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In-house SEO vs SEO companies

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At this point, no one is disputing the importance of SEO anymore. Everyone’s been thoroughly convinced of how useful it is for any business that wishes to have an online presence. As such, a new problem arises – deciding between in-house SEO vs SEO companies and which one is perfect for your needs? In this article, Movers Development looks into the upsides and downsides of each option to help you make the decision.

In-house SEO advantages

Audience written on whiteboard
When choosing between in-house SEO vs SEO companies, only the former will really let you target your ideal audience.

Deeper understanding

When discussing in-house SEO vs SEO companies, then the first and most significant advantage of having your own teams is the depth of their understanding of your business. It is absolutely impossible for a hired SEO company to know as much about your brand, goals, products, and service as your own team.

Take moving company SEO as an example. Even if a hired company has some dealing with it, they will typically not know the exact angle of approach suitable to you. Do you prefer to focus on local moves? What about the areas you get the most work in? They will, of course, get basic info from you. But it will hardly be as detailed as what your own team could discern.

Close cooperation

A close-knit SEO team
With in-house SEO you can really get to know the team and work with them.

Naturally, the second advantage of in-house SEO is the fact that they will be there for you at any point during a workday. If there is something you are dissatisfied with, or if you want to alter some of your previous decisions, then you can easily do so with a quick call or a stroll to their office space. This means that you will really be able to tailor your SEO to the needs of your company. You will also be able to respond to any changes in the market or newly arising trends quickly and efficiently. With your own SEO team’s support, you will always be on top of things.

In-house SEO disadvantages

Stalling experience growth

It has to be acknowledged that the most significant disadvantage of an in-house SEO team is how specialized they often are. There are many ways to do SEO, and if you work for a single company for a long time it is easy to get caught up in the routine. If you want to make any very sudden and extreme changes, there is a chance that your SEO team will not perform to the same standard they used to. The same goes for entirely new approaches to doing SEO.

For example, long-term SEO professionals can find it difficult to switch from shorter keywords to the newly popular long keywords. It is simply something they are far too used to, to the point that they reflexively shorten keywords even if it would be better to use a long one.

Recruitment difficulties

The final disadvantage of dragging down in-house SEO is the fact that recruitment is often difficult. Finding professionals who can do a stellar job is not as easy as you may think. Oftentimes, people require long training periods in order to get into the swing of things. And even if they do have lots of prior experience, they may not be able to quickly adjust to the way things are done in your company.

Additionally, complicating things is the fact that SEO professionals tend to change their place of work frequently. Doing so in pursuit of better working conditions and salary. So, you may have difficulties enticing your trained personnel to stay.

The advantages of SEO companies

SEO statistics
SEO companies are also excellent at analyzing SEO performance data if you need them to.

Easy scaling

If talking about the differences between in-house SEO vs SEO companies, then the latter wins hands down when it comes to scaling ability. If you put in all the effort required to master how to advertise a company and it bears fruit, you naturally want to take advantage of the momentum and expand your company. In such situations, it can be a disheartening thing to realize that your SEO team is simply not large enough, or experienced enough, to deal with the influx of work. SEO companies do not have this issue at all and will be able to handle the workload with ease.

Much cheaper

When facing the dilemma of in-house SEO vs SEO companies, there is another thing to recommend the latter. And it is quite a convincing argument, at that. SEO companies are typically much cheaper! Just think: you will not need to pay out a consistent salary to every SEO team member. Even if there are no new drives and challenging SEO tasks, you would still need to pay them the same amount. On the other hand, SEO companies just charge their fee and take the work off your hands.

The disadvantages of SEO companies

Frequent waiting times

Of course, not everything works in favor of SEO companies. The first disadvantage is the waiting time required when paying them for a new task. For example, you may need to generate moving leads quickly and want strong SEO support to do it. However, you would hardly be the only customer of an SEO company. As such, depending on how busy they are, you may need to wait for quite a while. Which can end up costing you the best possible window of opportunity to act.

Lacking communication

The second serious argument against the latter in the dilemma of in-house SEO vs SEO companies is the frequent lack of communication that working with an SEO company entails. As we’ve said already, you are not their only customer. As such, they often only do the bare minimum of communication required to roughly grasp your needs. If you need to contact them over something, it can be difficult, and you may even need several days for them to respond. And if they get to your messages or emails too late, it may lead to even longer waiting times for your commission to be completed because they’d done a part of it already.

Final advice

In the end, for the question of in-house SEO vs SEO companies, it will all come down to your own needs. If you have a limited budget and just want to establish yourself as a company on the internet, then a company is probably better. However, if you are running a successful and large business, you will likely want a suitable SEO team of your own to help you manage things online.