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The future of moving- Forthcoming expats

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The moving world never stops moving. The changes are happing as I’m writing this article. The circumstances taking place all around us influence the business we all live from. Hence, one of the most interesting things for moving companies and those cooperating with them is what is the future of moving, and what are the profiles of forthcoming expats? Not in terms of different kinds of traffic. I mean, there is not much space to make too many innovations there. Or various solutions for cargo transportation. The moving companies’ owners have a different point of view. The field of interests for those among you trying to adjust to the forthcoming expats is- how do they look like. Why will they want to move? Where shall they be moving to, and where from?

This is an approach of those smart people knowing that the changes are inevitable. So those smart people among you know that adjusting to those changes is better sooner than later. However, you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to be the first, or among the first, implementing changes to the moving business. You wouldn’t be among professional movers unless you knew that. Given that we are in a changing business too, I decided to provide you with the profiles of top 4 kinds of people from the future of moving. This should help you prepare your activities in marketing for movers to attract them come to your moving company!

Which way will the future of moving be different from now?
How the global changes influence the future of moving?

Meet the expatriates from the forthcoming years

I love being old fashioned (in a positive sense, of course). This is the way I dress, the way I treat people and my hobbies are in accordance with that lifestyle. But in business, especially this stands for moving business, being old-fashioned is not good. It leads to stagnation. And, you probably know that stagnation leads to losing your clients. Hence, movers development should be right around the corner for you who haven’t yet started with the changes. And, remember, once you implement the changes, you must keep doing it. As we said, the moving world is ever-changing.

Read all the news you can about the future of moving (we have a section with news for movers to help you collect important information). There are hundreds of ways how you can change to beat your competition. And you should find at least something you do better than others. This is the only way to survive in these cruel times.

In this particular article, you’ll be able to read about the predicted types of moving people in years to come:

  • Businesswomen moving- The ordinary trend was that men used to move for jobs, taking the family with them. But nowadays that has been changing.
  • Talented youth migration- The capital attracts young and talented people, and this trend will be so much more intense in the future of moving.
  • Short term relocations- The moving in the future will be less and less of long term character. In favor of short-term relocations.
  • Migration for meeting other cultures- The world becomes a multicultural community, which is great news for those aiming to meet other cultures.

Women moving for the career

The global mobility will have much more business women directly involved
Businesswomen will make a much greater share of global mobility in the future

You know that men were those who used to be getting better and more paid jobs. The family supporters in one word. Relocating to other cities, countries, and continents for a better life. But things are changing, and they will be even more rapidly changing in the future of moving. The number of women getting top management positions will reach unimagined levels. Therefore, hundreds of thousands and millions of women moving for the job will be a normal thing in just several years from now.

So the core of moving companies businesses should be more and more turned to attract women as future customers. And, we all know, that the advertising solutions are completely different for men and for women. This is why you should be working on your moving company’s marketing strategies already. You won’t be able to change overnight. Pay special attention to SEO for movers. It is the best way to get leads for your moving company directly from the website!

Future talented youngsters migration

Twenty-thirty years in the past, young people moving for a better life were almost exceptions. At least those moving far from home. The majority of people used to tend to stay near home until finishing school. Only, this isn’t 1980, or 1990. The year 2020 is coming. The changes are happening rapidly. In only two-three years, after the future of moving happens, you could be out of the business. If you lost the battle with the future moving trends. Even today, we can see how things are changing.

The next big thing will be a commonly used word for the most of the changes in the years to come
The never-stopping chase for big things will be the leading idea of tomorrow

I’ll help you picture the changes through the sport. Let’s look at football or basketball. Do you remember how many youngsters (teenagers of 15-16 years old) were playing for the great clubs in the past? For those younger among you, I’ll give you an answer. Dozen or two among millions of players. Do you see how things changed in just a decade or two?

Let me be even more clear in calling you for immediate action. Look at how many people is moving to the far east in the last 5 years. You can look at top football and basketball players again. The number of them is multiplied by several hundred in only 5 years. And the number of scientists, experts and professionals is multiplied even by more. And the future relocation trends creators predict that the multiplication will continue. Who will be more prepared to move further for a better future than the talented youngsters? It requires another adjustment in your marketing for movers, and in your moving company software solutions. The youngsters follow new trends in technology.

Short term relocation is going to rule the world of moving in the future

It is quite clear why is this happening. You can see yourself that there are rare people who can be proud of keeping the same job for more than 5-10 years. So when people quit one job or get fired, they need to seek for another. And nowadays it is difficult to find a well-paid job immediately and in the same location. People are ready to move far from home, regarding that as a short term solution, until they find a good job and get settled. And that is what will be the trend in future relocations even more. Given that more and more people work in an IT sector, where moving companies appear and disappear from the market in years, or even months.

Speaking about numbers, from 2008 until 2017, the percentage of long-term migrations fell from 63%-45%. The fastest drop was happening in the last couple of years. At the same time, short-term relocations share is growing. From 14%-22%! And the clear trends are that this is definitely going to continue at least for decades to come. Now we know that people are predicted to move in the future for a job, and for a good education leading to a good job. Maybe you could connect those things to your moving business? The fact is that people like having multiple problems solved not needing to visit multiple places. I’m just saying…

Globalization affects the future of moving

You can probably see that more and more companies are multicultural. You probably have people of different cultures in your company too. This is something that has been happening for decades. But slowly. Now the rapidity is predicted to grow even more. The reason for that is that the communities have become multicultural. Almost everywhere in the world. And the companies, in order to understand different types of thinkings, tend to employ people of different cultures. Especially those companies conducting their business globally. They look for qualified candidates from all over the world. And those people are ready to move for a better job.

The number of multinational and global companies grows each day. Having in mind that global companies are almost always the wealthy ones, we can conclude that people will be moving to their headquarters, or wherever they might be looking for candidates. And having in mind the rise of the IT sector, and how fast are companies becoming global nowadays, we can also understand why the trends are showing that this kind of relocations will be a considerable share of the future world of moving.

Another way of how globalization affects future trends in mobility is the development of formerly weak countries. And they are looking for a qualified workforce now. The best examples are the countries of BRICKS. But there are plenty of positive examples besides them all around the world. We can mention i.e. the countries of South Asia as those affecting the relocation of the future.