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Leads for movers – How to get them?

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Are the leads for movers what you’re looking for? Who doesn’t, right? Well, if you’re truly seeking to improve your moving business, you need to invest yourself in the field of marketing activities, given that marketing is what directly attracts people to your company for relocation. Don’t lose time. We have a few suggestions about what you can do. Let’s move on to the tactics for getting movers leads directly from your website. As a movers development team, we’re here to provide you with high quality and affordable services. Making you shine like a star in the sea of average moving companies. Become a leader in your moving market by investing in the right things, instead of wasting money on activities not returning you the value you expect.

A good marketing tactic is what makes your strategy successful!

The king in generating leads for movers must know the right tactic at the right time
Become a king in generating leads for movers

Sounds easy, but it takes serious consideration of what you want to achieve, and how it fits into your marketing strategy. After all, after thinking it through, you could also conclude that your marketing strategy isn’t the best. So you could decide to change it. The main indicator for every mover’s marketing activity should be the ability to create leads for movers. The customers are who moving companies exist for. And they are the people creating a profit for your moving company. This is why you should adjust every move you make to what your customers expect from you.

Here are our tips on what you could do:

  • Upgrade the website- Not quite the part of marketing strategy, but directly influences the quality of it.
  • Start blogging- A good way of interacting with your current and potential customers.
  • Do customer research- Learn how your customers think!
  • Invest in your reputation- People take mover’s reputability seriously, and you want leads for movers, right?
  • Social networks can earn you money Everybody has some social account, use that in your favor.
  • Online marketing always beats the offline It’s the modern time, act in accordance with that.
  • Email campaigns could be a smart move- Why wouldn’t you approach your customers directly?

Who’s available for your customers and clients 24/7?

Your website! So, what do you think, how important is it for your moving company to have a modern, quality and responsive website? It’s crucial nowadays. Here’s only one fact, 97% of all shoppers buy online! And if you get a customer to your website, and we’ll show you several ways how you can do that, they should be interested enough to get in touch with you. This is where your website jumps in! Be attractive and your website visitors will become leads for your moving company momentarily.

The blog is one way of attracting people to come to your website

A highly optimized, interesting and informative blog is something every person intending to move is almost certainly gonna read. Reading it, they will come to your website, with the potential to make them your customers. Sounds interesting? We know a way to improve your blog for movers and make all we’re writing about happen.

Research what your customers like, and become someone they would hire

You can't satisfy your customers' needs if you don't know what they want
Get to know your customers so you could satisfy their needs

How can you satisfy your customer’s needs if you don’t know what they are? So our recommendation is to thoroughly research what are the main interests of your potential customers, and try to offer a little more. Such as, for example, some additional services free of charge. Or packing supplies, if they are conducting the packing etc. If the customers feel they get something extra from you, they shall like you more than the others. And that is what you want, given that you’d be their choice for moving professional! It’s up to you only to discover what the customers in your area appreciate the most.

‘Hire only quality, reliable, and reputable movers…’

This is most likely the sentence you’ll find in every guide to hiring professionals for your move. And this is what your customers read, believe us. Especially having in mind the number of moving frauds nowadays. So it’s in no case a default that you are reliable and reputable. Why don’t you prove it? Make the reviews from your customers obvious on your website. Of course, first, take care that your customers get satisfied. Besides this, offering extra value will help the ‘mouth to mouth’ marketing, which is the best possible source of leads for movers.

Social networks socialize your moving company

In terms of getting it closer to your customers. This is a place where you can directly interact with everyone interested in your services. Or have a need to relocate and searching for the best option. People are relaxed when using social networks, so, while we recommend staying professional, we also suggest that you should be a little more open to communication when using social networks. Besides communication, using social media you can promote your blog. Sharing it with more and more people. Upgrading your marketing ideas for movers one by one you’re upgrading your moving company’s online presence significantly.

Modern vs old kinds of marketing

Although some kinds of old marketing could help your company, there is no doubt that online marketing beats offline in every possible sense. It’s not a problem to keep using those offline marketing strategies and tactics. But not implementing the online marketing the odds are very low that your moving company must fail to try to survive in modern surroundings.

Non-invasive email campaigns

Discover what kind of email campaign draws customers to your website

Email is not dead! This would be just the appropriate sentence to describe the email campaigns use even nowadays. So many people think that nobody opens emails anymore. But, this is so far from the truth. The only thing we must emphasize here is that you must pay attention to the structure and kind of emails you’re sending to reach out to your customers. You’ll never get leads for movers if you attack your clients like a predator. You need to be more subtle in an era of social networks and over-informative content everywhere.

The email you are sending needs to be polite, interesting and calling for action. It will almost never call for an action if you directly call the customer to come to your website. Therefore, we suggest sending important news from the world of moving, or your blog content. It might create interest, and keep your moving company in front of your potential customer’s eyes. So even if he/she doesn’t intend to move at this point in time, you will be the first one they’ll call once they desire to change the residence!

We offer to conduct an audit of your website for free. Providing you with detailed pieces of information on what needs to be upgraded and improved. Starting with software solutions to your moving company’s website optimization for search engines.