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Obsolete marketing tactics you should avoid

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If your marketing efforts seem to be in vain, that may actually have nothing to do with the quality of your business or the amount of money you are spending. In fact, the only thing that could be to blame for its demise is the obsolete marketing tactics you are using. After all, it’s reasonable to assume that there are out-of-date approaches, given how rapidly the digital marketing world evolves and how quickly trends become irrelevant. In case you have been trying to distinguish yourself in ways that do not pay off, you don’t need to fret as you are just about to learn how to advertise a moving company the right way. That being said, today we list all the things you may be doing that are out of touch with the times in an effort to help you stay clear of them!

Prioritizing quality over quantity

Some agencies still operate under the outdated belief that posting a lot of content daily is the best practice. Truth be told, consistency is important if you want to keep generating moving company leads. Nevertheless, it’s doubtful that you can keep producing high-quality material at this rate. Ideally, you want to find that sweet spot where quality meets quantity. Of course, this middle ground will differ from business to business. Or rather, it will highly depend on the audience your business attracts.

Still, how does one determine what ”quality content” is? Well, simply put, it’s a type of content that provides value to its readers. With that in mind, instead of creating one purely for the sake of doing so, how about you focus on answering your audience’s questions?

Now, at first, it won’t be easy to find the balance between quality and quantity. As this is the process of trial and error, you’ll have to experiment to see what will ”click” with your readers. Furthermore, you can use the period when you aren’t posting to interact with your audience. Social media proves the ideal way to form stronger relationships with them, so make sure to utilize this resource to the best of your ability!

Keeping the website the same for years on end

A screen saying ''designers should always keep their users in mind''
When it comes to the website design, update it to provide users with the best possible experience.

Let’s say a prospect was to see your ad and decided to click on it. Then, once taken to the landing page, they were met with outdated graphics and confusing navigation. Would they stay on the website long enough to see the value of your services? Absolutely not. They would be running for the hills before you know it. Having said that, if the goal is to convert leads into paying customers, you’ll need to pay attention to improving customer experience. In other words, you’ll need to pay extra attention to keeping your website up to date.

In addition, website maintenance isn’t all about design and functionality. What’s also important is to provide fresh information regarding your services. For instance, there aren’t any obsolete marketing tactics that will drive your customers away faster than intrusive social media ads concerning a service that cannot be found on the site, to begin with. Therefore, in addition to upgrading the aesthetics, make sure to update the content, too.

Paying attention strictly to leads

Let’s face it, it’s in the nature of business owners to be greedy. After all, we want to have as many customers as possible since it’s those customers that help our businesses grow. However, the problem begins when one becomes ”too greedy” on their way to growth. Or rather, when one pays attention to nothing but generating new leads, thus neglecting the existing customers. Keeping your clientele satisfied ensures a steady flow of revenue, as they are less likely to go elsewhere for their requirements.

A sign that says ''where customers matter''.
To avoid the backlash caused by obsolete marketing tactics, focus on your existing clients, and not only lead generation.

With that in mind, we recommend you don’t waste time and money on marketing tactics meant to bring in new customers. Instead, focus on satisfying your current ones. Now, let’s say you’re concerned about maintaining your existing clientele’s interest. Then, it’s a good idea to employ automation solutions. Ones that categorize consumers according to their sales funnel position and service preferences.

Furthermore, the best moving company marketing is the one coming from your customers. A pleased and devoted consumer is like a walking billboard for your business. They will gladly recommend your services to others who are in need of them.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the most common obsolete marketing tactics that one can employ. However, despite one thinking that using as many keywords as possible will aid their marketing efforts, doing so is bound to do the exact opposite. In reality, content that contains multiple key phrases tends to be more difficult to read. And when something isn’t easy to read, chances are people will give up on it before even getting to the middle part.

On another note, when we know exactly what we’re talking about, the keywords will come on their own. Additionally, we won’t have to hammer them into the text 100 times so that search engines pick up on them.

Looking at traffic as a metric of success

Looking at traffic as a measure of success is one of the obsolete marketing tactics.
Traffic isn’t successful if it doesn’t come from the right audience.

The higher the traffic the more successful the business. Well, maybe, but then again, maybe not. Let’s look at it this way. What good does it make having thousands of people visit your website when these people aren’t your target audience? One that’s actually going to utilize your services? To answer the question, no good whatsoever!

Getting more high-quality visitors – those who are interested in what you have to offer and can afford to pay for it – is imperative to success. Therefore, instead of trying to boost traffic, it’s more important to focus on the engagement and quality of that traffic. After all, that way, you increase the likelihood of those visitors converting into paying customers.

It’s time you said goodbye to the obsolete marketing tactics

There is a wide variety of digital marketing strategies available, but you risk wasting time and money if you don’t choose the ones that are most applicable to your business. With that said, obsolete marketing tactics certainly are the ones you should abandon immediately. Then again, digital marketing, as a whole, sees its fair share of changes on a constant basis. And that’s precisely why keeping up to date with new trends is essential. It’s only by staying in the loop that you can be sure that no energy will be spent on practices that won’t bring you or your company any good.