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Moving industry is going mobile

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If the business world is a dog-eat-dog endeavor then I don’t know what words to use to describe the moving world. Being that it is one of the fastest-growing industries. There are more and more people relocating each day. Together with them, new moving companies are founded. In a situation like that, ideas and software change daily. So you either adjust, or you disappear from the moving market scene. One of the changes happening recently is that the moving industry is going mobile.

In fact, it didn’t start recently, but the number of professional movers going mobile is growing fast in recent times. That’s why you, as a moving company owner, must consider adjusting to these important changes in the business surroundings. Because if you don’t, you could lose the battle with technology. The moving industry is going mobile, whether you like it or not.

Moving industry is going mobile, keep up!
It is predicted that there will be 6.4 billion users of smartphones by 2021, so follow the trends and use those numbers, if the moving industry is going mobile, you go mobile too!

The moving industry is going mobile, and you should adjust!

Improving the website design for movers and implementing SEO in the content is a good step. But it certainly is not enough. You must follow the trends in the moving industry, in terms of upgrading your movers’ software, if you want to succeed. Otherwise, the competition will beat you easily. Given that some of your competitors have set some standards, they are making customers expect all the moving companies to offer the same kind of services. If you don’t, they’ll simply go to your competition. It’s something you should expect. No matter if they are long-term customers. Once the better offer appears, they’ll leave you. It’s business, not love. Get used to it and adjust to the changes!

Here’s why you should have your moving business go online:

  • Customers expect you to do that- Many moving companies went mobile months/years ago, and people now expect the rest of professional movers to do the same!
  • The competition is adjusting while you’re reading this article- Your competition knows this, and they’re going mobile every moment!
  • You’ll be able to upgrade your communication with the ‘outside world’- The communication with the current and potential customers will be so much easier.
  • The responsiveness of your sales team will be so much better- They’ll be able to respond to customers all the time.
  • You’ll be able to collect more important data- The additional benefit of adding a mobile application as a professional mover is collecting more data from the customers.
  • Attracting the clients will improve a lot- The moving industry is going mobile globally, and the movers who follow the trend and make the mobile application are getting more customers- join them.
  • If you don’t, you’ll vanish- If you stop following the software trends in the moving industry, you won’t be a member of it for a lot longer.

You must fulfill customers’ expectations

Mobile took over desktop- create a mobile application at once
86% of the time spent on smartphones is spent on mobile apps- another call to create a mobile application for your moving business!

Your job is dead without customers. Customers got used to communicating with moving companies using mobile applications. If you don’t get one, you won’t be able to communicate with customers soon. If you don’t communicate with the customers, you won’t have any. You know what this means. So, if your competition takes initiative, you should follow their example. If the moving industry is going mobile, you should go mobile, too!

Moving world members follow the trends

Most of your competition, or all of them, are either considering going mobile, or they started the process! So you’re becoming inferior to more and more packers and movers every minute, every day and every week. Stop that from happening by adding another option for communication with the clients! Have your moving company go online!

Advance your communication with current and potential clients

As we said, people expect to communicate with professionals about their relocation over mobile applications. Having such an option, you’ll discuss the terms with a lot more potential clients. And having that kind of opportunity makes it more certain that you’ll attract more customers to pick you to conduct their relocation! In every business every single dollar matters. Don’t forget that and fight for every client. If it means adding a mobile application into your business, then do that!

Salesmen will do their job much easier

Having an opportunity to answer any question promptly adds to the good look of your moving company in the eyes of customers. Besides that, it gives the opportunity to the salesmen to continue the communication with the clients even if they’re not sitting in front of the computer. Another thing is that people are much more relaxed communicating using mobile applications, that’s what every research shows. Do you want to have more customers? Go mobile you movers!

Do the research using only mobile application

Go mobile and make smartphone users spend couple of minutes on your mobile application
The average owner of a smartphone spends 3.3 hours a day using it- let them use your moving company’s application, go mobile!

Going mobile has multiple benefits on a professional mover’s business. One of them is being able to collect the data directly from the mobile application. And you don’t even need to bug people to answer your questions. They’ll answer them themselves. Liking, commenting, declaring interests, asking questions, etc. helps you find out what people are looking for. And you can then implement it in your moving business. Beating the competition!

Be closer to attracting the customers

Nowadays, people are carrying their mobile devices everywhere. So if you implement a mobile application in your moving business, you’re going to be closer to your customers. Being in front of someone’s eyes can never be a bad thing. It doesn’t even matter if most of the people that see your moving company on their smartphones don’t have a plan to move soon.

They’ll be moving in the future (the research shows that an American moves 12 times in lifetime on average). And when they start thinking about moving, they’ll remember you. That’s why you need to make a good impression. And that’s why going mobile is just one strategy. Only combined with implementing SEO elements and great web design it can give results in terms of new clients!

Not following the innovator makes you a loser

This might sound stern, but it’s the truth. You know I’m right. And I know that because I saw many moving companies disappear just because they were stubborn not wanting to implement changes. This world is cruel. Especially the world of the moving industry, where there is a lot of competition. If one company makes even a step forward, you need to make at least two. Because the one that makes the first step takes the next steps much faster! And you can’t afford to lag even for a month or two. So if you know that the moving industry is going mobile, don’t resist. If you can’t beat those who implement mobile applications, join them, and beat them with own weapon!