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Ideas for advertising your business before peak season

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The peak moving season is approaching and companies that failed to prepare on time are searching for short-burst tactics to make up for it. Luckily, with digital marketing, there are always last-minute solutions that you can use for advertising your business before peak season. One cannot hope to neglect the current global crisis that COVID-19 has caused and the disbalance it caused. However, this is no reason to neglect your efforts to gather leads for the upcoming moving season given that most relocation companies are still operating as usual. People are still looking for safe ways to relocate, and they need reliable movers now more than ever.

5 ideas for advertising your business before peak season

In the past, we’ve covered essential topics when it comes to different ways to advertise a moving business. And sure enough, those strategies still apply at all times. However, sometimes, movers find themselves in situations where the peak season is just around the corner and they simply lack the time to develop a proper marketing strategy. That is when you have to focus on last-minute solutions that have overnight effectiveness. We’ve prepared five simple yet battle-tested ways to promote your moving business just before the moving season begins:

1. Focus your resources and energy on AdWords campaigns

As a Pay Per Click (PPC) company for movers, our team understands how big of a role paid advertising can play, especially when the timing is right. However, not everyone has the experience and skillset to create the perfect AdWords campaign, especially one that is industry-specific. Brand searches tend to increase during the holidays and during the peak season. People want the best moving crew for the job, and you want them to be aware that your company can offer them that.

AdWords can boost your visibility a lot before the peak season.

Given that the start of the moving season is just around the corner, you need to realize that you won’t be the only company with this mindset. Others will be investing in PPC advertising as well. So, it might be a good idea to take out the big guns and focus on brand bidding to stay ahead of your competitors. You don’t want other moving companies taking leads that search for your brand converting into their customers.

Consider the keywords you will target

Just like you want to mention ‘gifts’ during the holidays, you will want to consider trigger keywords for moving season here as well. For example:

  • Last-minute moving
  • Cheap movers
  • Movers near me
  • White Glove moving, etc.

Take your past experience with this time of year into consideration and what people tend to search for when they call movers. Use that to your advantage and target those audiences. By using these specific keywords as well as long-tail keywords, you can win over more leads just before the season starts.

2. Consider revisiting your remarketing lists

Competitive rates
Offering competitive rates is one way of remarketing.

Even the most organized customers tend to make last-minute decisions and improvise. So, you need to keep working on different remarketing tactics for:

  • Retaining existing customers and gaining referrals from them.
  • Retargeting lost leads that visited your website at some point and left but are familiar with your brand.

Make use of all the potential you can before the peak season starts. This will not only widen your target audience but also ensure an endless pool of moving leads for your business. Certainly, not all of them will be high-quality leads, but it never hurts to generate additional traffic to your website, especially when exploring ideas for advertising your business before peak season.

3. Instill a sense of emergency response in your marketing efforts

Hand with watch
Make people feel the rush of hiring your moving business.

Consumers today have gotten used to being rushed to make a purchasing decision. You want to exploit that fact to aid your moving company goals when it comes to booking moving jobs. And there are several ways for you to accomplish that:

  • Offer customers limited-time offers on services.
  • Provide countdown timers for booking a move.
  • Provide discounts for referrals.

And you need to make sure that the message is clear and obvious enough for anyone to see it. That means that you want to create high-converting CTAs and position them across your landing pages. Use phrases such as “Limited Time Only”, “Free Packing Until Tomorrow”, “Last Chance to Book Your Move”, etc. So long as you transfer a sense of emergency and subtle pressure on your audience, you have a better chance of them making the call to hire you.

4. Use social media marketing to your advantage

Person looking at phone
Advertising your business before peak season through social media can be a very effective approach.

According to recent studies, over 3.5 billion people use social media networks, which account for roughly 45% of the global population. This alone should be enough to comprehend the potential this particular channel brings to the game. And it’s simple enough to create engaging social media posts that will help you advertise you moving business just in time for the moving peak season. These things help keep your business top of mind for potential last-minute customers.

5. Make quick use of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing as one of the ideas for advertising your business before peak season
Never underestimate the influence others can have on your target audiences.

People nowadays tend to rely on influencers to guide them toward the right decision when it comes to buying products or services. So, you will want to take your slice of the pie by reaching out to several influencers that are perfect for the moving industry. In addition to bloggers and social media celebrities, consider partnering with local businesses that could push some relocation jobs your way.

Anyone that has an insight into the mindset of your target audience can contribute to your efforts to convert those audiences into customers. Never underestimate how easily people will follow the advice of others the consider more knowledgeable.

Start preparing for that last-minute advertising push before the moving season!

With everything going on and the moving season coming to a start, you want to take all the chance you can to book as many jobs as possible. These five ideas for advertising your business before peak season are just some of the many ways to attract crowds to your website. Movers Development is here to help you gather more at all times. For more useful advice on how to gather leads – reach out to our team and stay on top of things this season!