to send employees into moving people’s houses.

How video survey platforms outclass in-home estimates

Moving estimates are the must-have software for your moving company
Video survey platforms are the future of moving estimates

As the owner of a moving company, you must constantly follow what happens in the moving market. Not following the latest trends in movers software changes might cost you your position on the moving market, or even make you lose your moving business. Don’t let that happen! Keep up with the latest movers news.

Don’t miss any trend that appears on the moving market or any positive change that could improve your moving business. Because if you do miss it, not only that you won’t improve your moving company’s business. You will soon be unable to keep up with the other professional movers. Especially with those that implemented the changes in their moving company’s software promptly. Video survey platforms are so important that if you don’t start implementing it now, it will be too late in a short time!

The improvement of moving businesses using video estimates

There are several ways of how video survey improves your moving business. It lowers the cost for an accurate estimate, lets your customers feel more comfortable being able to get estimated moving costs online and in a shorter time, and makes it possible to get in touch with anyone around the globe!

  • Lowering the cost of an estimate

You're saving money if you use video survey platforms
Video survey platforms save your money

The customers mostly want to know the accurate cost for their move before they conduct it. So, in order to do that, moving companies used to send moving professionals to the home of a customer. That way, you were able to check what they own, and what’s actually gonna be moved. This was the only way to provide the customer with an accurate moving estimate. The cost of that was, in money, around 250$ on average. Not to mention that you were forced to send your professionals to their homes, never knowing if you’re even gonna be hired. Plus, those people visiting the homes of customers were unable to do anything else. Which is an additional expense?

Now, having a video survey platform, you can do all of it for a lot less time and money. There are two options. You can use a video survey with a survey bot. The cost of that is somewhere around 100$. Or you could use only a video estimate, which lowers the cost down to 20$ per estimate! Hence, the difference in what you pay for providing this kind of service is pretty obvious! It lowers the expense of 50-90%!!! Is there any reason not to implement video survey platforms into your moving company’s everyday activities?

  • Now, what does this mean to the customers?

Well, the same thing as for you! Only from another point of view. You save money for your moving company, and customers save time contacting more moving companies! As simple as that. To see how the overall experience of a customer is improved, we shall compare the usual in-home estimate to a new video estimate:

In-home estimate:

-Takes about 4 hours to be conducted

-The customer receives the estimate about a week later

-Maximum average cost: 250$

Video estimate:

-Takes about 15 minutes to do it

-The customer is provided with an accurate estimate in only 4 hours on average

-The cost is 90$ or lower

  • No obstacles in terms of the distance of the potential customer

Video survey platforms are the future of moving estimates
Video survey platforms are the moving estimates from the future

The Internet is available around the globe. Hence, using the online video survey platforms, you’re connected to the whole world! It makes no trouble to you if someone asks you for an estimate, and you’re not anywhere near to come and do the evaluation. Having a video estimate makes it not a problem at all. The customer just uses the video estimate and you’ll prepare the accurate estimate for the moving in only 4 hours. That way, you become a competition to all moving companies where you have interests to conduct your moving business.

What is the future of a moving estimate?

Definitely a video estimate. Certainly, those video survey platforms will be upgraded over time. There is space to improve video estimate, being that they were invented not so long ago. And after those upgrades, this will definitely be the best way to provide customers with an accurate moving estimate. Follow the trends in movers software, or be the one to follow the competition, having to leave the market after a certain period of time. It’s up to you. We’re here to provide you with the latest news and trends, so you could be updated with the prompt and essential information for your moving business!


  • Video survey platforms lower your costs
  • The customers feel much more comfortable using a video estimate
  • An online video estimate makes the evaluation of the moving costs quicker
  • You can get customers from a lot wider area than before
  • The trends are that video survey platforms will completely replace in-home estimates